Thursday, July 16, 2009

Consistency With Push Ups

I am so glad because this past few days I have been consistent with my daily push ups. I have been doing this simple exercise since high school and it has kept me from using any fat burner for my arms , shoulders and chest (torso). Having been consistent has made me feel more strong and has toned my muscles.

My regular push ups has also helped define some of the muscles in my upper arms. Doing a push ups with palms spread as far apart as the elbows are, gives the chest muscles a good work out. This is aside from the other muscles in the arms and shoulders.

I am glad that even though I do not go the gym, because I find it too expensive to invest in that, I can use a simple exercise to strengthen and train my muscles. Doing regular push ups is really a helpful habit that any man should have.



Reena said...

wow...sige you inspired me to do push ups narin. hahaha..

i just do stationary bike as my cardio, regular brisk walk, and yoga. :)

i used to attned fitness first. kaso mahal nga sya. though i enjoyed the dance exercises. but that was years ago. so i also do my own exercises at home. mas tipid!