Friday, April 3, 2009

Results of the 2008 Bar Exams: Complete List Link Provided

As the results of the 2008 Bar Exams got delayed and gave the 6,364 hopefuls some suspense, 1,310 of them are now rejoicing after coming out victorious in their battle against what is said to be the most difficult and the longest exam in the Philippines. After enduring 32 hours, divided into four Sundays, of answering essay type questions under the supervision of the Supreme Court in September of 2008, the complete list of the 2008 Bar Exam passers is now out.

I was initially thinking about posting results of the 2008 Bar Exams (the complete list of passers) but after considering the space it would take on this blog entry, I just thought about providing a link.

This has been a hot issue among blogs this week as top bloggers contended for the top spots in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). So, bloggers who have ranked high in the results are probably rejoicing for the sudden increase in their traffic, with the 2008 Bar Exam passers as the results were released.

If you have accidentally visited this site to look for complete list of the passers, here is the link to the results of the 2008 Bar Exams.