Tuesday, October 20, 2020

NOVUHAIR Petite Conversations with Cory Quirino


Love yourself just a little bit better. Be more aware. Be more diligent in choosing products that you will embrace as part of your health and beauty care. That’s the first step. But how? 


NOVUHAIR®, nature’s answer to hair loss, partners with the country’s Health, Beauty & Wellness Icon Ms. Cory Quirino in spreading the brand’s advocacy campaign and reaching out to more Filipinos around the world in celebration of its 10th successful year in the market.


Look good, feel good! https://youtu.be/iZCOLcB9wBM


“With little acts of loving kindness towards the self, you can achieve the perfect 10,” she emphasizes. “In order to look good, you have to feel good. And in order to feel good, you’ve got to look good. Start with self-love. Begin with self-care. Start with your hair.”

“There are hair treatment products in the market today that claim to be effective but their ingredients could contain chemicals that may prove harmful with long-term use,” she enthuses. “Choose natural. You deserve more. Go for the PERFECT 10!” she emphasizes.


Read more: https://bit.ly/37pJcgb


Visit NOVUHAIR’s Facebook page @NovuhairOfficial and learn more practical ways on how to start loving yourself a little bit more - video episodes of Petite Conversations. 

You deserve more. Go for the PERFECT 10! 

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Sterling Bank accelerates adoption of digital payments through QR code


Sterling Bank of Asia (SBA) continues to strengthen its digitization efforts by improving its online banking platform with the implementation of the Sterling Bank QR Pay. Among the BSP-supervised financial institutions, SBA is one of the first thrift banks that has adopted the National Quick Response Code Standard (QRPh).

“The advantage of using QR code is that it facilitates instant payment or fund transfer without the need to manually key in the account details,” said Mr. Cecilio San Pedro, SBA's President and CEO.  This lessens the errors and makes fund transfers and payments fast, safe, and convenient.

QRPh makes QR codes of different banks and e-wallets interoperable. Through Sterling Bank’s mobile app, the QR Pay is now accessible to clients -- offering a convenient alternative to sending funds to, or receiving funds from, other QRPh-compliant local banks and e-wallets.

"Now that our customers' financial needs are evolving and transactions are shifting more in favor of e-payments, we want to ensure that our digital platform addresses their banking requirements," added San Pedro. The bank’s online banking facility also allows fund transfers via Instapay and Pesonet. Fees for these transactions, including QR Pay, will remain free until December 31, 2020.

In November 2019, BSP and the payment industry participants launched the National Quick Response (QR) Code Standard. With the growing acceptance and use of contactless payments, it is also set to introduce the person-to-merchant (P2M) transactions via QRPh soon to complement the person-to-person (P2P) transactions.

For more information and updates about Sterling Bank of Asia, visit www.sterlingbankasia.com and download the Sterling Bank Online App to experience secure and convenient banking.

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

How To Remove a Tree with Its Roots


Trees are both beautiful and beneficial, helping to improve the property value of your home while also protecting you from the elements and providing a place to enjoy outside. Nevertheless, trees are also a huge responsibility. They must be properly taken care of. Otherwise, they will become a hazard. Falling branches can pose a hazard to people and property. Termites and other pests can move from an unhealthy tree into other nearby plants and even into houses, where they can cause a great deal of harm.

If a tree becomes a hazard, it will often need to be removed. Removing a tree, however, is often more complex than simply cutting it down. Cutting a tree down does nothing to address the issue of roots. An out of control root system can cause just as much damage as the tree itself. In their never-ending quest for water, these roots can cause sidewalks to buckle and pipes to burst.

So how do you remove the whole thing, roots and all? It’s certainly more challenging than just grabbing your chainsaw and cutting away, but, fortunately, it can be done. Read on for more information on how to remove a tree with roots.

The Right Equipment for the Job

Any job that involves tree removal requires some specialized equipment, which you’ll need to make sure you have available. First and foremost, safety equipment is key: protecting yourself and anyone else nearby should be your biggest priority. Make sure you have eye protection, a helmet, steel-toe boots, thick leather gloves, and a dust mask. If you’re utilizing heavy power tools, you’ll also need ear protection, such as earplugs or earmuffs. Anyone helping you should have this gear as well. If you need to climb into the tree in order to cut away branches, you should also make sure you have a climbing harness.

Next, you’ll need to make sure you have everything you need for the actual job. Some pruning shears and a chainsaw are necessary for cutting down the tree itself. You’ll also need something to help you get rid of the stump. The quickest and easiest way to do this is with a stump grinder, although these can be very expensive to rent for a day.

Making Sure It’s Safe

You should always have a plan in place before you begin cutting down a tree. When you cut away the branches, where will they land? Will there be any risk to nearby property when the tree falls? If so, you need a plan to guide the tree to fall in such a way that it won’t damage anything nearby. The best way to plan this is to measure the height of the tree and then measure a radius around it that’s about twice the tree’s height. You’ll also want to inform everyone in your home or who might be in the area of what you are doing. It’s important no one gets in the path of the job while it’s taking place.

An important part of safety when cutting down a tree is ensuring you have someone to assist you with the job. You may need a hand with larger parts of the job. It’s also a good idea to have a second set of eyes to make sure that no crucial details with regards to safety are missed. Make sure you and your partner are in constant communication, always aware of what the other person is doing and looking out for each other’s safety.

Cutting Down the Tree

Before you cut down the tree, you may need to cut away some of the larger branches. To do this, you may have to climb into the tree. A tree that’s being removed is often unhealthy, so take great care when you do this to avoid stepping on a branch that may break away. Once the tree has been properly pruned, you should cut at an angle—about 70 degrees—to allow the tree to fall in the direction you have planned. You’ll cut in this direction until you have removed a solid chunk of the tree. The rest of the cutting will be done straight through the trunk. Finally, allow the tree to fall.

Removing the Stump

Removing the tree stump can be a simple matter if you have a stump grinder. However, as we mentioned above, this can be an expensive rental. Other methods of stump removal include burning it away or rotting it with chemicals. In either case, you’ll drill into the stump and insert a funnel, allowing a tree stump removal chemical to flow in. Over time, this will break down the cell walls of the wood, causing it to become soft and spongey and easily removed.

Always check to ensure that your chosen method is legal in your area and can be done safely. Often, this is the part of the job that takes the longest, but for safety reasons, do not attempt to rush it.

Dealing with the Roots

Removing a tree with roots can be a challenge because the roots will often continue to grow, even long after the rest of the tree has been removed. They can be difficult to get under control, and since they are underground, they cannot easily be cut away. Visible roots should be cut apart and can also have stump remover poured into them. This will cause them to rot away. Eventually, deeper roots will rot away and become part of the soil as well, but it’s critical that as much of the root system has been removed first.

Getting Help with the Job

In many cases, property owners may decide that removing a tree with roots is too large of a task to undertake on their own. If that’s the case, it’s always an option to seek the help of a professional tree service to handle the job for you. Contact a reputable business like Mr. Tree, which can handle every aspect of the job, from cutting down the tree to removing the stump to getting rid of the roots. Afterward, they can even help you plant a new tree in the same spot if you so desire.

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Novuhair Supports Alopecia Philippines


September 2020 marks the seven (7)fruitful years of collaboration between NOVUHAIR®, the leading hair loss treatment in the country and THE ALOPECIA PHILIPPINES, a group founded in 2012 by singer and songwriter Abby Asistio.

Novuhair Supports Alopecia Philippines

VICTORIOUS, Rising Above Alopecia and the Pandemic Together is this year’s official online gathering theme LIVE at When In Manila’s Facebook page on Saturday, September 26, 2020 (3pm to 8pm). Everyone is invited to witness this momentous event.

Friday, September 18, 2020

ADP Pharma Corporation is celebrating its 10th year anniversary


 The company established its position in the pharma industry through successful endeavors in all aspects of operations. Its ambition to give Filipinos with the best helped ADP cap off each year with new product developments and partnerships. 


ADP is a team of driven & passionate people, who keep themselves abreast with recent trends in the pharma industry, set with a major advantage in addressing current & future market needs in an era where value-creation for consumers is a must. 


Leading up to where they are now -- Ambition, Drive, and Passion are what makes them and these are what gave them a decade of rewarding their team as they reward the Filipinos with a wealth of health. 


Read more: https://bit.ly/2Hct4DX

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

ADP Pharma Launches NOVUHAIR® 3-in-1 VIP PROMO KIT




In line with NOVUHAIR's 10th year of fervent commitment to consumer health awareness on hair loss prevention and maintenance, plus a decade of partnership with Mercury Drug Corporation, ADP Pharma Corporation has launched the NOVUHAIR® 3-in-1 VIP PROMO KIT.


Check out the promo video: 



The NOVUHAIR® 3-in-1 VIP PROMO KIT serves as a token of the company's appreciation and gratitude to the affirmative support of its loyal users and new trialists.


The continued consumer supportcommitted distributors and agency partnersdedicated brand ambassadors, passionate and hardworking marketing and sales teamspearheaded by Managing Director Mr. Bob Segovia, andthe full support of ADP Pharma CEO Mr. Martin Pascualand executives.



NOVUHAIR® has retained dominance in 2019 as the leading hair loss treatment in the Philippines. (Source: Passport Euromonitor International October 2019 Research) 


Discover more: https://bit.ly/2DWvOnH


Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Live Longga Eat Healthy Vegan Longganisa You Can Eat All Day


live longga vegan longganisa

Silog meals like tapsilog and longsilog are all-day breakfast favorites among Pinoys. Fried rice and egg paired with a choice of tapa, tocino, or longganisa are sources of protein and carbs to get you going at the start of your day. However, these meat products also contain fats and preservatives that health conscious individuals try to avoid. But now that there is a new healthy longganisa in town, even the health conscious can get their fill of longganisa without worrying about fat or calorie intake.

Born out of love for family

The idea to come up with a healthier version of longganisa was spurred by Mompreneur Jen Aspacio’s desire to influence her parents to make healthier food choices. Both parents are meat lovers and are already in their senior years. Thus, it is no surprise that Live Longga Vegan Longganisa is made to taste like the “real thing” and appeal to the meat lover’s taste buds. You will hardly notice that it’s not meat so you get to enjoy health benefits without sacrificing taste or flavor. If it’s not meat but tastes like meat, What’s in it?

Sunday, August 16, 2020

NOVUHAIR® Officially Launches NOVU VIP CLUB


 What a great way to celebrate NOVUHAIR’s 10 years of success in the Philippines. With the aim of highlighting further the brand’s advocacy campaign Nothing to lose,NOVUHAIR® introduces Go for the Perfect 10with the launch of its NOVU VIP CLUB.

The NOVU VIP CLUB is designed to guide, inspire and at the same time to take the journey with the members through wholistic approach in managing hair loss especially during this global health crisis. 

Supported by a pool of VIP Coaches, the members are given the opportunity to engage directly with the expertsand at the same time enjoy the exciting monthly perks.

The list of VIP Coaches include some of the country’s high-caliber professionals from different fields of expertiseFanny Serrano (Salon & Beauty VIP Coach), Hon. Francisco “Isko Moreno” Domagoso (Leadership VIP Coach), Jim and Toni Saret (Fitness & Nutrition VIP Coaches), Dr. Cecile Catapang (Aesthetic & Rejuvenation VIP Coach), Dr. Risa Caldoza-De Leon(Dermatology & Beauty Coach), Dr. Harris Acero(Wellness & Nutrition VIP Coach) and Alopecia Warrior Abby Asistio (Inspirational VIP Coach) to name a few.

Discover how to become an exclusive member: https://bit.ly/3iABYbv

NOVUHAIR® Topical Scalp Lotion is a unique combination of 19 natural herbal extracts and essential oils that work in synergy to help remedy and prevent hair loss. 

To know more about NOVUHAIR®, visit www.novuhair.comor follow the official Facebook page @NovuhairOfficial.

Want to try the NOVUHAIR® 3-in-1 Pack (worth 5,280) for FREE?

Join here: https://bit.ly/33UAB3u


Monday, May 18, 2020



NOVUHAIR®, the leading natural hair loss treatment in the Philippines, partnered with The Fit Filipino (FITFIL) Movement lead by Jim & Toni Saret, the brand’s VIP Fitness Coaches, to a FREE 20-day Facebook Live workout aimed at improving your wellness quotient goals through a “Bulletproof Immune System Activity Booster”.

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Signs Your Irrigation System Needs Service

Keeping your lawn healthy and beautiful throughout the year requires the right ingredients. Usually, this includes sunshine, water, and proper nutrients. When it comes to water, in some situations, installing an irrigation system is the best option.

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

5 Jobs That Are Better Left to the Pros

While there are many great opportunities to put your DIY experience to the test, some things in life are better off left to the people who already know what they're doing. Here are five projects that you should seek professional help for:

1. Moving

Many people turn to family members or their friend’s teenage sons to help them move all their valuables into a new home,

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

3 Ways To Make Learning Fun at Home

Are you stuck inside trying to enhance your child's vpk tampa experience? It's a different ball game out there. COVID 19 has simply changed the way parents view early learning. At four or 5, your little one probably wants to soak in some Disney Jr. and Lego time. That's all good, and, frankly, you probably need the break. However, stopping your early education experience isn't always the best. Kindergarten is still around the corner, despite the current state of the world. Here are three things to consider as you begin your at-home studying.

Don't Call It School Work

While schedules are great, sometimes kids take in information best when they don't see it as work;

Saturday, April 11, 2020

The Benefits of Landscaping

Hi If you’re a homeowner, you deserve to enjoy your property. This includes your yard and outdoor areas. When it comes to your home, there are a lot of different reasons to consider professional landscaping. Here are three of those reasons.

Outdoor Areas Improve Stress Levels

Did you know that being outdoors can contribute to stress reduction? To spend time outside in a more natural environment can help with your mental and emotional health. If you have more green space, you are more likely to have lower stress levels.

Retaining Walls Help With Erosion

Thursday, March 19, 2020

The Biggest Challenges and Opportunities of Leading a Team

Leadership is a great privilege that involves tremendous responsibility. Creating and supporting great managers is a difficult task for any company, but corporate effectiveness coaching is essential for their success. Here are some key, but difficult principles that leaders must master.

Setting a Vision

A leader’s primary job is to lay out a clear and simple vision for achieving goals and communicating them to their staff. This sounds simple, and in some ways it is. But it’s human nature to complicate and over-explain strategies. Great managers think in concise and catchy branding statements and communicate them effectively to their teams.

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Things to Complete Before Your Maternity Leave

Those first few weeks with your new baby are precious, so you don't want to be spending time worrying about anything but bonding with your little one. It's not always as easy as just staying home and not having to think about other things going on. Here are some things you can prepare in advance to help ensure you get the most out of your leave.

Work Coverage

A lot of the responsibility of what happens at work while you're out won't fall on you. However, there are things you need to do to prepare before you leave. This is completely dependent on what kind of job you have. Your boss should have all of the details on what you need to do well before it's time for your maternity leave. Preparing in advance gives you peace of mind and makes it so that no one will need to bother you while you're on leave.

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

A New Decade Welcomes Panasonic Air Conditioning Philippines

In this age of innovation, change is inevitable.
Panasonic reiterates its commitment to create “A Better Life, A Better World” as it aims to contribute to the progress and development of society and to the happiness of people around the globe, highlighting its expertise in the Air Conditioningbusiness in over 120 countries globally. 

As we enter a new decade, Panasonic launches a new company that is dedicated to providprofessional services for your air conditioning needs, the Panasonic Air Conditioning Philippines (PACPH). 

With this development, PACPH promises to provide the best comfortable air solutions with innovative professional technologies and services to suffice every Filipino’s need from home to business solution.

Air conditioning nowadays does not only settle on cooling alone. As the name impliesair conditioners main purpose is to condition your indoor air, thus, Panasonic developednanoe™ Technology that deodorizes, inhibits the growth of bacteria and viruses, and is effective in dust removal to create a fresher and cleaner living environment.
Humans consume an average of 1.3kg of food, 1.2kg of water,and surprisingly breathe around 18kg of air daily. In order for us to live longer, and stay stronger, we need to care more about the air we breathe. That is why and how exactly we came up with our concept of Quality Air for Life, in line with Panasonic’s thrust of providing Japan Quality Air Conditioners to Filipino Families.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

How to Effectively use the top Three Social Media Platforms

Social media is undeniably essential to marketing in the 21st century. The importance of these platforms has led to a surge in new sites hoping to be the next Facebook. There are automation programs that allow you to schedule a post and post to several places at once. Leaders in the industry like Eyal Gutentag know that automation can be a timesaver, but you don't need to post to every site out there. Here are the frontrunners in social media and the reasons why you may want to use them when marketing your business.


Facebook is a universal leader when it comes to social media. More people use it than any other, and it's not specific to any people or age group. You should post your business's page and update it daily with any current events or closing times. No matter what type of business you have, you can reach the majority of your clientele on Facebook.

Saturday, January 4, 2020

Contact a CPA Today If You Are In Any of These Common Situations

There are many facets of personal and business finances that can be tricky for anybody to navigate. Fortunately, many of those situations are far less stressful when guided by the expert hands of a certified public accountant. The following are some common examples.

You Need Tax Help

Friday, January 3, 2020

Do You Need a Film Degree to Become a Producer?

Do film and television producers like Heather Parry need a bachelor’s in film? While it is useful, it is definitely not necessary. Being a successful producer involves so many different skills that experience on the job counts for more than a particular degree.

Bachelor’s Degree

While a film degree is not specifically necessary, a college degree puts you out in front of the competition.