Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The New Me

Before, I used to see life as most people would look at it – like a race. I always thought that being ahead, achieving what I have set my eyes on and doing anything to accomplish what I need to get what I want is what's life about. The focus has always been about myself, what I want and what would make me feel good. I studied hard and was presented with great opportunities when I went to college.

It was 1992, while I was a freshman in Ateneo De Manila University when I felt in my heart that there was something more that God wanted to do with my life. I felt that I was called for something greater – a higher calling. It sounded so creepy and ridiculous at that time because I had many goals and plans in my life. I had my road map for success all laid out. Earn a Mechanical Engineering degree from a reputable university, land a job in a good company and make it big. But it was my own definition of success.

The road that I trudged on suddenly turned its course when I had to transfer to a different school. It was in this school that I felt more confident with myself but as I looked back to the original route I was to take, I knew I had to study and work harder for me to get back on that track.

But things worsened. Paying for college did not come easy so, at first, I had to work while studying, but eventually I had to give up school and work. I worked different jobs, from being a part-time bank teller, to becoming a service crew at a children’s play center and eventually landing a high paying job in Makati. It was during those times of different transitions from 1992 to 2000 that I started thinking more about what I really wanted to do with my life – I started considering that maybe roadblocks were being placed on the path that I was trudging on because I was being redirected some place else.

I was earning more than what many young professionals earned during that time but I did not feel any satisfaction out of it. I felt that I was meant to do something greater - something that was beyond myself and what I want.

I felt that I was being called to surrender my plans, my wants, my future and my whole life to serve God and serve other people. But I was afraid because I was worried about leaving everything, the possible comforts and greater opportunities.

It was in the summer of 2000 when everything became clear to me. When I was sure of it and finally surrendered my life to serve God, it was then that I felt a peace that passes understanding. This transformed my life. It changed me from being a man for myself to a man for others. It was only when I stopped resisting that things fell right into place. I was able to finish my degree in Mechanical Engineering and take up some units for my Master of Divinity.

100% Living life to the full

Since then, I have dedicated my life to minister to people around me. In 2001, I started serving as a director of a non-government organization that focuses on the prevention of drug and substance abuse among youth.

Breaking Point Foundation and is an NGO composed of local and international volunteers who have been trained as Abuse Prevention presenters and specialists

I also served as a youth pastor, helping high school and college students by teaching them God’s ways, guiding them in this stage in their lives where they face so many life changing decisions and counseling those who want to put their lives back on the right track. It was also that same year when I married the woman who shared the same passions and burdens I had.

In 2003, we headed out to start a church in Makati where we also started a feeding program with the help of partners from the US. Since then, we have been feeding almost 60 kids from indigent families in Barangays Pitogo and Pinagkaisahan, teaching and guiding new and established families.

This year, we have extended our services and support to a public high school in Makati City by contributing to their feeding program. I also volunteered to becoming a lecturer of PNP MOST (Moral and Spiritual Transformation), having ministerial functions under the Internal Affairs Service of the Philippine National Police.

The change that I experienced was something worth living and dying for. Now, I feel that I am more than just existing in this world but really living my life to the full. Not because of me and what I am capable to do but because of God who changed me. It is something that I want to share to the people I meet – that life is more than the here and now and there is something bigger and greater out there for each and everyone of us. It involves serving God by serving others, whatever our profession or status in life is.

It has been said that only one thing is constant in this world – change. Everything around us is subject to change and it is foolish for us to expect something or even someone to stay the way they are. But according to the second law of thermodynamics which says that “energy systems have a tendency to increase their entropy rather than decrease it” where entropy basically implies that nature tends to move from order to disorder.

That is why any transformation from good to better should be celebrated. Whether it is a personal transformation from being addicted to certain bad habits to becoming rehabilitated, or an external change for the better like a hair makeover, or a new look, a fairer complexion because of Glutamax or having an internal transformation like getting a new perspective about something, these transformations should be shared and proclaimed to the world because scientifically and by default, this is impossible. It is already a miracle of nature when something or someone changes for the better. This, therefore, has inspired me to write a simple song about celebrating “The New Me.” Below are the words and and a video of me singing the song entitled "The New Me".

The New Me
(Words and music by Jeffrey Aspacio, Copyright 2009)

Verse 1:
My old self
T’was a selfish life
So full of inner strife

I followed my path
Searched for riches and pleasure
The ones that I thought would last

But, I was wrong
What took me so long?
The world’s invitation’s so strong

It wasn't too late
T'was part of my fate

Pre-chorus 1:

What good would it do
To get everything you want for you
And lose the real you?
So I made the change and now declare this to you!

Chorus 1:

I'm loud, and proud
‘Coz the new me has come
And the old one has gone

I'm loud, and proud
It feels good to be new
So liberating and true

I was lost, now am found
All those things in the past
I have left them at last

Yes I’m loud, just so proud
For the new opportunities
It's great to just be the new me!

Verse 2:
What used to be
From it, I’m free
What joy it has given me

I followed the Path
Gained true riches and treasures
The ones that would truly last

Now everything's right
I've seen the light
The NEW ME is shining so bright

It isn't too late
Believe and have faith

Pre-chorus 2:

What good would it do
To get everything you want for you
And lose the real you?
So go make the change that's what I dare you to do!

Chorus 2:

Be loud, be proud
‘Coz the new me has come
And the old one has gone

Be loud, be proud
It feels good to be new
So liberating and true

If you're lost, you can be found
All those things in the past
You can leave them at last

Let's be loud, let's be proud
For the new opportunities
It's great to just be the new me!

For the new possibilities
It's great to just be the new me!

Go and use Glutamax
The New Me!

GlutaMAX, See the Results!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Great Wall Cars are Here and are EURO 4 and EURO 3 Compliant

Great Wall Cars are now here in the Philippines and I was able to visit their showroom along EDSA, Project 7, Quezon City. I felt excited for their company because after finding out about the models they launched, I can say that the features and style of each one can create a great following in the Philippines.

The Peri is available for P495,000 (Watch it on the race track here)

The Wingle is available in 4x2 and 4x4 at P798,000 and P980,000, respectively

The vehicles that Great Wall Cars Philippines introduced are very far from the other China-made cars that landed on Philippine soil. In fact, the gasoline engines of their cars are already EURO 4 compliant and their diesel-run vehicles, EURO 3. Only one major Japanese car brand has reached that standard and it is considered as one of the high-end brands. This alone distinguishes Great Wall Cars Philippines from the other car brands available in the country, not just the China-made ones.

The Hover is also available in 4x2 and 4x4 for P998,000 and P1,150,000, respectively

The sporty Florid is available for P625,000

If looks could kill, then seeing the models this company made available here in our country will need to be made carefully. Models like the Peri and Florid which both has a 1.3-liter in-line 4-cyliner, 4 stroke DOHC 16 V engine, the Cowry, a van that has a 2.0-liter 4G63 MIVEC, SOHC engine and the Hover which is a CUV with a 2.8-liter CRDI turbo charge diesel engine all have spoilers as part of the standard package, making each model look sporty. All vehicles, including the Wingle which is a pick up truck with a 2.8-liter CRDI turbo charge diesel engine and my favorite, the Cool Bear which has a 1.5-liter DOHC, 16V with VVT, gasoline engine, has safety features like ABS and EBD, dual front air bags. Other models have an engine electronic anti-theft system.

The Cool Bear has 15" 8 spoke alum-alloy magwheels and available for P695,000

The best part about all these features is that they are all available at relatively low prices. Next year, Great Wall Cars Philippines will open their service centers, and all vehicle parts readily available in the country. I have even personally heard their General Manager, Mr. Jed Chan, say that they have plans to start assemby of their cars here in the country. Visit Great Wall Cars Philippines' showroom at North Edsa, 1021 EDSA, Project 7, Quezon City and see the Hover, Peri, Cool Bear, Florid, Wingle and Cowry.

Friday, December 25, 2009

We Got a MediaCom MCI 3000 Pro as a Christmas Gift

Yes, we're singing our hearts out this Christmas. My wife and I got ourselves a MediaCom MCI 3000 Pro Karaoke Multi DVD player which includes 35,000 songs. No, that is not a typo, it's really thirty five thousand songs. The other songs are in Chinese and Hindi and other languages. The English and and Tagalog songs are around 15,000 so it is still a lot of songs for us to sing and learn.

The MediaCom MCI 3000 Pro

So today, we're putting to full use the new MediaCom MCI 3000 Pro. This was priced at P9,400 before but we got it on sale. Also, when it first came out here in our country it was around P14,000++ packged with a wireless microphone and speakers.

With this new toy that my wife and I can enjoy together we can also watch movie files stored in a flash disk. This is because the MediaCom MCI 3000 Pro has a 3-in-1 card reader and USB port as additional input. It also is able to view jpeg files and play other music file types.

Basically, it is not only for karaoke use but an all-in-one media player that's why it is called a Karaoke Multi DVD player. Plus, when we sing songs, we can record ourselves via USB anit is useful for celebrations like today, Christmas. I am excited to have relatives visit us in the next few days - definitely, the MediaCom MCI 3000 Pro will be a usefull entertainment package for all of us to enjoy at home.

Merry Christmas, It's TIme to Release Your Fears!

I believe that it is not a coincidence that Christ’s birth is celebrated in December. This is not to say that December 25 is the actual birth of Christ. But, I believe that God allowed for tradition to follow the celebration of the birth of Christ every December because Christmas is the perfect time to release our fears.

As Christmas is just 6 days away from the new year, this season is also a time when many people worry about the unknown future, whether it is about jobs, the Philippine elections or a major decision that needs to be faced. But, as God said through the angel who proclaimed the message that Jesus was born, said in Luke 2:10-11, “Do not be afraid. I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people. 11 Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord.”

And since God has provided the solution to our greatest problem, which is sin, then we can trust God’s capability to provide for our other concerns. So, release your fears as the year ends. Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Synergy Youth Leaders' Event 2009 Media Stream

Today, we held a one-day event for youth workers/leaders of our churches entitled Synergy: Youth leaders' Event 2009, hosted by Sumulong Baptist Church and participated by their youth and others from Sumulong Baptist Church El Dorado, Sumulong Baptist Church International Ministries, Bethel Baptist Church, Faith Temple Baptist Church, Peñafrancia Bible Baptist Church and our church, Sumulong Baptist Church Makati.

Below is the recorded live stream (media stream), thanks to the online backup from ustream dot tv, which was broadcast during the event and viewed by some who were not able to attend. This was our first attempt to utilize this kind of technology and we were excited and glad that it was successful.

Streaming live video by Ustream

Friday, December 18, 2009

My Thank You Post for My Supporters in the Dare to b Fit N Right Blog Contest

The Dare to be Fit N Right blog contest, which was launched in the latter part of October, commenced last Monday at the Stock Market with Del Monte Philippines holding a dare to Be Fit N Right Awards dinner. I was blessed to have my blog post entry get first place in that contest out of the 10 finalists who were chosen last November 27.

The top ten blog entries who made it in the Dare to be Fit N Right blog contest were chosen based on content, which was 70% of the criteria. Our blog entries talked about the campaign's take-out of promoting the wellness and fit lifestyle through the combination of the FIT workout and Fit 'n Right and other events lined up for the campaign, like the Dare to be Fit 'n Right Fun Run held last November 22. The remaining 30% was the blog entry's popularity which was measured according to the number of unique comments.

It was the perfect Christmas gift for me from Del Monte Fit N Right and, of course, friends offline and online from Plurk, Facebook, Blogcatalog and Entrecard, as they supported me in this contest.

And now, as promised, I am putting here, and on my side bar for a week, a list of those who made a comment on my Dare to be Fit N Right blog contest entry:

1. My wife, Jennie who blogs at Marriage and Beyond
2. Aeirin of Pinay Ads
3. Ed
4. Jane Chua a.k.a Between Bites
5. SurvivorDean
6. Sire Arevalo
7. edelweiza
8. Rowena Wendy Lei
9. Dani
10. Paolo
11. Ria
12. News Celebrity Gossip
13. earthlingorgeous
14. Don of PRC Results
15. Carl, The New Blogger
16. Lhan of Happiness Meets Life
17. ohmski
18. Cha of Gossip Fresh
19. Lita of Work Abroad Tips
20. Leo
21. Liza Enriquez
22. Imelda
23. Janice Summers
24. 1st anonymous commenter
25. maresha
26. Eli @ Business Sphere
27. Kirhat of Seek No More
28. Mike Golch
29. BigDadddyRichard
30. hitesh rawat
31. samdaddycool
32. Vivian
33. Brenda
34. Nessa
35. draxc0la
36. Dhemz
37. kat
38. Larry Brauner
39. FishHawk
40. Shaine
41. Tekkaus
42. Tanya Walton
43. Tania
44. Duni
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55. ally
56. Linda
57. Paul Baines
58. Don of Beyond Left Field
59. zizzybob
60. vickie
61. Ricardo of Funride
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64. StaceyC4
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117. mekinudolsoup atbp.
118. Van
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166. Ellen Joy Castel
167. JL
168. Sjeltur
169. joy
170. Race
171. yashiro
172. Fitz
173. joanjoyce

You, my friends, have made winning the Dare to be Fit N Right blog contest possible. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart, Merry Christmas!

In progress, will put your link in my sidebar tomorrow...

Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Wishlist

It’s the Christmas season and wishlists have been going around the internet and social networks. I decided to make a wishlist from . They are products that are available in the Philippines.

My wishlist and why I want each:

1. Chocolate Concord Petite by Epicurio – I like this because I want to try out another chocolate cake – I am fond of choclate cakes and I want to explore other new variations

2. Auro of Patchouli After Shave from Caswell-Massey – because I haven’t tried using an after shave

3. Men’s Grooming Set by Chelsea – because I think I should start learning how to trimmy son’s hair, a good bonding moment for us both

4. Mandarin Oriental Pralines (Box of 48) – this is not for me, I’ll be giving it to my wife

5. A Turbo Broiler from Imarflex – also for my wife because she has been wanting to cook chicken using this

6. Electronic Safe with Key from American Heritage – so we can have a place to keep important documents

7. A Boracay Blast Vacation (Twin Room) by The Panoly Resort Hotel – because we miss Bora

8. Thai Massage from the Spa – because the past weeks have been stressful and this is a great way to destress

9. An AIPTEK Pocket HD – it’s something I could use in our ministry

10. A Zion Hidalgo 150cc – just dreaming to have this even though I know a lot of people would advise against it.

Screen shot of's brands page

So if you do not want to get stuck in traffic but want to do some shopping for Christmas, you can do this online through You can choose from local brands and products, (screen shot above) all available through

Press Release: Honda City Wins Back-to-Back Awards in Subcompact Category

The Honda City is the country’s subcompact sedan of choice not only for the motoring critics but the general public as well. Winning back-to-back recognition from two premier award giving bodies in the motoring realm, the introduction of the 3rd generation City early this year is a ground-breaking treat for the industry.

The Honda City is named the subcompact sedan of the year during the 5th Auto Focus People’s Choice Awards (AFPC) and the Car of the Year Awards (COTY). These awards groups aim to assist consumers in making a sound choice when purchasing a vehicle.

From July to September of this year, AFPC empowered the general public to vote for their favorite automobiles. AFPC winners were determined by tallying all votes generated from online, newspaper, magazine and radio polls. AFPC has been running its search for the most popular and most appealing automobiles in the market for five years now.

Meanwhile last October, the Car Awards Group Inc. composed of motoring journalists from print and broadcast media conducted qualitative and quantitative tests on qualified vehicles. Tested models included newly launched models with major modifications and those with upgrades that have effect on the power train, drive train or suspension.

“These recognitions are very dear to us because these attest the local market’s warm appreciation of the third generation City. Year 2009 is indeed very significant for the City. The third generation City has not only been introduced at the onset of the year but is also on its way in setting a new sales milestone. With City sales averaging to 3,400 units per year, the new City already hit more than 8,000 sales mark with still one month to go before the year ends. We thank our dear customers and the motoring media for their nonstop support.” said Mr. Hiroshi Shimizu, President and General Manager of Honda Cars Philippines, Inc.

The third generation City presents cutting-edge design and technologies that set new standards in it class. It bears sleek and powerful stance, spacious interior with advanced audio system and comes equipped with the i-VTEC engine technology. Merging modernism with practicality, the City simply changes the rules on how subcompacts should be like.

Honda has earned good reputation for its unceasing quest to improve its products and services. The birth of the first generation City in 1996 was Honda’s response to the growing demand for automobiles in the Asian market.

Through the years, the City’s over-all value for money package gained worldwide market acceptance as it came loaded with functionality features while keeping maintenance and fuel consumption costs low.

Such key strengths paved way for the 3rd generation City to reach beyond Asia and Oceania and advance to the Middle East, Europe and Latin America.

To know more about the award-winning City and their other cars like the Honda CR-V, visit any of Honda’s 26 authorized dealerships in the country. Be smart and schedule a testdrive.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Kraft Eden Cheese Rallies Filipinos to Make 5,000 Cheese-inspired Dishes

It was an awesome site - about 5,000 dishes and hundreds of participants gathered in Araneta Coliseum yesterday to set a new Guinness World Record, beating India's 4,668 count in 2007. Details of the event are below.

Press release:

You only need to put food and pride together to see how cheesy Pinoys can get.
Through a project which aims to make a delicious and inspiring Christmas after the devastation brought by Ondoy and Pepeng, Eden Cheese is spearheading the “YUMM - Your Ulam Mas Masarap” campaign, which plans to unite everyone in helping save Christmas for families who are still reeling from the challenges brought by these recent disasters.

In the said campaign, the brand is summoning the innate kitchen creativity of Pinoys to help make 5,000 cheese-inspired dishes to beat the previous Guinness World Record™ of "The Most Number Of Dishes On Display, In A Single Day” of 4,668 set by India in 2007 in one big event. Eden has taken this further with a twist of ingenuity by fusing cheese into each dish. Premier culinary school Magsaysay Institute of Hospitality and Culinary Arts (MIHCA) contributed most of the research and student manpower in the making of the event, with the added help of other schools such as Regina Carmeli, St. Paul College, Centro Escolar University, Emilio Aguinaldo College, La Consolacion College, and Arellano University.. Meanwhile, at Eden’s website,, people are encouraged to sign up and share their cheese recipes.

“During these challenging times, it is important to remember not what we have lost but what we still have as a nation,” says Alex Tacderas, Category Marketing Manager for Cheese and Spoonables, Kraft Foods Philippines. “We hold in our hands the innate Filipino creativity and love for food which, when put together, can empower our pride for our country.”

And to further strengthen its cause, Eden is organizing the very first Keso de Gallo where Filipinos will use Eden cheese to creatively interpret the breadth of the country’s cuisine while providing a feast that will bring joy and delight to as many families as possible. In cooperation with ABS-CBN Foundation, people’s organizations, Local Government Units, and Filipinos all over the country, Eden will relive the Filipino tradition of Misa de Galo and bring more goodness to this post-Simbang Gabi feast. Nine mornings with nine featured dishes in town plazas of Bacolod City, Iloilo, Davao, Cagayan de Oro, Cebu City, Naga, Butuan City, Laoag and Pampanga will be highlighted, as Eden enhances the local traditional delicacies enjoyed during the holidays with the goodness of Eden cheese.

Known for its quality and wholesome taste, Eden has been a staple of every discerning foodie’s kitchen. From simple snacks to sophisticated main courses, Eden cheese products can be relied upon to deliver great tasting meals. A versatile ingredient which easily fits in a variety of local dishes, the use of Eden cheese products is as limitless as the imagination of its user. And in the hands of some pretty creative people from various culinary backgrounds, December 14, 2009 is going to be one red-letter day as all these people work with each other in landing the Philippines in the record books with the most number of cheese dishes.
Indeed, for a country that boasts of various culinary traditions from its 7,107 islands, there are a lot of things than can be done to inspire and cheesify the Filipino everyday.

About Kraft Foods

Kraft Foods ( makes today delicious in 150 countries around the globe. Our 100,000 Kraft Foodies work tirelessly to make delicious foods consumers can feel good about. From American brand icons like Kraft cheeses, dinners and dressings, Maxwell House coffees and Oscar Mayer meats, to global powerhouse brands like Oreo and LU biscuits, Philadelphia cream cheeses, Jacobs and Carte Noire coffees, Tang powdered beverages and Milka, Cote d'Or, Lacta and Toblerone chocolates, our brands deliver millions of smiles every day. Kraft Foods Inc. (NYSE: KFT) is the world’s second largest food company with annual revenues of $42 billion. The company is a member of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, Standard & Poor's 500, the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and Ethibel Sustainability Index.

Monday, December 14, 2009

A Tiring But a Great and Blissful Day

I had a great day today! But before I go on telling you why it was a great day, let me say first that it was also a very busy day.

Early in the morning, I printed out gift tags because we had to leave early for the Christmas Gift Giving at Gen. Pio del Pilar National HS. We gave out gift packs to the school's feeding program student beneficiaries. It felt great to be a channel of blessing and to see the smiles in the faces of students and their teachers as they received the gifts which were sponsored by friends and ministry partners.

After that, we went to the newly opened showroom of Great Wall automobiles at EDSA, Proj. 7, Quezon City. I wowed at the very competitive models that this company released in the Philippines. I will be writing a more detailed blog post about that experience soon.

From there, my wife and I went to the KRAFT Eden event at Araneta, Cubao as the country attempted to break the Guinness World record of India for coming up with 4,668 dishes with cheese in them.

The day climaxed at the Stock Market, Bonifacio High Street with the commencement of the Dare to be Fit N Right campaign where they awarded the top three photos taken during the Fit N Right Fun Run, top three winners of their blog contest (where I won first place) and the top image model for the Fun Run 2009 (best photo of participants in their Fun Run.

We were supposed to proceed to another event in Cainta but due to unexpected change of plans, we had to drive home to return the car we borrowed from my brother-in-law.

It was a tiring day but, over all, the tired feeling was all worth it when I heard that I won the contest. May you all be assured that I will blog about the details of each event.

My WIfe Got Me a Black ASUS 1005HA and I'm Excited to Write a Review

I am happy with the Anniversary and Christmas gift I received from my wife - a black ASUS 1005HA (Eee PC). I got its memory upgraded to 2GB and will write a review of it soon.

The Black ASUS 1005 HA (Eee PC)

Our two main considerations for getting an ASUS 1005HA is its promised battery life of 10.5 hours. But I am a skeptic. I will be posting a review and will highlight this feature.

Because of this gift, I do not wish to receive any other gifts anymore even though I did think about getting Cole Haan shoes, or an Apple iPhone or a Nokia 5800. Right now, I am very satisfied with my ASUS 1005HA and am excited to share my personal review.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Excited About our First Christmas GIft Giving at GPDNHS

I am excited for the forty students who will be receiving Christmas gifts on Monday when we have our first Christmas Gift Giving at Gen. Pio del Pilar National High School (GPDNHS). The recipients are the student beneficiaries of the high school's feeding program which our church supports in partnership with our mother church and Manna Worldwide.

The gift pack's contents

The Christmas gift pack

The gifts we will be giving are nothing like vacation packages to maui, in fact they are just simple gifts that can help the students who are part of the feeding program to have something extra to eat for Christmas eve.

The gift pack consists of spaghetti noodles, spaghetti sauce, a pack of powdered strawberry flavored juice, a small can of corned beef and an instant noodle pack. It's worth isn't even above P150/ $3 but as the one who meets with them in our weekly Bible study, I felt burdened to give something to each of them for Christmas.

I have been sharing God's promised gift of eternal life through Christ in the past three weeks and am excited to have received some professions of faith. I hope that this ministry will open doors for us to meet the family of the students for us to build a relationship with them and find an opportunity to share the gospel to them as well.

If you wish to sponsor a gift pack for a student, please contact me through What you share will mean a lot to high school students in GPDNHS' feeding program.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dinner at Little Asia (Symphony of Flavors) at the Venice Piazza

Experiencing dinner at Little Asia in the Venice Piazza, McKinley Hill was like going to Europe but experiencing Asian fine dining. The new place to go to in Taguig City has a very romantic feel to it.

Right now, there are only a few restaurants open at the Venice Piazza and one of them is Little Asia. As its president, Charlemagne Lim, described this particular branch, it has a fine dining ambiance to it. Each branch of Little Asia has a unique interior design but have the same menu.

We tried Little Asia's Crispy Chicken, Thai Eggplant with Minced Pork and Shrimp, Vietnamese Crispy Squid with Garlic, Boneless Tilapia with Honey-Mayo Sauce and my favorite, Beef Tenderloin Rolls with Cheese in Teriyaki Sauce and I would say that everything I tried were all delicious. Their other branches are located at Tomas Morato corner Scout Fuentebella in Quezon City and at the 2nd Level of the Promenade in Greenhills, San Juan. Visit Little Asia at the Venice Piazza and experience a Euro-Asian dining experience.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Press Release: The New Red Ribbon Chocolate Walnut Fudge


This December, enjoy Red Ribbon's new Chocolate Walnut Fudge with Hershey's Dark Chocolate. It was launched during a blogger's event and I had the privilege of getting a first taste at it. Below are the details of the press release.

Red Ribbon's Chocolate Walnut Fudge with Hershey's Dark Chocolate

Press Release:
Over the years, Red Ribbon Bakeshop has come to be known as the leader and innovator in cakes. With its best-tasting signature cakes like the Black Forest, Chocolate Mousse and Chocolate Marjolaine that Filipinos have come to love and enjoy, Red Ribbon has become an essential part of every gathering. Aside from these signature cakes, Red Ribbon has not failed to surprise us year after year with innovative and delightful cake offerings that have instantly become dessert favorites and instant additions to any gathering—from the family favorite S’mores Chocolate Cake to the feel-good comfort of Cookies and Cream with Oreo and, most recently, White Forest which brings everyone’s favorites together.

As we usher in the Holiday Season, all of us are bound to be looking for that extra special cake for the season’s much-anticipated gatherings with family and friends or to gift to our loved ones. And, just as we thought we’ve seen and tasted everything, Red Ribbon caps off the year with yet another delightful offering, perfectly in time for the season of giving and celebration—the new Chocolate Walnut Fudge with Hershey’s Dark Chocolate.

Chocolate Walnut Fudge with Hershey’s Dark Chocolate is Red Ribbon’s newest addition to its Premium Selection line. It is made of a layer of creamy chocolate mousse on a bed of moist fudgy brownie, both loaded with chopped walnuts and finished with dark chocolate ganache, sprinkles and long chocolate curls all made with Hershey’s Dark Chocolate to make it even more irresistible.

So, as this season calls for a more special dessert for our gatherings and gifting needs, we need not look further than Red Ribbon’s new Chocolate Walnut Fudge with Hershey’s Dark Chocolate. This ultimately indulgent cake is guaranteed to make any gathering more special.
The new Chocolate Walnut Fudge with Hershey’s Dark Chocolate is available in all Red Ribbon stores and select booths for P680.00. Offered only this holiday season, it’s the perfect ending to any celebration.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

I Thank God and the People Who Gave New Bibles for High School Students

More than a week ago, I experienced another exciting day when 21 of the high school students that I have ministered to in the last three months professed faith in Christ. With the 30 minutes given to me a week to try to introduce the Bible and its relevance to students who are part of the feeding program of Gen. Pio del Pilar National High School (GPDNHS), it really is quite difficult to imagine that the word of god will be received seriously by the teenagers.

Students from the morning session who are part of the high school feeding program

Other students from the morning session

Students from the afternoon session who are part of the high school feeding program

As our church and our partners help support the feeding program of GPDNHS, we were given permission by the school to conduct a weekly Bible study every Friday with students in the morning session (about 21 teenagers) and afternoon session (about 15 teenagers). In the past three months, I have been trying to build rapport with those included in the high school's feeding program and share how important and practical God and His word is in the life of teenagers.

Last Friday, I shared God's plan of salvation in the Bible study and 12 students in the morning session and 9 in the afternoon session professed to have received Christ as their personal Savior and Lord. I was so amazed at the sincere response of the teenagers and felt burdened to provide some Bibles for each of them to help them grow in their new relationship with Christ.

We needed 21 Bibles and what was pledged was more than enough - 45 Bibles

Praise God because He touched the hearts of people to provide Bibles for the 21 teenagers who professed faith in Christ. Because of that, I was able to distribute their new Bibles last Thursday and they used it in our Bible study.

With new Bibles in hand, students listen to their schoolmate during a Bible study

We are praying that the other students who have not made professions of faith yet will do so in the next few weeks. Thank God and the people that were touched to give because the new believers will have new Bibles waiting for them.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Bobson Series II: Comfortable, Edgy, Progressive and Modern

Last Friday, Bobson, one of the country’s most renowned lifestyle brands, launched its Series II at the Original Maki Haus, Banawe, Quezon City. Details of this new line of clothing are in the press release below:

The Bobson Series II Logo


Series II is the RE-LAUNCHING of the highly successful 2005 R.E.D (Revolutionized Enhanced Denim) campaign of Bobson Denim bottoms. An innovative line that was launched onto the local jeans scene that created immediate following for its modified designs.

The re-launch came about after much clamor from our loyal customers and with the company’s vision to truly bring quality, redefined fashion denim line for ladies and men at reasonable prices. Now, however, we're including fashionable tops into the mix of this clothing revolution.

The name Series II is synonymous with Edgy, Progressive and Modern, with an emphasis on latest silhouettes, fits, and styles.

Our denim is on the trend, incorporating new colors and washes, unique pocket details, appliqués, embroideries and finishes. Each piece has a slanted red leather belt loop at the back. The pants were designed with larger back pockets, wider waistband, and a red facing combination.

Series II clothing details

Our Mens line, carries the Classic Regular Straight Fit that is parallel from thigh to leg opening. We also offer the latest fit for Mens the Slim Fit that sits across the waist, relaxed at thighs and tapers slightly from the knee to bottom.

For our fashionable ladies, we have the Bootcut Fit that is slim through the thigh and knee and widens to a wide opening. And the much sought Skinny Fit that sits low on the waist, tight through the thigh and tapers all the way down to the bottom.

The shirts and tops are designed with today's men women in mind. Hip and appealing designs grace the pieces that are sure to be a staple in anybody's wardrobe.

Bobson continues to grow and evolve as a true lifestyle brand with the re-launching of the much awaited Revolutionized Enhanced Denim (R.E.D.) through SERIES II.

Available in all SM, RDS and leading department stores nationwide.

I like the feel of the Bobson Series II denim and shirt. The fabrics used were so soft and comfortable and is something that I would recommend as everyday clothing. I have received the same feedback from other bloggers about how comfortable this line of clothing is.

With the release of Series II, Bobson followers can now choose between the original Bobson line of clothing and the more trendy, edgy and modern style.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Zero In Art Exhibits Can Help Us Learn About Our Past

It’s less than six months to go and the whole Filipino nation will be electing leaders of our country who will shape the next six years of our country. One phrase I remember when I think about the May elections and the voting population is, “Ang hindi lumingon sa pinanggalingan ay hindi makakarating sa paroroonan.” Translated in English, a person who doesn’t look back to where he came from will never get to his destination.

I say that if we desire to know how to choose the right leaders, we should know what has gone wrong, not just in the immediate past, but even a few decades and centuries ago. Many of the first time registered voters are not even aware of what has happened during the 70s and the 80s simply because they were not born yet during those times, more so about what happened a century or more ago.

I think this is where history books come in. But there is another way to learn about the past and that is through art. The Zero In exhibit, for example, features art works that express parts of the Philippine history that have not been taught in history books and classes. The exhibits are in different locations like Museo Pambata, the Ateneo Art Gallery and the Lopez Memorial Museum.

In these different exhibition locations can be found artworks like charcoal and ink expressions in canvas, like the one below.

There are also paintings...

There are also scenes from movies.

Sculptures from pottery and ceramics.

For more information you can visit Credits to Azrael Coladilla and James bk Seet for the photos.

Metro By Tokyo Tokyo: A Cafe-type Japanese Restaurant

Last night, we attended a blogger's event at Metro, a more edgy and hip, Japanese, cafe-type restaurant by Tokyo Tokyo. The event was at the Glorietta 5 branch.

Inside Metro by Tokyo Tokyo, Glorrieta 5

We got a taste of some of Metro by Tokyo Tokyo's best sellers whose photos and some descriptions can be read below:

Metro Meltique Steak is juicy beef steak grilled with light herb seasoning

The Colossal Metro Burger at 375 PHP

Kushiyaki Platter includes two pieces each of Negima, Butabara, Kawa and Zuri, a piece of chicken wings, Aspara Bacon, Uzura Bacon and Beef with Shiitake Mushrooms - common Japanese streetfood (350 PHP)

My favorite is Melt-In-Your-Mouth Braised Pork - slices of pork braised to tenderness and flavour (195 PHP)

Prices are not too expensive and you will surely get the value for your money. The other branches of Metro by Tokyo Tokyo are at SM Fairview, SM North Edsa, Valero St. and Salcedo St. in Makati City.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

I Enjoyed My Century Bangus Fillet at Church with Modern Day Heroes

It was an ordinary Sunday for me and many of our volunteers at church. I woke up early to pray and make my final preparations for my sermon. I would describe our Sunday as busy, a great contrast to how most people would describe theirs, because for many, it’s the day to sleep in, the day to relax.

Preaching a sermon in our 10:30 AM church service

I preach two sermons in three church services at our church in Guadalupe, Makati every Sunday. It is the church my family and I started in May 2003.

I packed the Spanish Style Century Gourmet Bangus Fillet in my things for church

Today, however, was busier than usual. After our first service at 10:30 AM we had a general lunch meeting with our church’s volunteer workers whom I regard as modern day heroes. We had to schedule it on a Sunday because that’s when most of them are available and we served free lunch because that’s the least we can do to show our appreciation for them for the work they put in week after week.

Posing for a group photo before enjoying lunch served with Century Gourmet Bangus Fillet

I am thankful for our volunteers, our partners in the ministry

Eating lunch after appreciating the volunteers and saying grace

A lot of the volunteers, mostly students in college, some still in high school, young professionals, and parents stay until 8 PM every Sunday until the end of our 6 PM service and arrive as early as 9:30 AM to prepare for singing or playing a musical instrument for our worship services, teach children in Sunday School classes, greet attendees and/ or facilitate small groups (we have a mother’s small group and youth small groups that meet every Sunday afternoon).

Spanish Style Century Gourmet Bangus Fillet and with Tausi: part of our lunch meeting agenda

One of our church greeters and usherettes is an elderly woman who is a cancer survivor - she serves God cheerfully and shares how God worked a miracle in her life

Our team of volunteers are composed of professional teachers, parents, young people and young professionals

Enjoying Century Bangus Fillet with the volunteers in our church

Providing our church volunteers free lunch and serving Century Gourmet Bangus Fillet is the least we can do to express our appreciation for their sacrifice and commitment every Sunday. FYI, our church is 98% dependent on volunteers – there are only two of us in the church who regularly receive a monthly financial support. Our church wouldn’t run without the sacrifices of our workers who willingly give of their time, talents and even treasure to support and help expand God’s work.

Volunteer singers and musicians serve in our music ministry

A volunteer Sunday school teacher preparing for his class

It was in our general meeting where I said my thanks to our volunteers for their hard work and where I rallied them with God’s word which says, “Therefore, my dear brothers, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain.”

The Century Bangus Fillet is a simple reward and token of appreciation for committed volunteers

Back to business after lunch

Looking back at the day that has passed, I would say that our church is blessed with people who are not only committed to the church, but to the Lord first. Having lunch together was really a special time of fellowship and bonding. If the early church “devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer,” I would say that we devoted ourselves to the same things. But we’re not breaking bread but instead, sharing Century Bangus Fillet with each other - it was great to see that we can enjoy not just a can of Century Bangus Fillet in church. We not only enjoyed sharing this but our lives as well - our time, talents and treasures. Praise God for these modern day heroes.