Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Things to Do Next Week

Two of the major things that are non- negotiable in my to do list next week are to call School of Tomorrow, to inquire about some details about homeschooling. We will start with homeschooling this coming June. The second non-negotiable item on the list is call my health provider.

I have long submitted the requirements for our son to be covered by Maxicare but they are giving us a handful of different reasons for the delay. My wife got me to submit the documents the first month our son is born. She has since got for my son some kind of hospital insurance via ACE which is automatically charged to her credit card account. But with the recent event of our little boy being sick, hospital insurance is not really the best deal. Consultation, laboratory fees usually take up the bulk of expenses when a child is sick.

My wife has been looking into insurance rates, from months back, hoping she could finally quit paying for the coverage via her card. But it looks like from the talk I had with the one coordinating with our health provider, the little guy should really be covered by Maxicare to begin with. My son is already four years old and this issue has not been settled yet. I am confident to get answers about this next week.