Friday, May 30, 2008

A Source of Information for Body Builders

Have you ever heard of Naked Nutrition Network? Well it is not some sort of an unwholesome method of nutrition – it is just a unique name. This is a web site founded by Mike Roussell who is a consultant, an author, a writer and at the same time, a researcher. This nutritional coach received his bachelor of science in biochemistry graduating magna cum laude with high honors from Hobart and William Smith Colleges located in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York. From there, he attended the University of Vermont Medical School before finally deciding to pursue his passion of studying nutrition. At present, the founder of this network is pursuing his doctorate in nutrition at Pennsylvania State University where he is studying the effects of diet and fatty acids on cardiovascular disease and up-and-coming cardiovascular disease risk factors.

So you can see that by just basing on this web site’s founder’s credentials this site contains credible and a variety of information about weight loss, health and Fat Loss Nutrition.

Mr. Roussell’s nutritional coaching is in demand for people from a wide variety of backgrounds. People ranging from collegiate athletes to business professionals to fitness enthusiasts. He is a regular contributor to publications such as Testosterone Nation and Mike can be heard from every two weeks as he is the host and founder of the world wide web’s primary Fitness and Nutrition Podcast, Naked Nutrition Radio, which is part of the Naked Nutrition Network.

An interesting article I read that he wrote is about muscle building foods. He got it from MSN courtesy of Best Life Magazine. He lists the following muscle building foods: 1) Quinoa, 2) Grass-fed beef, 3) Fat Free Ricotta, 4) Tofu, 5) Lentils, 6) Eggs, 7)Greek Yogurt, 8, Quorn, 9) Chocolate milk and 10) Wild Salmon.

My favorites from among the list are tofu and eggs. Tofu is a great protein alternative that can be added to a body builder’s diet if one wants to break the chicken, beef, fish cycle. Eggs, of course, are considered as classical muscle food. Chocolate milk does sound good, too. Of course this is benefits body builders if used as a post work out drink. The added sugar and the natural protein blend helps.

I would like to encourage those wanting to increase weight (more specifically building muscles) to visit this site which I would say is an authority when it comes to this topic.

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A Real Durable Digital Camera


During a long time friend's visit here (last May 2) from Singapore we had a get together at Astoria in Pasig City. We brought along our Canon A620 of course to take souvenir photos of ourselves and our friends of course. It was an overnight event and after eating our buffet breakfast headed to the swimming pool, with me bringing my son along. I went to the plan without any plans of swimming. I went there to just take pictures of my son and our friends that were with us then. I wore our digital camera on my shoulders and as I was left my son in the kiddie pool he suddenly slipped and got his head under water. Knowing he doesn't know how to hold his breath yet I quickly ran to him and jumped into the pool afraid that he might take water in and start to panic and not be able to stand up while submerged in water. As I reached for him in the pool I didn't realize that our Canon A620, that was hanging on my under my right arm, dipped in the water. I found out about it after my friend Ana, who is now based in Singapore, told me that she saw my camera dip in the pool as I helped my son up.

In shock I immediately turned it on to check if it would still work. I hurriedly removed it from its soaked case, which only has a flap locked with velcro, to do this and when I turned it on, I saw the last picture that I took and suddenly everything went black and the other buttons of the camera stopped working. I just couldn't describe what I felt then - but I had mixed emotions. I was angry at myself for being so stupid because I didn't secure the camera before I jumped into the pool but at the same time I felt that it was an accident because I had to hurry because I helped my son who could have drowned in the pool. But whatever I felt I was disappointed that the camera got wet.

When we went back to our room I immediately told my wife about what happened to our Canon A620 which we got for about P24,000. My friend Ana has told her even before I went up so my wife didn't get angry at me but wanted to make sure if the camera was still working or not. I turned it on again but some of the basic functions were still not working but it did turn on.

What I did next was I got her hair dryer and started to blow dry the camera. I removed the batteries and spent the next few minutes. About 5 minutes into blow drying the camera I already wanted to give up and accept that it needs to be serviced (which may cost as much as how much we got it for). But after 5 more minutes I started to see some of the functions returning. The camera started to turn on properly and so I continued blow drying it. TO make this long story short, the camera got back most of it functions except for the display. But a few days after all other functions including the display was back to normal. It was as if nothing happened to it. It could either be a coincidence (maybe it didn't get that wet) or the blow drying helped (by the way, the blow dryer gave out after most of the camera's functions returned - good thing it was still under warranty - he he). Whatever it is it was a real blessing for us. Kudos to Canon for making Canon A620 such a durable digital camera!

Friday, May 23, 2008

About The "Marian Rivera, Nagtaray" Video Clip

In recent news, the famous lady actress Marian Rivera was featured as being rude ("nagtaray") to one of her fans. But watching the video, I think that Marian Rivera only reacted to the male person whom she accused as being a jerk. The guy tries to turn things around by appearing tame and kind. I think Marian did blow her top but for a reason. I think she would would have also weighed her reaction first and maybe what the guy did to her was too much that's why she vented out her feelings that way. Well, I'm not a fan of hers but, judging from Marian Rivera's Video clip, this is my take on all these. What's yours?

It does pay to really be cautious about the things we say especially for public figures, because people can interpret even our sincerest and best intentions/reactions negatively.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

My Family

This family picture was taken during one of our friend's wedding which I co-officiated. It's very seldom that I wear this outfit so this is really a rare photo and I'm glad that it was taken with my whole family in it.

My son, my wife and me

Friday, May 16, 2008

Send In Your Video


Are you into video uploading and stuff like that? Are you the type of person who is full of ideas and thrive on thinking out of the box? If you are, then why don’t you join the $15,000 contest organized by They are looking for creative and talented people like you to submit your best and most unique ideas for advertisements or commercials. Winners will be judged by the public by letting them vote the best commercials and prizes will be given to the first, second and third place winners. You can encourage anyone to join because this Online Video Contest is open to the public.

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sleep Comfort Mattress


The Sleep Comfort Mattress

Yahoo! We finally got a replacement for our bed which was given to us by my mother as a gift on our wedding. We had to replace it because one of the legs of the frame broke and for the past months I have been using the weights that I lift (the bar with the plates on it) to support one side of the frame. It's a good thing the plate has the same height as one of the legs of the bed frame.

Well, just a few hours ago, the mattress we bought yesterday was delivered, and the bed box which I bought this afternoon also got delivered. And the bed we replaced just got sold for a thousand pesos and was picked up a few minutes before the delivery of the bed box was made.

Tonight we'll be sleeping comfortably on our Uratex Sleep Comfort Mattress. Above are the picture and the specs of the kind of bed we got. We got the 8" x 60" x 75" which is the queen size.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Marketable Domain Name

When I began making sites for our church and for the other organization I’m directing, as a newbie I made the right decision of having the domain name with a dot org because it was fit for the organizations we had.

For high schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutions, a dot edu site would be a very appropriate and marketable choice to make when they buy links for their educational institution. This type of domain name has an authoritative feel to it similar to a dot gov for countries and their related sites. They all sound very official. The edu link, for your information, cannot be started by just anyone unless it is for an educational facility. These are rare websites and dot edu web sites tend to be ten years old and well established with thousands of incoming links. Having a site with an edu link, in fact, are in demand for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts that they spend an huge amount of trouble to luck upon just one link from a domain with dot edu.

So, when the time comes that our Christian school at SBC Makati gets started (we’ll do it as soon as we move to a P20,000 a month rate and a location that’s on the ground floor with at least a hudred square meters) I will definitely create a site with and register a domain an edu link. Hopefully, we’ll be able to start the school within the next two years. Our school’s name registered at the School of Tomorrow office is Makati Christian Academy.

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A Cute Little Girl

Nope she is not my baby girl. This cute little girl is my son's cousin. We call her baby Shane and it's so nice to see how Jed tries to be gentle with her. This photo was taken yesterday when we visited her. She is now 4 1/2 months old.

With Baby Shane

Monday, May 12, 2008

Ready to Get Scared Again?

I am not the type of person who enjoys watching a Horror Movie. Do not get me wrong, it is not because I am afraid – I just don’t really enjoy it. I can take the gore, the element of surprise and the shock, but sometimes that’s just the problem. I become too desensitized to those things and sometimes I even just critique the film on how effective the scenes are in scaring its viewers. A lot of times I get entertained by seeing those watching with me get surprised and so much affected by the music and scenes of a scary movie.

But upon watching the trailer of the movie entitled Frontier(s), I started to feel disturbed, spooked and uncomfortable. That is the reason why some of the images in the trailer may not be suitable for all audiences and is controversial. It’s interesting to note that this unrated movie got into theaters and, in fact, there are theater listings in its web site. I’d like to watch it anywhere in the United States but across the globe from where it’s available so I guess I’ll wait for it to be available on DVD.

Visit its web site if you want to view the trailer and if you enjoy scary movies.


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By the Ruins

While we were in Baguio, we went to a cafe called Cafe by the Ruins. It's called that because the place where the cafe stands used to be a pre-war residence of one of the governors of the province of Benguet, where Baguio City is. The original structure was ruined by American soldiers in pursuit of the Japanese soldiers. All that was practically left was a wall and in 1988 the present owners of the lot built a cafe and named it after the very history of the place.

My wife and I ordered some dessert on a rainy night in Baguio. She got a lemon curd crepe and I got a Chocolate de Agua, a warm chocolate drink made from the local tablea with some bread with cinnamon. Below are some photos while spending our time their. You can read more about this cafe from our other site, Marriage and Beyond.

Cafe by the Ruins 1

Cafe by the Ruins 2

Cafe by the Ruins 3

Chocolate de Agua and Lemon Curd Crepe

Drinking my hot choco on a cold, rainy night in Cafe by the Ruins, Baguio City

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Cargo Pants From Baguio


For the recent trips I made this past month (trips to Tarlac, Bulacan and Baguio City), I got a pair of green cargo shorts with seven pockets. As I was buying them it was only then that I realized how expensive pants are at present. As I was choosing the cargo gear to buy I started wanting to buy a pair of cargo pants that transforms into a pair of cargo shorts by just unzipping the lower part. But as I was looking for one I saw that it was too expensive.

Fortunately, while we were on vacation at Baguio City where there are lots of “ukay ukay”, I was able to find one that I like for less than a third of the price of a brand new one. And now it has become my favorite pair of pants. This pair of pants is what makes the traveling days because I like pants that have lots of pockets because I carry around so much when I travel.

If you have stories like this, stories about your favorite pants I would like to encourage you to participate in the Dockers contest by submitting your stories as videos to the Dockers TV Commercial Contest.

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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Strawberry Farm Photos

During our vacation at Baguio City, we went to La Trinidad, Benguet at a strawberry farm and indulged ourselves with freshly picked strawberries. Below are some of the photos I took using my Canon A620.

Freshly picked strawberries at P120 per kilo.

My wife picking up a piece of strawberry.

Fermented strawberry juice for sale.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

One Reason to Celebrate

Last Friday my family and I stayed at Astoria by invitation from our friend from Singapore who organized that overnight party for our 'barkada'. We had many reasons to celebrate - one was because of her visit here as she will be returning to Singapore soon, and another one was the wedding of one of our friends the following day. But an added reason for our celebration was the news that came early Friday that my wife passed the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) last April. She wasn't expecting she would pass because actually she didn't take the exam seriously. She enrolled for review classes at PNU but was able to attend only during the first two weeks because she got sick and then was hospitalized during the course of the review. She was hesitant to take the exam but decided to because of my prodding. We even fought about it because she felt that I was pressuring her to take the exam. But eventually, she did take the exam last April 6, 2008. The exam was scheduled until 6PM but she finished the exam by 2PM and went home immediately. She recounted how she just guessed the answers for the many questions she has never encountered before. She was so sure she'd never pass the exam and even started planning for the next review. But, last Friday, a friend of hers texted her and said that she passed! She was bery happy indeed and I was so happy for her, too. We were on celebration mood since then, up until now.

Blogging From Baguio City

I'm sitting here at an internet shop in front of the house where we are staying and typing this post. I just couldn't help but go online when I could even for just a few minutes. When I checked my email I found out I missed a $5.50 opportunity from socialspark. Last night our son started to have fever and I guess the whole day today we might not be able to go around the city on this planned vacation. We've been real busy these weekend maybe that's why my son got sick. We've traveled so much. We were at at Astoria last Friday for some "balikbayan" celebration with Jed's Ninang Ana who will be going back to Singapore soon. Last Saturday, we traveled to Bulacan from Astoria to take part in Jed's Ninong Alvin's wedding which I co-officiated. Then at 3AM last Monday left Manila for Baguio City. My son didn't get much sleep as he was very excited to got to Baguio. He slept when we got to Tarlac until we arrived at Baguio at 7AM. I appreciate our Nissan California which got us all the way here.

Taken at Burnham Park