Friday, December 25, 2009

We Got a MediaCom MCI 3000 Pro as a Christmas Gift

Yes, we're singing our hearts out this Christmas. My wife and I got ourselves a MediaCom MCI 3000 Pro Karaoke Multi DVD player which includes 35,000 songs. No, that is not a typo, it's really thirty five thousand songs. The other songs are in Chinese and Hindi and other languages. The English and and Tagalog songs are around 15,000 so it is still a lot of songs for us to sing and learn.

The MediaCom MCI 3000 Pro

So today, we're putting to full use the new MediaCom MCI 3000 Pro. This was priced at P9,400 before but we got it on sale. Also, when it first came out here in our country it was around P14,000++ packged with a wireless microphone and speakers.

With this new toy that my wife and I can enjoy together we can also watch movie files stored in a flash disk. This is because the MediaCom MCI 3000 Pro has a 3-in-1 card reader and USB port as additional input. It also is able to view jpeg files and play other music file types.

Basically, it is not only for karaoke use but an all-in-one media player that's why it is called a Karaoke Multi DVD player. Plus, when we sing songs, we can record ourselves via USB anit is useful for celebrations like today, Christmas. I am excited to have relatives visit us in the next few days - definitely, the MediaCom MCI 3000 Pro will be a usefull entertainment package for all of us to enjoy at home.



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