Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lady Rouge and Her PMS

Last Thursday, I brought my wife’s Lady Rouge to Great Wall because of her PMS. Before you start thinking about other things, let me clarify first that Lady Rouge is hr new red Peri car (less than a month old) whose brand is Great Wall. I brought her to the service center for her periodic maintenance schedule because she has already reached her first 1,000km.

Just a little less than a month after driving her from the showroom, settling the insurance quote and securing the papers for its road worthiness, it has finally reached the end of its break in period of 1.000 km. And yesterday, I brought it to Pililla, Rizal and took the youth from our church to the event of another church there.

I was satisfied with how the Peri ran and was glad to say that even youth of our church enjoyed the ride. The road to Pililla was very inclined and winding so the handling of the Peri was tested. Considering that there were a total of five of us riding plus some musical equipment in the back, Lady Rouge’s power was enough to allow us to overtake some of the vehicles. Driving on the dark national road was great because the low and high beam of the Peri was enough to provide the necessary visibility. I can’t wait for the next drive out of Manila.



EJ T. said...

my peri is still alive and well nearly ten years later. i hope yours is okay too.this car is so underated it makes me sad. anyway busina nalang pagnagkita sa daan... cheers!