Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Car Tint Removal along Katipunan St, Marikina City

Just this morning, I had the tint of our Nissan California removed. The recent rains have made the old tint on its windshield and windows pretty stained that it makes it difficult to see the road when I drive in the rain.  I went to Katipunan St. in Marikina City and got different quotations on tint removal. There was one who charged P500 but I found one that charged only P300. I watched as the workers in tyvek suits worked on removing the tint. It was easy. The hard part was cleaning the glass. But they used a few simple tools and I am glad to be able to watch them. I think, with some practice I could pretty much remove a tint of a car easily next time.



Anonymous said...

Hi Sir, what is the nearest landmark. Do they have contact number?

Anonymous said...

Whats the name of the shop? Thanks