Friday, December 18, 2009

My Thank You Post for My Supporters in the Dare to b Fit N Right Blog Contest

The Dare to be Fit N Right blog contest, which was launched in the latter part of October, commenced last Monday at the Stock Market with Del Monte Philippines holding a dare to Be Fit N Right Awards dinner. I was blessed to have my blog post entry get first place in that contest out of the 10 finalists who were chosen last November 27.

The top ten blog entries who made it in the Dare to be Fit N Right blog contest were chosen based on content, which was 70% of the criteria. Our blog entries talked about the campaign's take-out of promoting the wellness and fit lifestyle through the combination of the FIT workout and Fit 'n Right and other events lined up for the campaign, like the Dare to be Fit 'n Right Fun Run held last November 22. The remaining 30% was the blog entry's popularity which was measured according to the number of unique comments.

It was the perfect Christmas gift for me from Del Monte Fit N Right and, of course, friends offline and online from Plurk, Facebook, Blogcatalog and Entrecard, as they supported me in this contest.

And now, as promised, I am putting here, and on my side bar for a week, a list of those who made a comment on my Dare to be Fit N Right blog contest entry:

1. My wife, Jennie who blogs at Marriage and Beyond
2. Aeirin of Pinay Ads
3. Ed
4. Jane Chua a.k.a Between Bites
5. SurvivorDean
6. Sire Arevalo
7. edelweiza
8. Rowena Wendy Lei
9. Dani
10. Paolo
11. Ria
12. News Celebrity Gossip
13. earthlingorgeous
14. Don of PRC Results
15. Carl, The New Blogger
16. Lhan of Happiness Meets Life
17. ohmski
18. Cha of Gossip Fresh
19. Lita of Work Abroad Tips
20. Leo
21. Liza Enriquez
22. Imelda
23. Janice Summers
24. 1st anonymous commenter
25. maresha
26. Eli @ Business Sphere
27. Kirhat of Seek No More
28. Mike Golch
29. BigDadddyRichard
30. hitesh rawat
31. samdaddycool
32. Vivian
33. Brenda
34. Nessa
35. draxc0la
36. Dhemz
37. kat
38. Larry Brauner
39. FishHawk
40. Shaine
41. Tekkaus
42. Tanya Walton
43. Tania
44. Duni
45. Liz
46. Nita
47. Blogger Corner
48. Glitterstop
49. CAP News
50. Tyson
51. Funky Town Disco 70s
52. sheilasultani
53. kerrickenterprises
54. Grampy
55. ally
56. Linda
57. Paul Baines
58. Don of Beyond Left Field
59. zizzybob
60. vickie
61. Ricardo of Funride
62. DeletedSpam
63. Denesa
64. StaceyC4
65. aldon from Orient Lodge
66. Buggys
67. Laane
68. eternally
69. Poetic Shutterbug
70. JT Locke of the Frugal Housewife
71. WillOaks Studio
72. JAS
73. Rebecca @ freaky frugalite
74. Cinnamon-Girl Reeni
75. Jennifer of Connectwithyourteens
76. Patrick
77. Vinay Rai
78. Metallman
80. Jennifer Landsberger of Cynical Musings of a Military Wife
81. Anne
82. redkathy
83. Doug's Missoula
84. TJ
85. Natalie of Red Sox Mom
86. Margie and Edna
87. atenean101
88. Doing Business
89. Jane
90. Twerlyn
91. Pblacksaw
92. Oland V.
93. Russurigdrums
94. camille
95. joanna
96. Esther Marie Abe
97. Mauie Flores
98. DorothyL
99. Reema
100. grayspirit
101. Trading Resource
102. Shawie
103. LaaneLoves
104. Lanie
105. Another anonymous commenter
106. Hannah a.k.a. flaircandy
107. Ron
108. Janette Toral
109. Rebecca
110. Go Las Vegas Baby!
111. Lipstickaddict
112. junezach
113. MAYA
114. benjovi
115. tequilasunrise
116. Jinghui
117. mekinudolsoup atbp.
118. Van
119. Eunice
120. jennyviflores
121. nuts
122. Venue
123. Aravazhi K
124. Bunlin
125. Ted's String Quarter Manila
126. Itot
127. Aethen
128. Leira
129. Wesley
130. juliana
131. Gamaliel
132. Scotty's Princess
133. Jay-L
134. Lady Lyn
135. Geejay
136. Pink
137. Espie of Garahe Cars Classified Philippines
138. Sarah
139. Mon
140. Migs
141. Charlie
142. Another anonymous person
143. Iris
144. StacieinAtlanta
145. Sandee
146. Bon
147. Evelyn
148. fetus
149. Yljien
150. Ella
151. Miawa
152. Walt Webb
153. Barako Brew
154. Anna
155. Kemp
156. FilipinaBeauties4u
157. RoseAnn
158. Gary
159. Sheng
160. Miss Elle
161. Sveta
162. Angel
163. Bay
164. Mama Ko
165. LaShan of A Lil Enchanted
166. Ellen Joy Castel
167. JL
168. Sjeltur
169. joy
170. Race
171. yashiro
172. Fitz
173. joanjoyce

You, my friends, have made winning the Dare to be Fit N Right blog contest possible. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart, Merry Christmas!

In progress, will put your link in my sidebar tomorrow...



Eli @ Business Sphere said...

Congrats, Jeff, for making it to No. 1. You deserved it for the reason that your blog post was an original and unique content, with good presentation and product promotion.

Unknown said...

You are most welcome! It was a pleasure, and congratulations on winning.

Hannah said...

Wow, you're welcome and Congratulations!

joy said...

congrats jeff for winning the dare to b fit n right blog contest!

atenean101 said...

wow naman. congratulations. nag first place! grabe na ito. haha. glad you won. you deserve it.

happy holidays. cheers!

AJ aka atenean101

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Denesa said...

Congrats and Merry X'mas!

Yljien said...

congrats jeff! you truly deserve it! your post is well-written and direct to the point.

merry christmas and happy new to you and your family!


LAINY said...

Congratz Jeff!

It is a win that is so rightfully deserved!


Twerlyn said...

Glad you won the deserved it Ptr. Jeff! Congratulations..

thanks for the linky.

Zoomprofit said...

congrat for number 1...

Iris / Entrepremom said...

Congrats Jeff!