Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The New Me

Before, I used to see life as most people would look at it – like a race. I always thought that being ahead, achieving what I have set my eyes on and doing anything to accomplish what I need to get what I want is what's life about. The focus has always been about myself, what I want and what would make me feel good. I studied hard and was presented with great opportunities when I went to college.

It was 1992, while I was a freshman in Ateneo De Manila University when I felt in my heart that there was something more that God wanted to do with my life. I felt that I was called for something greater – a higher calling. It sounded so creepy and ridiculous at that time because I had many goals and plans in my life. I had my road map for success all laid out. Earn a Mechanical Engineering degree from a reputable university, land a job in a good company and make it big. But it was my own definition of success.

The road that I trudged on suddenly turned its course when I had to transfer to a different school. It was in this school that I felt more confident with myself but as I looked back to the original route I was to take, I knew I had to study and work harder for me to get back on that track.

But things worsened. Paying for college did not come easy so, at first, I had to work while studying, but eventually I had to give up school and work. I worked different jobs, from being a part-time bank teller, to becoming a service crew at a children’s play center and eventually landing a high paying job in Makati. It was during those times of different transitions from 1992 to 2000 that I started thinking more about what I really wanted to do with my life – I started considering that maybe roadblocks were being placed on the path that I was trudging on because I was being redirected some place else.

I was earning more than what many young professionals earned during that time but I did not feel any satisfaction out of it. I felt that I was meant to do something greater - something that was beyond myself and what I want.

I felt that I was being called to surrender my plans, my wants, my future and my whole life to serve God and serve other people. But I was afraid because I was worried about leaving everything, the possible comforts and greater opportunities.

It was in the summer of 2000 when everything became clear to me. When I was sure of it and finally surrendered my life to serve God, it was then that I felt a peace that passes understanding. This transformed my life. It changed me from being a man for myself to a man for others. It was only when I stopped resisting that things fell right into place. I was able to finish my degree in Mechanical Engineering and take up some units for my Master of Divinity.

100% Living life to the full

Since then, I have dedicated my life to minister to people around me. In 2001, I started serving as a director of a non-government organization that focuses on the prevention of drug and substance abuse among youth.

Breaking Point Foundation and is an NGO composed of local and international volunteers who have been trained as Abuse Prevention presenters and specialists

I also served as a youth pastor, helping high school and college students by teaching them God’s ways, guiding them in this stage in their lives where they face so many life changing decisions and counseling those who want to put their lives back on the right track. It was also that same year when I married the woman who shared the same passions and burdens I had.

In 2003, we headed out to start a church in Makati where we also started a feeding program with the help of partners from the US. Since then, we have been feeding almost 60 kids from indigent families in Barangays Pitogo and Pinagkaisahan, teaching and guiding new and established families.

This year, we have extended our services and support to a public high school in Makati City by contributing to their feeding program. I also volunteered to becoming a lecturer of PNP MOST (Moral and Spiritual Transformation), having ministerial functions under the Internal Affairs Service of the Philippine National Police.

The change that I experienced was something worth living and dying for. Now, I feel that I am more than just existing in this world but really living my life to the full. Not because of me and what I am capable to do but because of God who changed me. It is something that I want to share to the people I meet – that life is more than the here and now and there is something bigger and greater out there for each and everyone of us. It involves serving God by serving others, whatever our profession or status in life is.

It has been said that only one thing is constant in this world – change. Everything around us is subject to change and it is foolish for us to expect something or even someone to stay the way they are. But according to the second law of thermodynamics which says that “energy systems have a tendency to increase their entropy rather than decrease it” where entropy basically implies that nature tends to move from order to disorder.

That is why any transformation from good to better should be celebrated. Whether it is a personal transformation from being addicted to certain bad habits to becoming rehabilitated, or an external change for the better like a hair makeover, or a new look, a fairer complexion because of Glutamax or having an internal transformation like getting a new perspective about something, these transformations should be shared and proclaimed to the world because scientifically and by default, this is impossible. It is already a miracle of nature when something or someone changes for the better. This, therefore, has inspired me to write a simple song about celebrating “The New Me.” Below are the words and and a video of me singing the song entitled "The New Me".

The New Me
(Words and music by Jeffrey Aspacio, Copyright 2009)

Verse 1:
My old self
T’was a selfish life
So full of inner strife

I followed my path
Searched for riches and pleasure
The ones that I thought would last

But, I was wrong
What took me so long?
The world’s invitation’s so strong

It wasn't too late
T'was part of my fate

Pre-chorus 1:

What good would it do
To get everything you want for you
And lose the real you?
So I made the change and now declare this to you!

Chorus 1:

I'm loud, and proud
‘Coz the new me has come
And the old one has gone

I'm loud, and proud
It feels good to be new
So liberating and true

I was lost, now am found
All those things in the past
I have left them at last

Yes I’m loud, just so proud
For the new opportunities
It's great to just be the new me!

Verse 2:
What used to be
From it, I’m free
What joy it has given me

I followed the Path
Gained true riches and treasures
The ones that would truly last

Now everything's right
I've seen the light
The NEW ME is shining so bright

It isn't too late
Believe and have faith

Pre-chorus 2:

What good would it do
To get everything you want for you
And lose the real you?
So go make the change that's what I dare you to do!

Chorus 2:

Be loud, be proud
‘Coz the new me has come
And the old one has gone

Be loud, be proud
It feels good to be new
So liberating and true

If you're lost, you can be found
All those things in the past
You can leave them at last

Let's be loud, let's be proud
For the new opportunities
It's great to just be the new me!

For the new possibilities
It's great to just be the new me!

Go and use Glutamax
The New Me!

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