Thursday, January 1, 2009

My Son's New Year Celebration

About 20 minutes before 2009, me and my son took out the sparklers I bought from a local market and lighted them. This was another first for my son and I was so glad to see him excited about the new year celebration we had. He was enjoying himself as he watched videos of Wall-e and a portion of Chicken Little with the 3 nieces of his Ninong Ted.

He enjoyed blowing on the trumpet I bought him and made noise with it while firecrackers all over our community filled the air with smoke and explosions.

I was glad to see that my son, who usually is afraid of fireworks and firecrackers, overcame his fear and tried holding the sparklers.

2009 is the year that he will be starting school and we hope that he continues to grow and learn. It really is enjoyable to see kids grow and right now we just want to enjoy him knowing that time can fly so fast.



Anonymous said...

jeff, i just want to share this great video to help you remember more, how time flies and how we should value every moment with out kids. :)

happy new year.