Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Marikina United FC Joins January 23, 2010 Tournament

It was an exciting weekend as our football club, Marikina United FC, joined a tournament held at the Marikina Sports Park. I woke up early even though I slept late the night before reading about life insurance quotes. It was a one-day tournament participated by the Ateneo Blue Guards, MFA, Claret FC, Corinthians FC, Condemn FC and ESA.

Each match had a 12-minute half and each team on the pitch were composed of seven members including the goal keeper and the football field was reduced to one-third of the standard size.

Our club played the whole day but I was able to play only two games because I had to go to a lunch event. Overall, it was great even though we did not win in the two games that I played. Below is a video of my experience in the tournament.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Our Football Club Will Be Joining A Tournament On Saturday

On Saturday, january 23, 2010, our football club, Marikina United FC will be joining a one-day tournament, together with seven other football clubs mostly based in NCR, and this will be held at the Marikina Sports Park. I am excited and at the same time nervous because I haven’t been in shape for a long time.

The two week preparation that I had, I think, is not enough to get me to match fitness. I haven’t gained much weight so I don’t really need to use weight loss supplements that work but I have decreased my speed and am just hoping that I would be able to keep up with the other payers we’ll be up against. Games start at 8 AM.

Using Wii Fit for Monitoring Weight and BMI

Last week, our whole family played the Wii Fit and we all had the chance to check our weight and body mass index (BMI). We all have gained weight but the most significant was our son Jed.

Our son has started reaching the overweight range but still near the borderline. We are not in any way considering using serious fat burner activities for Jed because even though he has reached that level he doesn’t look overweight or obese. He just looks big for his age, a bit chubby but not overweight.

We’re glad that the Wii Fit game can be used to entertain him and also to let him engage in physical activity.

I'm Directing "Level Up" Summer Youth Camp on April 2010

On April 6-9, 2010, Camp Kabataan, a fellowship of youth organizations and youth ministries, in partnership with Breaking Point Foundation Philippines, will be holding its annual summer youth camp in Mt. Peniel Camp Site, Capas, Tarlac. I have been tasked to direct this year’s summer youth camp and am excited as we set a goal of gathering 900-1000 high school, college students and young professionals.

I will need to sharpen my youthology skills as I will be dealing with many young people. The objective of the summer camps is to train young people in the area of leadership, character building, and excellence using a holistic approach and the word of God as the main source of teaching.

This year’s summer camp is entitled “Level Up” and the theme passage is Titus 3:8, “…Those who have trusted in God may be careful to devote themselves to doing what is good. These things are excellent and profitable for everyone.” We hope to challenge the youth who attend to raise the bar of integrity, morality, sexual purity, commitment to serve and goodness. Please help us start praying for the success of this event.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Riding a Taxi Cab Alone? Beware!

I am posting this to spread the warning and reminder to everyone about riding a taxi cab alone and choosing the cab or the cab company when hailing for a cab. I read about this from FB and plurk and I just thought that I should spread the word to encourage others to be more vigilant and careful when riding a cab. Below are some excerpts from the blog post at http://www.kistymea.com/post/340940537/kristine-singsons-full-story.

"In the middle of the ride, I started changing into regular shorts and top. The driver wasn’t looking though but suddenly his hand reached for behind and I was surprised. He was saying, “MAY NAHULOG. Wallet mo ata.” I found a 50 peso bill on the floor. Then he said, “Ang dami mo sigurong pera. Mayaman ka noh?” I didn’t answer. I started getting nervous. I started looking for the cab’s number (which is usually written on the side of the doors). There were faint markings but it couldn’t be understood. The driver noticed my agitation and said, “Anong hinahanap mo? Plate number? Bigay ko sayo.” I was like, “Never mind.” I did NOT want him to know I was getting nervous already. Plus we were so near my house. I thought, what could go wrong?

But something did. Three streets away from my house, the cab driver “hit” a pothole or hump or whatever. He pulled over to the side and said, “T------, pano na yan? Na-lock yung steering wheel. Hindi ko maikot.” I was just looking at him, confused. I have no knowledge of cars so I do not know if he was bluffing or not. The meter was 75. I gave him a hundred. He had no change daw so I was like, “Fine, whatever. There’s nothing I can do about it.” I stepped out of the cab, in the middle of Bautista Street, a long street but near my house. It was almost 3 A.M. When I looked back, the cab was gone.


I called my boyfriend up AND THANK GOD HE ANSWERED HIS PHONE. He was sleeping already, good thing the call woke him up. I was trying to remain calm. I told him my dilemma. Suddenly an empty cab drove by. A DIFFERENT ONE. I hailed it. I had probably less than half a kilometer to my house which was three streets away. The cab took me in and I ended the call.

Two more lefts, it was my house already. It was Camalig Street, then Bigasan Street. Suddenly the driver went left, the street just right before my house, Camalig. I said very politely, “Kuya, MALI. Atras ka, atras ka. Sa kabilang street pa. One more left.” The driver just kept driving like he didn’t hear. I said it again. Then he stopped and looked at me. Then he said, “Bayaran mo na.” I was weirded out. I was like, “Why? This is not even my house. It’s on the next street.” Besides, we haven’t traveled far. The meter was still at 30 pesos.

SUDDENLY, without warning, the driver grabbed my neck and jumped to the back. My first thought was, “ARE YOU F------- KIDDING ME?!?!?!?”. But his grip was getting tighter and tighter. I literally couldn’t breathe and felt my consciousness slipping. As we were struggling, I kept scratching at his eyes and reaching for the lock of the left door. He was on top of me hitting my head repeatedly while his other hand around my neck. I was choking and choking when I realized the left side HAD NO F------- LOCK, which means I couldn’t get out. Which means I had to try my luck on the right side. Imagine my struggle to get to the other side as a full grown, heavyset man kept bashing my head, scratching my face, pulling my hair and hitting me. I kept scratching his eyes. It was all I could do. When his grip loosened a bit, I managed to open the right door with so much effort. Unfortunately he pulled me back with my hair. Imagine MY TERROR as the door closed again!!!!! I couldn’t scream anymore. Besides, who would hear me I was inside a f------- car. My neck was so sore and I was close to fainting. I kept scratching his eyes and reaching for the door until by some miracle, I opened it fully and screamed with what was remaining of my voice."

Please spread the word like advertisers about phentermine no prescription campaigns.

Monday, January 18, 2010

I Recommend Dep Sport Endurance Styling Gel

My favorite hair gel is Dep Sport. Before I used no. 10 but now they came out with no 11 which is for marathon hold and is activity proof - just the right gel for me.

The Dep Sport Endurance Styling Gel

The other hair gels I used before offered only a short period of effectiveness. Plus, i did not like the scent of other hair gels because they seem to smell like products for hair loss treatments.

Admittedly, the Dep Sport hair gel is quite expensive, but it definitely does the job right and it doesn't leave my hair dry after washing the hair gel off. I would recommend this for hair gel users out there.

Thankful For This Sunday

It has been another long Sunday. But today, I had to preach in two services, one less than the usual, because we held our youth service yesterday.

It is by God's grace that I was able to finish this day and was able to preach. I have been feeling sick two days ago and still had colds today but thank God I was able to fulfill my duties today.

Thanks to all ho prayed for me.

Friday, January 15, 2010

My Daily Balancing Act

I have so many tasks lately that I find it difficult to blog seriously and update my other blogs. But, the tasks are a blessing, don't get me wrong. I just feel torn among the many things I need to do.

But, with the many tasks, my job as a pastor is the one that I prioritize. That is something I would not trade for. Right now, I just need to adjust to the schedules, balancing online tasks like researching about the best weight loss supplement, our ministry and, of course, family.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Blessed Start of 2010

As this year starts, many blessings have come our way. We have found different ways to earn money online aside from writing reviews. Aside from that, I have been blessed to have met mentors who are online icons.

I am looking forward to shifting from earning money by writing colon cleanse reviews and the like to earning money through article writing, becoming a virtual assistant and earning passive income through ads. I truly thank God for these opportunities this year.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Yahoo! Meme

Whether it is for promoting a site, a product or a website online or just showing what you personally like – a video, news, a photo or just about anything, Yahoo! Meme can just be what you need it to be for you. This is another service of Yahoo! that anyone can use whether they have an account with Yahoo or they do not have one yet. Users of Yahoo! Meme can avail of their service and build their own profile.

I personally have used Yahoo! Meme, under Jeff Aspacio – Meme, for promoting new blogs, advocacies and projects, the latest of which was Camp Kabataan’s Synergy 2009 event. With some friends that I have followed in Yahoo! Meme I also was able to discover things to enjoy and appreciate like the photos of a friend blogger, Azrael who shared his lovely photos of the feast at Quiapo, Manila. I discovered this after attending the Blog4Reviews Christmas party.

Jonas De Los Reyes talking about Yahoo! Meme

As its name suggests, Yahoo! Meme can be a meme for anyone who wants to spread something rapidly in the web. It is an enjoyable tool but at the same time, a pass time for those who use it. You can start by visiting Yahoo! Meme and creating an account if you do not have Yahoo account yet and you can start using it right away.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Skype is Very Useful

I recently created an account in Skype and have found it a very useful way to communicate with friends, relatives in the US and in Canada. It is advantageous if the people I need to contact have Skype too so we can talk and see each other on video, live.

But even if they do not have Skype, I learned that I have the option to load up with Skype credits so I can call phone numbers in North America. I can call a friend from myrtle beach sc. and be charged once for the call of I can pay in advance for unlimited calls in a month. This really is a very useful software to have.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

I Think I Should Start Bringing Along a Hand Sanitizer With Me

Today, after our morning service at our church, we went to a mall near our area of residence and ate lunch at a Chinese fast food chain. I was so eager to eat lunch because I was so hungry that I did not bother sanitizing my hand and drying them with the mall’s hand dryers.

It was a good thing my wife carries with her a hand sanitizer always so we were able to enjoy lunch right away without having to walk to the nearest wash area. I’m considering carrying around a hand sanitizer, too.

Charles Spurgeon's January 10 Devotional

In my morning reading earlier today, I read from Charles Spurgeon's devotional and spoke about it in our youth service. It was about a man Job who experienced a lot of serious tests in his life.

Below is the January 10 devotional by Charles Spurgeon.

"In my flesh shall I see God."
Job 19:26

Mark the subject of Job's devout anticipation "I shall see God." He does not say, "I shall see the saints"--though doubtless that will be untold felicity--but, "I shall see God." It is not--"I shall see the pearly gates, I shall behold the walls of jasper, I shall gaze upon the crowns of gold," but "I shall see God." This is the sum and substance of heaven, this is the joyful hope of all believers. It is their delight to see Him now in the ordinances by faith. They love to behold Him in communion and in prayer; but there in heaven they shall have an open and unclouded vision, and thus seeing "Him as He is," shall be made completely like Him.

Likeness to God--what can we wish for more? And a sight of God--what can we desire better? Some read the passage, "Yet, I shall see God in my flesh," and find here an allusion to Christ, as the "Word made flesh," and that glorious beholding of Him which shall be the splendour of the latter days. Whether so or not it is certain that Christ shall be the object of our eternal vision; nor shall we ever want any joy beyond that of seeing Him. Think not that this will be a narrow sphere for the mind to dwell in. It is but one source of delight, but that source is infinite. All His attributes shall be subjects for contemplation, and as He is infinite under each aspect, there is no fear of exhaustion. His works, His gifts, His love to us, and His glory in all His purposes, and in all His actions, these shall make a theme which will be ever new. The patriarch looked forward to this sight of God as a personal enjoyment. "Whom mine eye shall behold, and not another." Take realizing views of heaven's bliss; think what it will be to you. "Thine eyes shall see the King in His beauty." All earthly brightness fades and darkens as we gaze upon it, but here is a brightness which can never dim, a glory which can never fade--"I shall see God."

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Miracle In Prayer

It is a miracle to see a pastor friend who has bee diagnosed with cancer of the nerves in 2008 and who is now back here in the Philippines, ministering again. His journey to becoming cancer free is so amazing that I give the glory to God for his recovery.

Basically, he was given an experimental treatment where only 6% of the patients recovered. Doctors harvested stem cells from him and brought down his white blood cells from 8,000 to 100. the stem cells were then injected back to him and his white blood count rose back to 8,000 in 14 days.

This is something I haven't heard of even with mesothelioma treatments but it is really a miracle this worked. Prayer is really powerful.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

My ASUS 1005HA's Battery Life is Quite Satisfying

During the end of 2009, right before 2010 started, I have been planning to buy a netbook for myself, to lessen the load that I carry when I travel. I have been using for more than a year an MSI EX400 and have found it too heavy for traveling plus the fact that its battery can last only for almost two hours.

My wife bought me an ASUS Eee PC 1005HA and it has been a satisfying netbook so far. Since I have been encountering different netbooks around me because of a relative, an office mate and another pastor who bring their own, I have been able to compare mine with theirs at least in terms of battery life. The other netbooks, an HP, an Acer and an unpopular brand can all last only for two hours unplugged. I am proud to say that my ASUS 1005HA can last up to 5 hours based on how I use it.

Even though I feel shortchanged because of the claim of ASUS that it can last up to 10.5 hours, I am still quite satisfied with my netbook’s battery life. I am so thankful that my wife gave it to me as an anniversary and Christmas gift.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

We'll Be Broadcasting Our Church Service Live on the Intenet

Tomorrow, on the first Sunday of the year 2010, we, Sumulong Baptist Church Makati, will be trying a live broadcast on the internet of our church service at 10:30 AM. This will be the first attempt and we are doing this to make our church service available to members and member's relatives who are abroad. We also hope to reach out to new people online.

The SBC Makati Live Broadcast does not hope to replace being physically present in church. We hope for it to become a bridge for those who are seeking God to come to church eventually. For those who are already committed to Christ, we hope for it to be a way to minister to them.

The live broadcast is available at www.sbcmakati.org. There are links that can easily lead you to the live streaming link or you can scroll down to our church's website and see the live stream at the bottom right corner.