Monday, May 12, 2008

By the Ruins

While we were in Baguio, we went to a cafe called Cafe by the Ruins. It's called that because the place where the cafe stands used to be a pre-war residence of one of the governors of the province of Benguet, where Baguio City is. The original structure was ruined by American soldiers in pursuit of the Japanese soldiers. All that was practically left was a wall and in 1988 the present owners of the lot built a cafe and named it after the very history of the place.

My wife and I ordered some dessert on a rainy night in Baguio. She got a lemon curd crepe and I got a Chocolate de Agua, a warm chocolate drink made from the local tablea with some bread with cinnamon. Below are some photos while spending our time their. You can read more about this cafe from our other site, Marriage and Beyond.

Cafe by the Ruins 1

Cafe by the Ruins 2

Cafe by the Ruins 3

Chocolate de Agua and Lemon Curd Crepe

Drinking my hot choco on a cold, rainy night in Cafe by the Ruins, Baguio City