Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hoping to Get Approval at PayU2Blog for the Fourth Time

I submitted a fourth blog to PayU2Blog, and I was sent an email which said...

"Hi Jeff - thanks for submitting this informative blog. Any chance you'd want to move it to a paid-hosted server. We are at our quota for the number of free-hosted blogs we can have in our system (Blogger, Blogspot, Wordpress). I'm sorry to say we are not even able to add for our existing bloggers. If you want to move it over, please let me know, and I'll review again."

So these past few days, I have been busy migrating my Know Auto Repair Principles from free hosting at blogger to a paid host but with the Wordpress platform. I sent another email to inform my account manager at PayU2Blog about the migration and I am hoping that I would get a positive response.

For those who are not aware, PayU2Blog allows a person with an existing account as a blogger to submit one blog every 30 days up to 5 total, according to my account manager. Since I found that out from her I have purposed to submit 5 blogs and maximize that. I currently have three blogs approved by PayU2Blog and now, am waiting for approval for the fourth one. I hope it gets approved.