Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Searching for Michael Jackson's Memorial Video

Today, I have been wondering how the memorial service of Michael Jackson went though I haven't really attempted to search for a video of it. In Google trends, today, you can see how popular this thing is. With the variety of search strings or search words used, you can see the frequency of the search for videos of this event is.

The venue of the King of Pop's 6-hour memorial service: Apollo Theater

Many people remembered Michael Jackson, even before the memorial service, as a great singer and dancer whose music videos caught fire during the 80's with hits like Billie Jean, Thriller and Beat It. Trying to imitate his unique dance moves can beat even a good diet pill like phosphacore in helping one lose weight.

Michael Jackson's Golden Casket

After writing this post and browsing today's Google trends, I plan to search for this highly searched event. Search word combinations used were MJ, Michael Jackson, funeral or memorial service, replay or video. I may choose any combination of the words and still find what I will look for. I just hope that search engines provide accurate results which really contain the video the memorial service of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.