Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Sweet Valentine's Day Gift

I have always known myself as someone who rises best under pressure. As true as it may be, I believe the virtue of preparing early on, like my wife is notorious for, can be very beneficial. Like looking for the best gift for my wife for next month’s Heart’s Day, for instance.

I have always know that she does not like roses or flowers for gifts. I also know she cannot have any more perfumes to add to her collection. Chances are, with all the scents she has, a couple or more are to go stale before the bottles are emptied. If there are two things that don’t fail as gifts they are perfumes and chocolates. I am left with one other thing that my wife loves – chocolates!

There are a lot of Valentines day gifts suggestion available online and even in our local stores, but I’m sure that Gertrude Hawk chocolates will be a hit as a perfect gift for heart’s day. If you have tried any of their chocolates, you will understand why this will be so. Their chocolates are classic, mouth pleasing, satisfying and creative. Definitely one of a kind! I am thinking of getting her the truffles. A couple of packages probably, with the hope that she would willingly share with both me and our son.