Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Watta Tempura by Tokyo Tokyo! Big Black Tiger Prawns


Have you experienced Tokyo Tokyo's latest promo called "Watta Tempura"? Well, a few days, my wife and I participated in an event held at Trinoma with other bloggers. We were introduced to some prawn friends, namely Le Prawn James and Prawnis Hilton and were shown each of their sea life story, how big they were and how promising their future were. The videos were funny and were great ideas. I would like to share one of the videos below.

A video, which is part of the Tokyo Tokyo Watta Tempura craze

Tokyo Tokyo's Watta Tempura gimmick chews up the undersized meals that are commonly offered in fast food chains nowadays. When the trend is for food to usually become smaller or more expensive, the leading Japanese fast food chain in the Philippines does the exact opposite. Instead of serving regular sized shrimps, they use black tiger prawns and a secretly reformulated batter mix to make its Tempura crunchier and bigger.

The promo features four selections, namely, the Mixed Seafood Tempura, Prawn and Veggie Tempura, All Prawn Tempura and the Tokyo Bento Prawn and Veggie Tempura. These meals all have the Watta Tempura offering from Tokyo Tokyo and is available in their stores.

Doesn't that just make you crave for Japanese food? So next time you crave for some Japanese dish, specifically Tempura, why not visit Tokyo Tokyo and try the Watta Tempura experience.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Learning More to Be Able to Give more

One of the things I have learned from the many leadership seminars I have gone to is that for a person to be an effective influencer, he has to never stop learning. John Maxwell once said that the moment a person stops learning, he stops leading.

Continuing education is one of the directions many take to practice this principle. For those looking for a degree in MS Instruction for their continued development to becoming a master teacher in an educational institution, sxuonline.com is a site to search and visit.

Making that extra investment is worth it as the additional learning can help you make significant contributions to those under you.

Your Name High Video with Lyrics: This Year's Hit at Camp

Every year, a song sticks to the hearts and minds of those who attend camp. Last year, it was the song Hero by Superchick. This year, there are three songs that were worth remembering. But my personal favorite, and I think most would consider it their favorite also, was "Your Name High" from Hillsong Music Australia. Here is the video of their song and its lyrics.

Your Name High
Hillsong Music Australia

Verse I:
Your innocence forsaken
Upon that cross
You gave Yourself for us
Carried into Your freedom

Our broken past replaced in
A second chance
The chains have come undone
Death defied in the Father's love

We are living to make
Your Name high Jesus
Living to make Your Name high Jesus
You gave what the world couldn't offer us

Say what they want
Say what they want
We are free

Verse 2:
The atmosphere is changing
Oh can You hear
The people rising up
In the hope of Your freedom

Our former ways are breaking
We seek Your face
God let Your kingdom come
In our praises be lifted up

With eyes on high we praise
And with one voice we come
Our one desire to praise You
And lift You up in our

Friday, April 24, 2009

Seeing Into the Future of IPOs

A good percentage of the youth in our church are currently taking courses in college that are computer or information technology related. Innovations of information technology are multiplying by the day and there are just so much potential for an even greater exposure for these kids. It is just interesting how the generation has evolved into this. Now companies like Liquid Scenarios enterprise make Seeing Into the Future of IPOs possible.

Information technology is one of the most sought after jobs that are currently paid generously. A lot of other certifying companies have made their way to the mainstream and are currently making their marks to industries. Liquid scenarios make jobs easier, a great deal, to say the least. If you will check their site, you are challenged to type in a company’s name and see for yourself what its future will be. It is pretty neat if you ask me. The process of elimination at its best. Probably the most sophisticated way of working on your company’s strengths and weaknesses. There is nothing like what they have in their system. You might want to look and learn more about Liquid scenarios and read on how an investor is able to easily save $20,000 to $30,000 with its mobile version.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Things to Do Next Week

Two of the major things that are non- negotiable in my to do list next week are to call School of Tomorrow, to inquire about some details about homeschooling. We will start with homeschooling this coming June. The second non-negotiable item on the list is call my health provider.

I have long submitted the requirements for our son to be covered by Maxicare but they are giving us a handful of different reasons for the delay. My wife got me to submit the documents the first month our son is born. She has since got for my son some kind of hospital insurance via ACE which is automatically charged to her credit card account. But with the recent event of our little boy being sick, hospital insurance is not really the best deal. Consultation, laboratory fees usually take up the bulk of expenses when a child is sick.

My wife has been looking into insurance rates, from months back, hoping she could finally quit paying for the coverage via her card. But it looks like from the talk I had with the one coordinating with our health provider, the little guy should really be covered by Maxicare to begin with. My son is already four years old and this issue has not been settled yet. I am confident to get answers about this next week.

Mt. Peniel Camp Site

This year's summer youth camp officially starts today. We came here with the advance team (54 people) to Mt. Peniel (the camp site) early yesterday morning to take care of necessary camp preparations. We are expecting a surge of campers to come very soon. Approximately 900 campers for this year.

Here are some pictures of Mt. Peniel camp site.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Updates on My Health Blog Courtesy of Wifey

As I had my dear wife take care of my health blog she mentioned to me about the various things she has learned so far, how interesting detoxification really is and how beneficial it is for the body. Lately she has been telling me how amazed she is about Iridology and other alternative therapies and how they work.

Alternative therapies are not the only things that she is currently looking into but also natural supplements that help aide weight loss like nuphedra.All this new learnings about health is really getting her interested, I’m almost nervous that she would talk me into going vegetarian.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tips On How to Have a Great Journey: Today's Sermon

This morning, we started a new message series in our church and I entitled it as Summer Vacation Series. The first sermon on the series was entitled "Bon Voyage!" and I talked about some helpful tips on how to have a great journey. The tips were:

1. Bring what you need for the trip
2. Know your destination
3. Know how to get to your destination
4. Have the right motivation for the journey
5. Do not travel alone
6. Travel with the right people

I, then, applied the tips I shared to a person’s journey in life. I focused on the second and third point and shared that all of us have the same destination in our journey in life and that is death. But, death is not the end because there is eternity. It sure struck home to to those listening especially to the many elderly women in our church and young people. There is this one lady who is a cancer survivor - a lady whom God used to rebuke me of my lack of faith. She battled cancer through immediate treatment and with much prayer.

I looked up life expectancy tables to share that these tables show us how many who have gone before us have completed the first phase of their life’s journey. These tables only give us an idea of how long we can expect our journey to be, but they are still uncertain.

Even as the elders battle old age and other sicknesses through medicines like Trazodone, I mentioned that they are not the only ones facing the possibility of death as that destination can come soon to anyone without any warning. That is why I encouraged them to prepare for this destination that we all are going to face.

The word of God is very clear:

“And this is the testimony: God has given us eternal life, and this life is in his Son. 12He who has the Son has life; he who does not have the Son of God does not have life. 13I write these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God so that you may know that you have eternal life.” 1 John 5:11-13

So why not prepare for where we are all destined to face – death. Receive the eternal life that God promises through Jesus by asking forgiveness from your sins, repenting of them and asking Jesus to come into your heart as your personal Lord and Savior right now.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

One Day to Go Before Leaving for Camp

After tonight, it’s one more day to go and I am off to Mt. Peniel Camp Site, Capas, Tarlac for the summer youth camp we organized. I must make sure that I pack my things before anything else, making sure that I bring everything I’ll need (toiletries, comfortable clothes and not breeches, my MSI EX400, Bible and some pocket money).

This is the eighth year I have been involved in organizing summer youth camps with participants of about 600-1,200 per week. Yes, there are summers when we hold 2-week camps (1 batch per week), but this year, we settled to just one week and set 800 as our goal. Right now, we have exceeded our goal and hope to just keep it at 900 participants.

Early Monday morning, I will be traveling with an advance team of 54 people composed of different committees that will make the necessary on-site preparations for the youth camp that is entitled “Call of Duty: World at War” (Ephesians 6:1-20) and will be held from April 21-24, 2009. This summer youth camp was organized by churches from different areas of Metro Manila and Rizal known as Camp Kabataan, in cooperation with Breaking Point Foundation Philippines.

Restore: Bob Fitts' Worship Concert


Attending the praise and worship concert of Bob Fitts entitled "Restore" was a very refreshing and restoring experience. With our youth camp just days from today, spending some time in congregational worship is really very timely. I was able to recharge (the joy of the Lord is my strength!) a bit. We have been planning weeks ago to bring along our church's worship team to come see and hear Bob Fitts whose songs have had a great influence in my life and our church's worship as well and I was glad we did.

During the "Restore" concert, Bob Fitts sang new songs, including "I Love to Be With You" which was composed by his son, as well as some of his old songs. He also included some familar worship choruses and a hymn entitled "Blessed Assurance", showing his expertise as a worship leader, reaching the crowed composed of the old and new generation of believers.

I also bumped into Ivy, whom I met during the Survivor Philippines Season 2 auditions (she shared that she made it until the fourth screening), and Jed's new pediatrician whom I just met early this morning. Bob Fitts' "Restore" concert was well attended and was held at the Marist School Auditorium, the school were I graduated elementary from. After the concert, Bob Fitts signed autographs and I was able to have the CD album cover of "Restore" signed by him. I also took a feel of the guitar he used, something that is very interesting for a guitar player like me.

Tomorrow, there will be a repeat performance of the concert. "Restore", the theme of Bob Fitts' concert named after on of his albums, will be holding its repeat performance at the PhilSports Stadium (formerly known as ULTRA) in Pasig City

Thursday, April 16, 2009

My Wife's Kikay Site: Kikay Corner

My wife is looking into getting a better hosting service for her beauty blog, KikayCorner.net. After having it transferred from Blogger to Wordpress and got it self-hosted, she has had a few problems with the site’s loading and just recently, she lost all her posts. That is just about every webmaster’s nightmare! I tried to figure out its database and had it repaired and boy was she glad that it was just what’s needed to be done.

She has currently launched her online beauty store. She presently carries just one product, Organic Thanakha. If you would swing by her site, you would be led to her online store and maybe learn a thing or two about the all natural beauty product that she swears by. I am not ashamed to let my readers know that she has made me a convert and am currently using the lime variant.

At the rate my wife is going with her online beauty business, I will not be surprised that she will add in more beauty and kikay products to her site. Marni necklace will be a great addition and even those Swarovski crystal blings that she used to design and sell some years back.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bizu's Summer Sorbets and Yoga Cake Can Beat the Summer Heat


After a day of traveling from Antipolo to Makati, then back to Antipolo then to Bizu Patisserie and Cafe, Greenhills for the Blogger's Merienda 2, I felt relieved to have been introduced to Bizu's Summer Sorbets and their Yoga Cake. It was a hot summer day and driving inside an untinted car, even with airconditioning, wasn't enough to beat the Phillipine summer heat. Arriving a bit late, I was still able to catch up with other bloggers as we got treated to Bizu's delicious pastries. Each food item was a masterpiece and was a real treat to my taste buds.

Bizu's Summer Sorbets

After quickly finishing up the pastries, Bizu's owner, Audrey, and Chef Sander started to give us a taste of their new Summer Sorbets and then, their recent masterpiece, the Yoga Cake. Their Summer Sorbets are available in five cool combinations: Raspberry and Merlot, Lemon and Ginger, Passion Fruit and Mango, Green Apple and Mint and, my favorite, Lychee and Vanilla. The unique concoctions were truly cool indulgences which come in one set for only P285.

Bizu's Yoga Cake

For one who loves tropical fruits, I enjoyed the most recent masterpiece, the Yoga Cake. The non-traditional cake is a balance between the strong flavor of tropical fruits and the sweetness of the yogurt and custard. If you happen to be in Greenhills, you can find Bizu in The Promenade, Greenhills Shopping Center. Make sure to try the Yoga Cake or the Summer Sorbets of Bizu.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Providing for Our Son's Education

Lately, my wife has been repeatedly asking me to buy her a newer car. I figure that it’s due to the heat she experiences when she rides in our 1989 Nissan California. It is not tinted and is usually parked out in the street , exposed under the sun. This does not help cool the car in anyway but does the opposite, in fact. The air conditioning is not as cold as the new cars.

How nice it would be to have an Auto Allowance so we could make a downpayment on a new car and just pay a fixed monthly amount. But, this is an idea that is far-fetched in our case. And we are both content with what we have as of the moment.

Currently, we are paying mortgage and this is until 13 years from now. In addition to that, we are saving up for the education of our son who will be turning four this May and will start schooling this June.

We decided to homeschool him and we’re now in the process of inquiring about certain details from School of Tomorrow (Accelerated Christian Education) but we intend to register our son in the next few weeks which will cost about P15,000 instead of P21,000 because of my status as a full-time minister and then P3,000 every year after that. After our son’s assessment, we’ll know how much more we need to pay for the one year curriculum materials and manual. It will either be an extra P8,000 for one year or P12,000 if he doesn’t pass the reading readiness test. We are confident that God will supply all these needs as He has always shown Himself faithful.

Philippians 4:19 “And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.”

Free Yahoo Access Through Globe GPRS?

Yes, I have been able to access Yahoo services (mail and messenger) through Globe GPRS for free! Now, I am not really updated as to whether Globe has allowed or access to Yahoo or not. But this all started when I got my Nokia 6233 reprogrammed. I totally lost all data in my phone so I needed to get my GPRS and MMS activated. I called the Globe hotline but was frustrated with the way my concern was handled. To summarize they were not able to send the GPRS configuration settings and MMS configuration settings, or at least I didn't receive any if they sent them. So I ventured into manually configuring my Nokia 6233 GPRS and MMS settings.

As I searched for the settings online, I bumped into forums that talked about having free access to Yahoo services through Globe's GPRS. They claimed that it is free because they were not being charged P5 per 15 minutes by Globe or their other rate per kilobyte for using GPRS. I read that, first, you should be able to access sites through GPRS through your phone. It means, GPRS has to be activated in your phone already. For Nokia 6233 users, I will be posting how to manually configure the GPRS settings on later posts.

If you are able to access sites then all you need to do to access Yahoo services for free is to add the following in your bookmarks:

1. Yahoo! - http://ph.m.yahoo.com

2. Yahoo! Mail - http://ph.m.yahoo.com/p/mail

3. Yahoo! Messenger - http://ph.m.yahoo.com/p/messenger

Once you have added these, you should be able to go directly to the sites and log-in to your Yahoo account. I have personally tried surfing yesterday with a load of P55 and was able to log-in to my Yahoo account (both mail and messenger) for free through myGlobe GPRS.

I have been checking my load once in a while and have not seen any deduction in my load so I guess it's true. In fact, I was able to do mobile blogging while me and my family were in Megamall and posted our church's Easter celebration. I'm glad I was able to activate blogger's mobile blogging capabilities for my yahoo account that's why I was able to do that. And my prepaid load never got deducted for it. So, why, don't you try it out. I sure hope this post helps those who are wanting to access Yahoo mail and messenger for free through myGlobe GPRS.

Getting by with Monthly Payments to My Web Hosts

I am enjoying my latest web hosting choice. There are two companies actually and the first one does not cost that much and I am having two of our blogs hosted there, abusepreventionteam.org and marriageandbeyond.com. These are blogs for Breaking Point Foundation and me and my wife’s marriage blog.

The features of our hosting packages are a disk space of 2GB, bandwidth of 20GB. They also provide a maximum of 10 MySQL databases, mail boxes, email accounts, etc. The cost is only $16.99 per year. The only downside is I could not expand our online business.

So I decided to get another hosting package which can give me the flexibility having add-on domains. I have, so far, acquired more than 10 domain names, most of them, dot coms and are slowly building a network of blogs with different niches and am using the current hosting package that costs me about $10 a month.

I know that it would be cheaper to pay on an annual basis but I am not yet ready to invest that amount and to be honest I don’t have that big enough amount on me at the moment. So right now I am only getting by with a monthly payment while I slowly build up our online investments. If you are curious as to what hosting company I am using, feel free to drop a comment and I will contact you.

Celebrating Easter: Baptism and the Lord's Supper

It was the perfect way to celebrate Easter Sunday at church. Weeks before yesterday, we had really planned on conducting the two church ordinances together for the first time. The planning turned out perfectly.

Baptism and the Lord's Supper are the two graphic symbols that remind us, as Jesus' followers, about the Savior's death, burial and resurrection. The elements used during Communion, the unleavened bread and wine, represent Jesus' broken body and His shed blood. The baptism by immersion shows perfectly the death, burial and resurrection of Christ. It also is parallel to what happens to a believer when he accepts Christ as Lord and Savior as described in 2 Corinthians 5:17. The old life dies to sin, is buried and a new life in Christ begins.

Yesterday was a meaningful, solemn but joyful celebration of Easter as two believers followed the Lord in baptism. This was after a solemn breaking of bread without yeast and drinking juice from the fruit of the vine to remember Jesus' sacrifice through the Lord's Supper.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Reasons Why We Plan to Homeschool Our Child


Many surveys have shown that parents in the US now prefer homeschooling for their children's education over the traditional system of education. What is interesting is that these results are increasing every year.

My wife and I are one of the many couples who have made homeschooling a preference. Some of the reasons why we plan to homeschool our three-year-old son this coming school year are:

1. We as parents can choose which subject we want our child to improve on. Flexibility is one of the strengths of homeschooling. Kids are able to develop their talents since they choose the courses that are aligned to their interests and gifts that are discovered at home.

2. Homeschooling also provides flexibility in time. This is a benefit to parents who are employed and do not have time to monitor their children's education. With homeschooling, they can choose the time they want their children to have classes. They are also the one who schedule the activities of their children. In our case, I am glad that my wife chose to take it upon herself to focus on teaching our child, full-time, at home.

3. I have observed from missionary friends who homeschool their child that they are more independent and responsible. They learn to deal with different age groups and are not confined in a classroom setting. They develop independence since they will not rely on friends for their homework and other activities.

4. Finding a homeschooling program is now easy since there are a lot of schools and religious organizations that offer this option to parents. Schools are now more accepting to this method of teaching that is why it is no longer limited to a small group or a selected social class. For our child, we chose the School of Tomorrow system (formerly known as Accelerated Christian Education).

Homeschooling is not only dependent on how good the teacher is but on how parents actively cooperate with the program. Active involvement of parents to their children’s learning is a must in homeschooling and that is also what we want. We want to be actively involved in our child's education. Yes, it would require and demand proper guidance and full support from us as parents in order for our son to learn and excel with the homeschooling program. But we are positive that this will all be worth the time and effort as we invest our life in our child through homeschooling.

Friday, April 10, 2009

My Journey Through Blogging

When I first started out blogging, all I intended to do was to monetize the blogs. That is the reason why I set up many blogs using free services – no domain and no hosting payments. As I gained more experience in blogging, I also started to learn that investing in my own domain and getting a paid hosting service will do more to benefit me in the long run than not doing so.

I ventured into investing on new domains aside from getting own domains for my existing blogs. Then I set up Wordpress on the domains I bought. The first batch of domain names I got were of different niches that I thought were popularly being searched online. I didn’t actually do any study and research on the good words to use in the domains, I just played it by ear.

For the latest batch of domains I bought for me and my wife I started to research using Google’s keyword tool. After purchasing good domains, the next step was to put good and original content. I could either write the content myself or if I had extra funds I could hire a good web content writer. I would need to get an example of custom term paper or content the person has written before I do so, if ever.

So far, the new blogs my wife and I have set up got some traffic right away, as compared to the first blogs we set up. Through this we hope to increase our online presence and our income.

How I Spent Maundy Thursday

As Maundy Thursday came, people spent the day in different ways. Some of my friends spent the Holy Week outside the country while others chose to take a vacation in other parts of the country. I, on the other hand, chose to spend Maundy Thursday at home.'

At first, I wanted to go take a long drive with my family but decided to just stay put. It turned out to be a productive day as I was able to update my other blogs, spend time with my three-year-old son and my wife, play Medal of Honor and capped the day attending a service at a church in UP Diliman.

It was a very meaningful service which began with the Lord's Supper and ended with a very short teaching about Jesus' prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane. In between, the choir sang songs describing the Passion of Christ. It was a very solemn event, appropriately facilitating meditation of Jesus' sacrifice.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Staying Up for the "Savior Clip"

It’s late and I just finished working on a video I edited for our church service at 10:30 AM later. I thought that I won’t be needing an Apidexin if I would stay up this late everyday. But staying up was all worth it after seeing the final product.

I gave the video the title of “Savior Clip”. I will be showing it tomorrow in the middle part of my sermon. It shows some scenes from the movie “The Passion of the Christ” and uses the song entitled “Savior” from Steven Curtis Chapman’s “declaration” album. I will be uploading it tomorrow. You can use it to motivate you to meditate on what Christ did for all of us as you try spend this Holy Week as meaningful as you can.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Prayer Request for our Youth Outreach Efforts for Summer Camp

It's two weeks to go and we'll be sending some moving trucks to Mt. Peniel in Capas, Tarlac. This week I have been busy following up on the schools we invited for our summer youth camp. Although most of the Supreme Student Government (SSG) advisers have expressed their interest in sending their incoming officers to our camp, we still faced some temporary set back as some of the SSG advisers advised for our group to send some communication to the DepEd's Division Superintendent of Makati City as their school principals wanted to get a proper endorsement first from the DO. Please help us pray that we would get an endorsement from the DO of Makati City.

Results of the 2008 Bar Exams: Complete List Link Provided

As the results of the 2008 Bar Exams got delayed and gave the 6,364 hopefuls some suspense, 1,310 of them are now rejoicing after coming out victorious in their battle against what is said to be the most difficult and the longest exam in the Philippines. After enduring 32 hours, divided into four Sundays, of answering essay type questions under the supervision of the Supreme Court in September of 2008, the complete list of the 2008 Bar Exam passers is now out.

I was initially thinking about posting results of the 2008 Bar Exams (the complete list of passers) but after considering the space it would take on this blog entry, I just thought about providing a link.

This has been a hot issue among blogs this week as top bloggers contended for the top spots in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). So, bloggers who have ranked high in the results are probably rejoicing for the sudden increase in their traffic, with the 2008 Bar Exam passers as the results were released.

If you have accidentally visited this site to look for complete list of the passers, here is the link to the results of the 2008 Bar Exams.

My New Job Opportunities Blog

Recently, I just started a new blog. The blog’s niche is job related and I hope that, with the nice domain and the relevant content, I would be able to drive a lot of traffic to it. The domain of the blog is CareerEmploymentOpportunities.com and its title is Career and Employment Opportunities.

This blog is dedicated to post jobs that are available in the Philippines and some other parts of the world. If people are looking to find jobs abroad, let’s say maybe in a canadian pharmacy, or in a hospital in the US or any field they want, they can just click on the appropriate tag on the sidebar to see the job posts related to what their field.

I hope that I would be able to get continuous sources of job openings, job opportunities and job postings that people would look for and I hope that my new blog will be able to catch the eye of search engines. Right now, I am still waiting for some of its pages to start getting indexed by major search engines. I have heard that linking to site’s with high PR can help me get my site indexed fast. I might just do that this next few days.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Launching 'Circulo Verde': The Place to Celebrate Freedom and Space

Justify FullThis evening, I was inspired by the vision that was laid out by Ortigas and Company through the unveiling of their plans for Circulo Verde. Below is their official press release of the event:

Press Release:

Ortigas & Co. recently unveiled Circulo Verde, its latest premiere residential development, which offers its residents living space right in the heart of the city.

During the launch hosted by model and TV host Teresa Herrera, guests were entertained with different performances depicting freedom and space. A piano and ballad performance that embodies the freedom to nurture one’s talents set the mood for the evening. A ballet dance number fused with the Brazilian Capoeira demonstrating the freedom of space and movement followed this. Seasoned comedienne and actress Mitch Valdes gave an entertaining performance that emphasizes that timelessness of what entertains us. Finally, international pop jewel, Amber Davis, showed us what we can achieve when we dream big. The celebration ended with a spectacular fireworks display.

General Partners and top executives of Ortigas & Company led by Mr. Rex C. Drilon II, Chief Executive Officer, were present during the event to share the vision and details of the project.

The 12-hectare property along Calle Industria in Bagumbayan, Quezon City, Circulo Verde will have 15 residential buildings of staggered heights that gives residents unparalleled sightlines of the nearby Sierra Madre mountains and the Metro Manila skyline. As part of the global effort to go green, the development retains natural features that are unique to the property, as well as maximizing the potential of the Marikina River, which surrounds the site.

The first phase of development at Circulo Verde covers five residential buildings on a 2.7-hectare area within the property. Presently being developed are Ibiza Tower and Majorca Residences.

Circulo Verde is a development of Ortigas & Company, Limited Partnership For inquiries, please call 631-5968 and 638-8633, send a fax to 631-5962, or e-mail to circuloverde@ortigas.com.ph. Visit its website at www.circuloverde.com.ph.

On Doing Regular Push-ups

When I left the house this morning, I just realized I forgot to do my daily push-ups. And then, it dawned on me that I haven’t done my regular push-ups in three or four days. I used to work out before, not in a gym but in the church dormitory when there was still some gym equipment there and that was ten years ago.

Since I stopped I have done push-ups as an alternative. I was not a gym buff. I didn’t use other enhancement products like Omega 3 health supplements. Let me just insert that this product which is known also as Omax3 is different from other supplements because it contains 92% pure omega 3s unlike the others which are quite impure and contains other unnecessary oils.

Anyway, the reason why I lifted weights was to put some tone in my muscles. I started working out my arms and chest when I was in high school when we were required to do fifty to a hundred push-ups as a punishment as a COC (Cadet Officer Candidate). I have tried to make push-ups continuous since then. So, a few days of not being able to do my push-ups is already a big deal for me. But, I intend to resume my regular push-ups tomorrow, so there is no problem really.