Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Car Tint Removal along Katipunan St, Marikina City

Just this morning, I had the tint of our Nissan California removed. The recent rains have made the old tint on its windshield and windows pretty stained that it makes it difficult to see the road when I drive in the rain.  I went to Katipunan St. in Marikina City and got different quotations on tint removal. There was one who charged P500 but I found one that charged only P300. I watched as the workers in tyvek suits worked on removing the tint. It was easy. The hard part was cleaning the glass. But they used a few simple tools and I am glad to be able to watch them. I think, with some practice I could pretty much remove a tint of a car easily next time.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Waiting for a Vehicle for Sunday Afternoon Use

These past month, we have been starting late in our church service in Makati at L & B Suites. This is because there is no vehicle available to get us to Makati on time every Sunday after lunch. We are waiting for the first available vehicle so we could transport our Electro-Voice PA Speakers, musical instruments, microphones, cables, and other stuff and equipment we need for the church service. We are thankful that a generous family from the US gave funds so Sumulong Baptist Church could buy an additional vehicle and we are just waiting for one to be purchased soon.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Coffee Your Way

Let’s face it – you probably know exactly how you want your coffee each morning but more often than not it’s a game of chance – some days it will be too weak, other days too strong, too bitter or even stale. It would be nice to be able to have something simple you could really count on to get each and every day off to the right start; an on demand coffee maker with my K-Cup® reusable coffee filter is one sure way to get it right. 

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Praying for the Young Man in Vietnam

It was such a great blessing to hear what God has done through last year's camp in Vietnam. I met a young man last year who surrendered his life to serve God full-time.  He was the top translator of one of the pastors we met last year and was sent out after he made a decision to go and start his own work. When we went back to HCMC for the second year of summer youth camp last week, we were sad to not see the young man in the camp but, at the same time, were excited to hear that the reason was because he has already started a ministry outside the city.

We were informed that he is living in a small apartment that contains nothing much but only things necessary for daily living - no chairs, no tables or even a refrigerator. I am praying that our church in Makati can send some money for him to buy some other things he needs that can also help him focus in his work there - just a little bit of funds to help him buy racks and stands and other things like a bed or cooking and eating utensils. We are glad that he went where many of us could not go.