Friday, January 2, 2009

My Experience at Rufo's, Libis

Last night we went out to have dinner at HotRocks in Libis Quezon City but was disappointed to see the restaurant closed when we arrived there. We ended up going to another place called Rufo's Famous Tapa also located in the same area. Their famous tapa made us curious so we decided to order it plus one order of sisig and liempo - we were really craving for some meat because we were expecting some from the previous restaurant we intended to go to.

Rufo's Famous Tapa, sisig and liempo

The logo of Rufo's was so nice that it looked like a foreign company which made our expectations for the taste of their food higher. Sadly, we didn't enjoy what we ordered. The taste of the tapa and the other viands we ordered made me wonder what it became famous for. Eating the meats was like being involved in a rubber match.

In fairness to the restaurant, they have a nice ambience and the price is not that expensive. But, overall, we would have preferred paying more for a more delicious meal.