Sunday, May 30, 2010

Losing Weight and More

Losing weight is not a big problem for me because my body can easily lose some weight. With others, this may not be the case. Some need the help of weight loss products.

There is a website that can provide these things and that is . There are other websites as well, but you can try this one link I shared before doing so.

My Friend's Version of "Always Me, Always You" by Joe Satriani

Coming home from a wedding of a friend, a former music team member when I was still the drummer in our mother church, I felt so glad to hear their bassist who was also part of our music ministry. Now a licensed electronics and communications engineer, he still serves actively in our mother church's worship team.

I was so glad to see him play "Always Me, Always You" by Joe Satriani. It was a good thing I had my camera phone ready and was able to record the special number during the wedding reception of our friend.

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We hope that even when we get old and when even the best diet supplement can't trim our tummies anymore, that we would still be able to get together and play music.

Praying for a New External Hard Disk Drive

When I return from my trip to Africa this June I intend to buy a 500GB external hard drive. I used to have a Western Digital external HDD but was not able to recover the files in them when it fell and stopped working.

Right now, I am rebuilding my online office and, with the help of a document management software, trying to collect all the files I use for ministry. I hope to find the best buy for a 500GB external HDD. Do you have any suggestions of a reliable and durable brand that you have used?

The Mind Museum Launches Its Online Fundraising Campaign

Yesterday, we had the opportunity to experience first hand a sample of what the Mind Museum has to offer for families and kids. Having raised PHP 512 million from individuals and organizations, this first ever world-class science museum in the Philippines targets to open in the latter part of 2011 and is to be located in Taguig City.

Below is the official press release of the Mind Museum's online fund-raising campaign:

The Mind Museum, the Philippines’ first world-class science museum, launches its online fundraising campaign through its redesigned website ( on May 29, 2010 at the Activity Center of Market! Market!, Taguig City. In order for Filipinos to get involved and help build imaginative minds, the Museum is harnessing cyberspace to invite individuals to donate via its first virtual exhibit: “Light a Star at the Mind Museum.”

For P1, 000 or P5, 000, The Mind Museum will light a star or a constellation in its website. Sponsorship could be done online via credit card and eventually through the ATM as well. The goal is to reach 2 million pesos to help light the night sky of The Mind Museum in the form of a Star Cloth in the Universe Gallery. The Museum will show its appreciation to donors by sending an electronic certificate of donation, and by posting on the donors’ FaceBook wall, if they have one. Donors’ names will also appear by their chosen star or constellation in the Museum’s virtual night sky, and they will also be recognized in a donors’ marker in the Universe Gallery.

In a few weeks, the Mind Museum will also be offering more virtual exhibits such as the sponsorship of elements and their products through its Chemical Kitchen exhibit. With the launch of this online campaign, The Mind Museum hopes to get more people to embrace the cause to complete our collective dream of telling the story of science to Filipinos.

By helping build The Mind Museum, we help build imaginative minds -- we help inspire future scientists, engineers, doctors, etc., that would help build our country. (Research shows that a country's progress in science and technology is directly correlated to economic progress).

A feature of the Mind Museum, the Roving Space Shell, sponsored by JP Morgan Chase and Company, is currently being hosted at the Activity Center in Market! Market! in Bonifacio Global City, from May 29 to June 5, 2010. This inflatable planetarium can be experienced by all for a minimum individual cost of PHP 20. Shows run hourly from 11am to 7pm.

If you would like to sponsor a star (PHP 1,000) or a constellation (PHP 5,000) and become a part of this educational endeavor, visit the official web site of The Mind Museum at

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Just Pretending

This photo was taken after attending the "Upper Room" event at Precious Bible Baptist Church in Pililla, Rizal. Our church youth ministry, JIVE Youth, was invited, together with other youth groups.

After the event, I took it upon myself to drive each of our young people home since we did not expect the event to end as late as it did. Driving back to Masinag via Antipolo City's elliptical road for more than an hour and another hour's drive to Manila, we all felt so sleepy.

One of our young people started taking photos of those sleeping. I pretended to sleep so I could join the photo and this was the final product.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Just In Time for My Trip to Kenya

In less than a week, I will be traveling to Nairobi, Kenya for a missions trip with a team of 6 Filipino friends to represent Breaking Point Foundation Philippines. After that 10-day stay at Nairobi, we plan to stop over for three days in Dubai and visit some friends, church members and other relatives of our missions team. This would require us to spend a quite significant amount of money for the visa and, hopefully, to experience the desert safari, the total amount would be around $185 USD.

The timely blessing is that after joining the Map Your Election Precinct Contest last March, I won the top prize of $200 USD (sponsored by for mapping over a hundred public/private schools in the Philippines. The second prize was bagged by a blogger friend, Earth, who won $100 (sponsored by Philippines Election Journal). The top two map makers (me and Earth) and the other qualified contest participants also received Google Mapmaker gift bags from Google Philippines.

This morning, a simple awarding ceremony was held at the office of in Ortigas Center and present to award the prize were Ms. Janette Toral of Digital Filipino and Ms. Racquel Cagurangan, General Manager of

This experience reminded me of a passage in the Bible, in James 1:17 which says, "Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights..." And for all these, I praise God for His provision for my upcoming trip. To God be the glory!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Our Church Anniversary Preparations

Next Sunday, our church in Makati will be celebrating its 7th year anniversary. Aside from a special song number that we prepared, a special guest speaker from a church in Pililla, Rizal and other special guests, we started preparing a video presentation, a compilation of testimonies of our active members.

Thanks to the PowerShot A3100 IS Canon camera we won in a Canon event, we were able to capture the video testimonies of those who wanted to share theirs. Hopefully, we would be able to edit and make it very presentable to those who will be present this Sunday. You are welcome to celebrate with us on Sunday. Our church is located at the 3/F 9642 Kalayaan Ave. Guadalupe Nuevo, Makati City.

Sleeping WIth Some Fever

Please pray for my son because as we were about to sleep, we checked his temperature and it has reached 39.2 degrees Celsius. He’s had a slight fever earlier today while we were shopping and getting our groceries that we hurried past the eczema medicine section and other lanes where we did not need to get anything, but it did not get worse until tonight. We have already given him the necessary medication and I have personally given him a sponge bath and I am pretty sure that we’ll be able to manage his fever. Thank you for your prayers in advance.

A Good Deal on My Favorite Cologne

As we went to the mall today to get some groceries and shop for other stuff we need, I bought two years worth of cologne in the mall’s beaty and health section where a lot of stuff is sold, like an acne face wash, floss and other perfumes as well. I was planning on buying just a bottle of cologne, (118 ml) but got convinced to buy two bottles instead. Although it was an impulsive purchase, we got a good deal out of it. The incentive? A ten percent discount for the whole purchase and an additional 29.5ml bottle of cologne which costs around PHP 510.

Considering that I will be buying again when I finish off one bottle, which is probably in almost a year, that would be a good deal and great savings for us in the long run. I just thank my wife that she agreed to the purchase and supported me on the decision.

Officially Trying

After one son and two miscarriages, my wife and I are officially trying to have a baby again. Her last miscarriage has been a few years ago and we were actually encouraged by our doctor to rest for a year to prevent another miscarriage.

We are praying for a girl if ever we will be given another chance to raise up another child into this world. I have already forgotten the excitement of being pregnant, taking prenatal vitamins and buying stuff for the baby and the mom and of course, La Maze classes. Please pray for us and with us on this matter.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lady Rouge and Her PMS

Last Thursday, I brought my wife’s Lady Rouge to Great Wall because of her PMS. Before you start thinking about other things, let me clarify first that Lady Rouge is hr new red Peri car (less than a month old) whose brand is Great Wall. I brought her to the service center for her periodic maintenance schedule because she has already reached her first 1,000km.

Just a little less than a month after driving her from the showroom, settling the insurance quote and securing the papers for its road worthiness, it has finally reached the end of its break in period of 1.000 km. And yesterday, I brought it to Pililla, Rizal and took the youth from our church to the event of another church there.

I was satisfied with how the Peri ran and was glad to say that even youth of our church enjoyed the ride. The road to Pililla was very inclined and winding so the handling of the Peri was tested. Considering that there were a total of five of us riding plus some musical equipment in the back, Lady Rouge’s power was enough to allow us to overtake some of the vehicles. Driving on the dark national road was great because the low and high beam of the Peri was enough to provide the necessary visibility. I can’t wait for the next drive out of Manila.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Trying to Beat the Summer Heat

We’ve had enough of the summer heat. My wife and I have decided to finally have our living room air conditioned.

Last night, we went shopping for a 1HP, split type, airconditioning unit. After waiting to check if the unit was in stock, we paid and waited for the receipt from the receipt printer.

We will be waiting seven days before it gets delivered and another day for the installation. I just hope that the rainy season won’t arrive before the aircon unit does.

The Nike MP Trainer SC 2010 Low: I'm the Raffle Prize Winner!

Today, I was finally able to claim the prize I won from Nike's Train to Win campaign which is a Nike MP Trainer SC 2010 Low. It is a limited edition trainer which has Manny Pacquiao designs on and in it.

The Train to Win contest was shared to me by my friend, Iris ( and the contest required uploading a video of me doing the most number of push-ups I can in three minutes.

My March 31, 2010 video where I made 131 push-ups in three minutes

Each push-up entitled me to a raffle entry that could win me a pair of Nike MP Trainer SC 2010 Low. I was able to increase my chances of winning by uploading daily a video of me doing push-ups. At first, I thought I would win a limited edition Team Pacquiao shirt for earning the most number of raffle entries. But as the deadline approached, another participant caught up on my total number of push-ups and I finished second.

At that point, I thought all the push-ups I made went to naught but was so surprised when I got an e-mail that I was the raffle prize winner of the Nike MP Trainer SC 2010 Low. It is true that when God closes a door, He opens a window! Above are the photos of the raffle prize. You can check out my Facebook album on the Nike MP Trainer SC 2010 Low for more photos.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Location or Type of Job Category?

I am updating my job site and am hoping for it to become a site that can help people find jobs. I am trying to work on the job search field and the location of the search results. I hope to make the jobs easy to find.

I am choosing between making the categories based on the type of job and based on the location. Help me out please, which is better for those making a job search?