Friday, March 17, 2023

How to Migrate Old to New Account for LTOPF Application


Applying for a (LTOPF) License to Own and Possess Firearms is easy if you know the correct requirements and the right steps to take. During the recent 11th Philippine Councilors League National Convention held at the World Trade Center in Pasay City, Philippines, I was able to see first hand how this is done. However, the setting for that application is they have a one-stop application or caravan where you can get all the requirements. In this article, I'll be sharing a list of the things you'll need, where to get them and how to migrate from from the old to the new system of the FEO website for your LTOPF application.

LTOPF Requirements (New Application)

1. An account at - This is the old system or also known as the new account. You'll need an email address to create an account.

2. National Police Clearance  - You'll need to register or login to your existing account at the PNP - NPCS website. Here, you'll need to set an appointment at your selected time and location. When selecting the location, you won't see the address of the location, just the code names in the dropdown. Don't worry. The address will be shown once you've selected a location code. If the location is not near your area, you can select another one until you find the address of the police station that's near your location. Cost is around Php 180. Note: NBI clearance is not a requirement.

3. 2x2 Picture with name at the bottom - At first, it would seem that any ordinary 2x2 id picture is acceptable because, indeed, a regular one is acceptable to be used for the LTOPF application form. But, once you go and take your Neuro exam, which is one of the requirements, you'll find out that the 2x2 picture they require needs to have your name at the bottom of the picture (Surname, First Name, Middle Name). You will only use 2 pieces; one for the LTOPF application and another one for the neuro exam.

4. Notarized LTOPF Application - If you choose to apply at the OSS in Camp Crame, Quezon City, this can be secured at the ground floor. The cost is around Php 150, including notarization.

5. Affidavit of Undertaking (notarized) - in most lists of requirements, you won't see this. However, when you go to the OSS office, you'll soon find out that it is a requirement. Don't fret because you can secure this together with the notarized LTOPF application for Php 100.

6. Drug Test from PNP Crime Lab - At the OSS office, you can also have this done for Php 300.

7. One valid government ID 

8. NSO-certified Birth Certificate

9. Proof of Billing or Barangay Clearance

10. Proof of Income - You can use your latest ITR (2316), certificate of employment, pay slip, business permit, SEC, DTI papers, appointment order, oath of office.

11. Gun Safety and Responsible Gun Ownership (GSRGO) Certificate - This needs to be secured from an accredited organization. Cost is around Php 1,500.

12. (NP) Neuro-Psychiatric Exam Result - This is last on the list because before you secure this, you need to have acquired the other requirements first and upload them (take a picture using your phone and upload them to your old account. You need to be logged in to to be able to do that. Once all requirements are uploaded, they will check it and you will be asked to migrate your old account to the new account.

How to Migrate from Old FEO to New FEO account

1. Login to Make sure you've uploaded all the requirements into your new application that you created in your account.

2. Copy, or write in a piece of paper, the license number found in your old account. It's in this format: 2023X-XXXXXXXXXX-FEO

2. Visit which is the new FEO system. Click the "OLD USER" button.

Create a new account by entering your mobile number (the same mobile number you used in your old account). Enter a password. The OSS would usually recommend to use 12345678 as initial password. You can change it once they have uploaded your Drug test and Neuro-Psychiatric (NP) Exam results.

You can check if the migration is successful by logging into using your mobile number and selected password.

Once you're able to login, proceed to the NP exam step and register. This is where you'll use the second 2x2 picture with name. Make sure to bring a ballpen and a pencil for the exam. After the exam, you'll be interviewed. 

After the Interview

Once the interview is done, you're all done. You just have to wait for a text message from PNP-FEO about your NP exam result. Assuming your drug test result has also been approved, then you're already approved for your LTOPF application.