Monday, July 13, 2009

Back Up and Beware of New, Unestablished Hosting Companies

This blog post is a warning - owners may be scammers! That is what I have concluded after two days of not hearing from this company that hosts four of my web sites: Marriage and Beyond, Know Auto Repair Principles, Breaking Point Foundation and Rapid Debt Reduction.

I availed of this's services September of 2008. I was attracted to their web hosting packages because it was very cheap. Little did I know that it was either a scam or a poorly managed company because last week, four of my blogs hosted by them suddenly were down and all ways to contact them were cut. I have sent messages through the emails they used in the past ( and, but I never received a reply this past few days.

So, what is a blogger's protection against this type of deception. Well, what I've learned is that I should back up the files for my sites. And I should do it on a regular basis. Another thing I learned is go for a hosting company that is popular and established. It's a good thing that I did not put all my eggs in one basket. Most of my sites are hosted by one of the two 125x125 ads on my right sidebar or the banner below. The second from the top (at the sidebar) is the one I am most satisfied with.

I just hope that owners would be professionals enough to give me a copy of my files. If it was an honest mistake that they were not able to renew their domain, then they should see to it to serve their customers and make it up to them.



Unknown said...

I haven't thought of getting a webhost yet but thanks for the warning. This makes me aware that are scams even in these companies! Whew!