Monday, July 20, 2009

Memory Upgrade for My MSI EX 400X

The last time I visited the store in Gilmore where I got my MSI EX400x laptop, I inquired about the cost of getting a computer memory upgrade. They said that for P2,500 (PHP) I can upgrade my laptop's memory from 2GB to 3 GB.

But as I thought about it, the price I asked was for a 1GB memory, and I am not really sure if the existing 2 GB memory that my laptop has had its memory slots filled or not. Because if its memory slots are filled then that implies that I have two 1GB memories in my laptop and with two slots filled, that means I would need to purchase a 2GB laptop memory which most probably costs higher or even double the 1 GB memory. I should have thought about this when I was there at Gilmore so I would have gotten the price I needed so I can prepare for my laptop's upgrade.