Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Deeper Purpose for Saving Money

My son will be graduating this April 5 for the ABCs with Ace and Christi program from School of Tomorrow system which he finished last October. I am so thrilled to see him grow and learn not just academic subjects but also the Biblical values that are in the curriculum he uses.

In the Preschool with Ace and Christi and ABCs with Ace and Christi, there are stories, verses and activities that teach him valuable principles. One particular lesson he learned was saving money. He has a coin bank that we made for one of his lessons and he uses it to put the challenge coins I give him every time I come home with a change in my pocket.

But, the best thing about him learning how to save is his reason for saving. My son has learned a deeper purpose for saving money and that is more than the practical reason of string up for his future and emergencies. The deeper purpose he learned was saving money so he can worship God by being able to give more to God’s work and to other people in need. He is excited to save money in his coin bank so when it becomes full, he can bring it to church and give it as an offering to God and support the needs of the ministry and the people in our church’s feeding program. His purpose and perspective about saving money is a very valuable lesson we learned as a family.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Plans for a Second Floor

This week we met with a prospective contractor to discuss about the possibility of having a second floor built on our house. The house we live in is fairly new, only four years old but since our flooding experience during Ondoy we have really started planning and saving up for a second floor.

So far, I find the contractor easy to talk with and am glad that he has a lot of experience when it comes to construction. He mentioned the need to cover the tiles without any need to laminate floors to preserve what has already been beautifully laid (kudos to the our previous contractor). This gesture shows me how he cares not only for his own concerns but his clients as well.

Another thing I liked is that he will be giving us a draft of a design and he says we can have it for free and can even use it even if we don’t come to an agreement with him as our contractor. I like this because the first contractor we inquired from when we were getting our house built had an opposite attitude who made us feel that we were obligated to get them as our contractor because they have made initial drafts or proposal.

I am hoping that we would be able to raise the funds for having a second floor built and that God would lead us to the right contractor.