Friday, May 23, 2008

About The "Marian Rivera, Nagtaray" Video Clip

In recent news, the famous lady actress Marian Rivera was featured as being rude ("nagtaray") to one of her fans. But watching the video, I think that Marian Rivera only reacted to the male person whom she accused as being a jerk. The guy tries to turn things around by appearing tame and kind. I think Marian did blow her top but for a reason. I think she would would have also weighed her reaction first and maybe what the guy did to her was too much that's why she vented out her feelings that way. Well, I'm not a fan of hers but, judging from Marian Rivera's Video clip, this is my take on all these. What's yours?

It does pay to really be cautious about the things we say especially for public figures, because people can interpret even our sincerest and best intentions/reactions negatively.