Friday, July 31, 2009

A Web Store Without Buying or Selling Fees

Are you looking for free online auctions? I suggest that you visit because this web site is an online marketplace with no buying or selling fees and no signup fees. Their sponsors are the ones who shoulder the payments and members save a lot of money on insertion fees alone. If you are wanting to get into free online auctions, visit their web site.

Friday, July 24, 2009

More than 50% Restored

As four of our sites went down because of the scam that has done, my wife and I have been working double time getting our sites restored. Thanks to the ever helpful soul, He has once again assisted us as we try to recover files via bigdump. Dale Morgan, the former owner of ran away and did not even have the decency to give us back our databases. If there is anything we are sure about, God will surely balance the scales sooner or later.

Website owners can only imagine all the pains we had to go through. By far, the Lord has allowed us to access old entries via Google and Yahoo cached copies. Although everything is not completely restored, we are glad that we were able to retrieve more than 50% of everything that we lost from the scam. is one of the sites concerned and it is now fully restored. Now I can go back to having it updated and offer tips on how to better manage finances and pay off bills like motorhome insurance and among others. It is also one of my sites that is doing good in PPC ads, so it really means a great deal that it is now live.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Me and my very playful son

Out of the blue as I was working online, my son just climbed up behind me and got inside my shirt. He is such a sweet little boy that whenever I step in the gate of our home, I will surely hear him say, "I missed you, Papa!"

I have been missing him too lately as I have been extremely busy with all the preparations for the upcoming Breaking Point program we are going to hold in Palawan next week.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Memory Upgrade for My MSI EX 400X

The last time I visited the store in Gilmore where I got my MSI EX400x laptop, I inquired about the cost of getting a computer memory upgrade. They said that for P2,500 (PHP) I can upgrade my laptop's memory from 2GB to 3 GB.

But as I thought about it, the price I asked was for a 1GB memory, and I am not really sure if the existing 2 GB memory that my laptop has had its memory slots filled or not. Because if its memory slots are filled then that implies that I have two 1GB memories in my laptop and with two slots filled, that means I would need to purchase a 2GB laptop memory which most probably costs higher or even double the 1 GB memory. I should have thought about this when I was there at Gilmore so I would have gotten the price I needed so I can prepare for my laptop's upgrade.

(Malunggay Republic) CHRIMI Launches Malunggay Coffee, Tea, Choco, Soup, Dalandan Orange and Other Malunggay Products

Different Malunggay products like the Health Coffee with Malunggay Leaves, Malunggay Health Choco, Malunggay Dalandan Orange Juice, Malunggay Health Tea, Malunggay Health Soup and other products were launched last July 11, 2009 at Max's Restaurant in Greenhills by a company called CHRIMI through Malunggay Republic (, which stands for CHrist Is My Identity. The launching was attended by bloggers spearheaded by Sonnie Santos. In the event, the health benefits of Malunggay were also introduced.

One of the advocacies of CHRIMI, the company behind the Malunggay products

Although the different health benefits of Malunggay products like Health Coffee with Malunggay Leaves, Malunggay Health Choco, Malunggay Dalandan Orange Juice, Malunggay Health Tea, Malunggay Health Soup are also available at Malunggay Republic, below is a concise list.

Some photos at the Malunggay Products Launch at Max's Greenhills by CHRIMI

Malunggay Health Benefits:

*7 times the vitamin C in oranges
*4 times the calcium in milk
*4 times the vitamin A in carrots
*3 times the potassium in Bananas
*2 times the protein in Yogurt
*Lowers cholesterol
*Balances metabolism
*Memory enhancer
*Strengthens the body's immune system
*Improves mental alertness
*Enhances nerve tissues

With these benefits of Malunggay alone, are not Malunggay products worth the try? For your orders of Malunggay coffee, tea, dalandan orange juice, soup, lotion and Malunggay capsules, you can contact me through or visit Malunggay Republic.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Consistency With Push Ups

I am so glad because this past few days I have been consistent with my daily push ups. I have been doing this simple exercise since high school and it has kept me from using any fat burner for my arms , shoulders and chest (torso). Having been consistent has made me feel more strong and has toned my muscles.

My regular push ups has also helped define some of the muscles in my upper arms. Doing a push ups with palms spread as far apart as the elbows are, gives the chest muscles a good work out. This is aside from the other muscles in the arms and shoulders.

I am glad that even though I do not go the gym, because I find it too expensive to invest in that, I can use a simple exercise to strengthen and train my muscles. Doing regular push ups is really a helpful habit that any man should have.

Prayer Requests for Upcoming Evangelistic Events


A week from today, I will be experiencing one of the busiest weeks of my year. As a missions team from Sagemont Church in Houston, Texas composed of at least 27 individuals arrives on Tuesday, there are a series of evangelistic events lined up starting on Wednesday afternoon until the 29th of this month.

On the 22nd, we will be conducting a basketball mini-league and we are targeting to come up with four teams, one of which is a team of college students from Houston, and gather a big audience and get the opportunity to share the gospel in the event.

On the 24th, the missions team, in partnership with Breaking Point Foundation and different churches networked with our mother church Sumulong Baptist Church, will be conducting two Breaking Point programs, one in the morning at Manggahan High School and one right after lunch at Santolan High School, both in Pasig City. In these events, students will have the opportunity to watch and hear a clear presentation of the gospel and respond to it.

On the 26th, the team, together with twelve local volunteers (including me and my wife), will be flying to Puerto Princesa, Palawan for a scheduled two-day Breaking Point programs at Palawan National High School which has at least 6,000 students.

Here are some prayer requests as we conduct these events:

1. Pray that we would continue to find favor in the eyes of the school administrators we are dealing with and that we will be one in our purpose - to keep the students away from drug or substance abuse by introducing them to a right relationship with God.

2. Pray that the spiritual blindness of those who will hear the gospel would be removed and that they would clearly understand the need for God in their lives.

3. Pray for strength for all participants in this week-long evangelistic campaign.

4. Pray also for traveling mercies.

Thanks in advance to all those who will be praying for us and these requests.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tips on Leasing a Vehicle and its Insurance

When leasing a vehicle, it is so much easier to remain with the same company for your car insurance. What many people don’t know, however, is that one may end up paying too much for his or her coverage and it would be better to look elsewhere for cheap car insurance.

When you lease, the vehicle that you will use belongs to the leasing company. They will want to make sure that their investment is covered in the event the vehicle gets damaged, totalled or stolen. They typically want to get covered for the difference between what your auto-insurer pays and your outstanding leasing obligations at the time of the accident or damage. This is called GAP, short for Guaranteed Auto Protection, and is usually included in the leasing contract.

If your leasing company is called BMW Financial Services, Chrysler Financial or any other finance division of an automaker, then chances are your GAP insurance will be offered by the same lease company.

A person is under no obligation to accept GAP insurance included as part of a lease agreement. Why pay an insurance premium if you could get the same coverage for a lower price? Invest some time shopping by comparing car insurance quotes from other companies, including your existing one. Ask for discounts that you already qualify for and adjust your coverage accordingly.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Back Up and Beware of New, Unestablished Hosting Companies

This blog post is a warning - owners may be scammers! That is what I have concluded after two days of not hearing from this company that hosts four of my web sites: Marriage and Beyond, Know Auto Repair Principles, Breaking Point Foundation and Rapid Debt Reduction.

I availed of this's services September of 2008. I was attracted to their web hosting packages because it was very cheap. Little did I know that it was either a scam or a poorly managed company because last week, four of my blogs hosted by them suddenly were down and all ways to contact them were cut. I have sent messages through the emails they used in the past ( and, but I never received a reply this past few days.

So, what is a blogger's protection against this type of deception. Well, what I've learned is that I should back up the files for my sites. And I should do it on a regular basis. Another thing I learned is go for a hosting company that is popular and established. It's a good thing that I did not put all my eggs in one basket. Most of my sites are hosted by one of the two 125x125 ads on my right sidebar or the banner below. The second from the top (at the sidebar) is the one I am most satisfied with.

I just hope that owners would be professionals enough to give me a copy of my files. If it was an honest mistake that they were not able to renew their domain, then they should see to it to serve their customers and make it up to them.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Airsoft Rifles for Your Rifle AirSoft Games

Airsoft Rifles for Your Rifle AirSoft Games

The responsible use of an Airsoft Rifles doesn't have to be boring. In fact, there are plenty of ways for you to enjoy your purchase without getting into trouble, disturbing the neighbors, or paying for damage to someone else's property. Some of the ideas below may not be conventional but they are effective and can give you a good excuse to bring out your airsoft guns. Just remember that the key word is always responsible.

Airsoft Bolt Action Sniper
Rifle Airsoft Guns

The Competition using Airsoft Rifle

After you've done enough stress relieving target practice sessions with your air soft rifles, you might be ready to enter a competition. While being a great shooter isn't a requirement for enjoying the matches, you could still have a lot of fun just by getting involved. Plus, you could meet some other enthusiasts and maybe even find some vendors. Even if you're not ready to join in the fun, you might want to consider at least watching the others. At least, that way you'll be able to learn some tricks that might help you improve your own abilities and get you and your airsoft rifles ready for the next competition.

Controlling Pests with Your Air Soft Rifle Gun

While this may not sound like a responsible method of using your airsoft rifles, it can be a better option than some of the alternatives. Imagine what you're doing to the environment or to your family when you empty an entire can of bug spray loose on that hornet's nest. Or the pain you're causing to animals that get into your garden when you set traps for them. Instead, you can use an gun airsoft rifle to shoot a couple of rounds to scare away those animals - you don't necessarily even need to hit them. You can also use the weapon to destroy insect nests, although do so from a distance because it tends to make them pretty angry.

Getting Stress Free Using Soft Air Rifle

Who doesn't have a lot of stress in their life? Almost all of us have plenty of things to worry about and deal with every day. In fact, stress is one of the leading causes of illness in the United States because it reduces our immune response and can increase our risk of heart disease. Having an effective way to eliminate that stress can be very important. Some people have found ways, such as yoga or meditation, that work. Other people use drinking, gambling, and other vices to help them forget about their stress.

However, a more effective way could simply be heading out to the backyard with your gun rifle airsoft and shooting a few rounds. Sit up some targets - aluminum cans, weighted water bottles, empty food cans, etc. - and practice your targeting. It won't take long for you to leave all of that stress behind. There is something very relaxing and calming about holding the gun in your hand, aiming carefully, and letting the ammunition fly towards the target.

About the Author: Sarah Porter has written several articles about Airsoft Guns for Fun, All About Airsoft Rifle, What is Electric Airsoft Guns, BB Guns for All Ages, How to Enjoy Your Airsoft Pistol, Interesting Details Air Soft Electric Guns (AEG), Spring Airsoft Guns for Teens, Gas Airsoft Guns for All Ages, All Your Airsoft Accessories and more for and

Where to Buy Cheap Palochina Wood

Do you know where you can buy cheap palochina wood? If you are into wood working and are looking for wood that you can experiment on or if you are in need of palochina that you want to use for building tables, chairs, a bed or anything simple and you need cheap, inexpensive palochina, then I know the place to go.

From this amount of palochina, a center table, side table, a stool or a study chair can be built

Location of Palochina Wood Stores

The place to buy inexpensive, used but still usable palochina wood is in Angono, Rizal. Coming from Ortigas extension to Binangonan, take a right at Tikling and go past Taytay, Rizal and when you reach Angono, watch out on your right for a street with a sign that points to Baytown Homes. Take a right there and drive straight. Before the road curves, you will see a row of houses on the left that sell palochina at a very affordable price.

Exact Location in Google Maps

This strip of palochina stores is said to be the place where many of the shops along Commonwealth which make palochina beds, tables, chairs, or any customized and made-to-order palochina furniture get their supply of this wood. Inexpensive palochina is easy to find. I found out about this when I asked a shop along Commonwealth (where I get our supply of palochina wood for our martial arts demonstrations) where they get their supply.

A set of palochina wood (10 pieces - 39" x 4" x 1/2", 4 pieces - 21" x 2 3/4" x 2 3/4", 4 pieces - 21" x 2'3/4" x 3/4") for less than two hundred pesos

Last week, I bought this set of palochina wood, all for less than 200 pesos (PHP) and the palochina I bought is enough to make a side table or a stool. Just imagine, for that amount I have already saved a lot of money. That’s a lot cheaper than purchasing a made-to-order furniture in the mall or in shops along Commonwealth Avenue. Moreover, I can sharpen my wood working skills because I discovered where to buy very affordable palochina wood from Angono, Rizal.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Searching for Michael Jackson's Memorial Video

Today, I have been wondering how the memorial service of Michael Jackson went though I haven't really attempted to search for a video of it. In Google trends, today, you can see how popular this thing is. With the variety of search strings or search words used, you can see the frequency of the search for videos of this event is.

The venue of the King of Pop's 6-hour memorial service: Apollo Theater

Many people remembered Michael Jackson, even before the memorial service, as a great singer and dancer whose music videos caught fire during the 80's with hits like Billie Jean, Thriller and Beat It. Trying to imitate his unique dance moves can beat even a good diet pill like phosphacore in helping one lose weight.

Michael Jackson's Golden Casket

After writing this post and browsing today's Google trends, I plan to search for this highly searched event. Search word combinations used were MJ, Michael Jackson, funeral or memorial service, replay or video. I may choose any combination of the words and still find what I will look for. I just hope that search engines provide accurate results which really contain the video the memorial service of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

7-Eleven's Big Bite Match: The Biggest Hotdog-Eating Contest in the Philippines

The 7-Eleven Big Big Bite Match, dubbed as the biggest hotdog-eating contest in the Philippines kicked off last June 26, 2009 and will commence on the 15th of August, 2009. Those who have big appetites can visit the nearest 7-Eleven store and avail of the Big Bite Match Combo that contains five pieces of jumbo hotdog sandwiches of their choice and one Big Gulp.

Pictures at the 7-Eleven Big Bite Match event at the Rockwell Tent

This afternoon, a 7-Eleven Big Bite Match event was held at the Rockwell tent where Tom "Goose" Gilbert was featured in a hotdog-eating contest against two teams of a pair of individuals each to gobble up two Big Bite Match Combos (a total of 10 jumbo hotdog sandwiches and two Big Gulps.

Those who are wanting to participate in this hotdog-eating contest by 7-Eleven, those who order Big Bite Match Combos must finish the five sandwiches in the shortest time possible. The fastest eaters from 7-Eleven stores nationwide will compete in a grand culminating event where the fastest, the champion, will receive P500,000 in cash! So visit your nearest 7-Eleven outlet and get that Big Bite Match Combo now!

The biggest hotdog-eating contest in the country: 7-Eleven's Big Bite Match

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Our Nintendo Wii Has Taken a Vacation

We haven’t been using our Nintendo Wii lately. It was addicting when it was still new but with the Bible college classes I am teaching and our son’s home schooling starting it has become so hard to put it in the schedule.

The Nintendo Wii

You might ask why playing the Nintendo Wii is such a big deal. The reason is, it has become part of our exercise routine that it might even compete with the best diet pill available. We use the Wii Fit and the Wii Sports most of the time.

Skins for the Nintendo Wii

This very interactive video game is what makes it stand out against other video games. It may not have the great graphics and other stuff but it does not make a couch potato like all other video games. It can be addicting, too. But that’s what video games can do. It’s just up to the user to manage the time spent for these recreational tools. You should try the Nintendo Wii.

Service for MSI EX400

I'm so happy that I'm leaping with joy (inside) because I finally got my MSI EX 400 back! When my family and I were at Boracay from June 16-19, my 14.1" laptop's hard drive just suddenly failed. After shutting my notebook down, it just wouldn't start up.

So when we arrived, I brought my MSI EX400 to the store in Gilmore where I purchased it and they received it after testing the unit and officially diagnosing that the hard drive, which is a 160 GB Western Digital, gave way. It was a real blessing that it's still covered by the warranty.

After one week and five days (twelve days), I was able to get my laptop back. It was picked up by the supplier (MSI) from the store in Gilmore after 5 days and then, yesterday, I followed it up at the MSI service center and they said that they have already delivered it back to the store. So, actually, my laptop was already available yesterday but I wasn't available to pick it up. So the turn around time was really just eleven days. How about that for the service of my MSI EX400?