Friday, July 24, 2009

More than 50% Restored

As four of our sites went down because of the scam that has done, my wife and I have been working double time getting our sites restored. Thanks to the ever helpful soul, He has once again assisted us as we try to recover files via bigdump. Dale Morgan, the former owner of ran away and did not even have the decency to give us back our databases. If there is anything we are sure about, God will surely balance the scales sooner or later.

Website owners can only imagine all the pains we had to go through. By far, the Lord has allowed us to access old entries via Google and Yahoo cached copies. Although everything is not completely restored, we are glad that we were able to retrieve more than 50% of everything that we lost from the scam. is one of the sites concerned and it is now fully restored. Now I can go back to having it updated and offer tips on how to better manage finances and pay off bills like motorhome insurance and among others. It is also one of my sites that is doing good in PPC ads, so it really means a great deal that it is now live.



lemuel said...

bro, yes i believe, everything will be balanced in the end. i can imagine your frustration. so who is your host now?