Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Good Deal on My Favorite Cologne

As we went to the mall today to get some groceries and shop for other stuff we need, I bought two years worth of cologne in the mall’s beaty and health section where a lot of stuff is sold, like an acne face wash, floss and other perfumes as well. I was planning on buying just a bottle of cologne, (118 ml) but got convinced to buy two bottles instead. Although it was an impulsive purchase, we got a good deal out of it. The incentive? A ten percent discount for the whole purchase and an additional 29.5ml bottle of cologne which costs around PHP 510.

Considering that I will be buying again when I finish off one bottle, which is probably in almost a year, that would be a good deal and great savings for us in the long run. I just thank my wife that she agreed to the purchase and supported me on the decision.