Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Service for MSI EX400

I'm so happy that I'm leaping with joy (inside) because I finally got my MSI EX 400 back! When my family and I were at Boracay from June 16-19, my 14.1" laptop's hard drive just suddenly failed. After shutting my notebook down, it just wouldn't start up.

So when we arrived, I brought my MSI EX400 to the store in Gilmore where I purchased it and they received it after testing the unit and officially diagnosing that the hard drive, which is a 160 GB Western Digital, gave way. It was a real blessing that it's still covered by the warranty.

After one week and five days (twelve days), I was able to get my laptop back. It was picked up by the supplier (MSI) from the store in Gilmore after 5 days and then, yesterday, I followed it up at the MSI service center and they said that they have already delivered it back to the store. So, actually, my laptop was already available yesterday but I wasn't available to pick it up. So the turn around time was really just eleven days. How about that for the service of my MSI EX400?