Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Experience "Real Life" by Lincoln Brewster

"Real Life", the latest album from Lincoln Brewster, is what I have been listening to for the past days when I am driving. The songs in his latest album are:

1. Best Days
2. Reaching For You
3. More Than Amazing
4. Real Life
5. So Good
6. I Belong To You
7. Whom Shall I Fear featuring Kari Jobe
8. Loved By You
9. Made For More
10. Shout For Joy

My favorites among the 10 tracks is "More Than Amazing", "Reaching For You", "Real Life", "Whom Shall I Fear" and "So Good". I appreciate the well-written songs and, of course, the guitar licks that Lincoln Brewster fashions out.

Lincoln Brewster is a contemporary Christian musician and is the senior worship pastor at Bayside Church in Roseville, California. He is a guitarist, singer, and songwriter, and became a sought-after session guitarist in the early 90s so you definitely won't mistake him for a ukulele player. Listen for yourself by getting your copy of.

Hanging Out at the Best Karting Place in Manila

My friends and I had a blast last Friday when we went to the best karting place in Manila, City Kart Racing. It was thrilling to see the next generation of boys (my son Jed and my friend's son) learn how to drive a go kart at their age of six and seven. We were very proud of them for being able to control the kart and drive around the kart track safely.

But of course, the excitement of being able to go karting in Makati with my friends was also something worth remembering. Even though we didn't play for trophies that day we did our best to reach our best times around the race track. It was truly an adrenaline-pumping activity which brought out the widest smiles from our faces. We all hope we could go karting in Manila again soon.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Good Times With Friends

Last night, me and my family had a great time with a couple friend when they visited us with their kids. We have been looking forward to spending time with them and were very glad that that we had enough time to talk about future plans, play with the Wii together, try shooting using my airsoft rifle and share what God has been doing in our lives.

I am so blessed to have friends who remain close to us even though we seldom see each other. Fellowshipping together was still as sweet despite the fact that we haven't spent a lot of time in the past two years. We celebrated and ate a lot even though we did not have time for some cake delivery.

Tomorrow, we are looking forward to spending some fun time with them again and hope to really be a blessing knowing that we won't be seeing them again for a long time after they leave for the Middle East.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Where to Buy Airsoft Gears and Accessories in Metro Manila

With my current introduction to airsoft I now have to know where I can buy gears and accessories for airsoft. My fist on my list is a head gear. I saw three head gears in an accessory/hobby shop in Sta. Lucia (3/F) and am thinking about buying one of them.

Airsoft protective helmets/accessories and head gears

In my search for airsoft gears and accessories, next on my list are the upper and lower garments, preferably padded or I can buy separate knee and elbow pads. I will also need a vest and a pair of boots that look something like sidi fusion boots. I saw one in the Oakley website but I am not sure if that is available here in the Philippines.

I will be visiting each of the stores in my list of airsoft shops in Metro Manila and will check first the prices before purchasing accessories and gears for airsoft.

List of Airsoft Shops and Stores in Metro Manila

I have been looking for a list of Airsoft Shops in Metro Manila because I am finally adding that as one of my hobbies this year. I bought a second hand M4 (SR4 Series) airsoft Classic Army electric gun from my wife's cousin. I bought a li-poly battery and a charger so I can make the rifle work because its stock battery isn't working anymore.

My M4 (SR4 series) airsoft rifle

Li-Poly (Lithium-Polymer) battery and charger with balancer

As I searched for airsoft stores around Metro Manila I also thought about having the wires for the battery lengthened but realized that I just needed some cutting tools and I could do it myself. I found two airsoft stores so far and I would like to share their address and location. I'll be adding more in this list and will be updating whenever I discover another store.

My list of airsoft stores/shops found in Metro Manila:

Cainta, Rizal

G-Project Airsoft Shop
Caritas Compund (beside Pasig Greenpark Village Gate)
Imelda Ave., Cainta, Rizal
Telephone number: (0632) 6468879
Mobile number: (+63916) 6177882

Libis, Quezon City
Foxhole Airsoft Shop
2/F Village Center
187 Eulogio Rodriguez Jr. Ave. (also known as C5)
Libis, Quezon City
Telephone number: (0632) 7092148