Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Super Bowl of China and their New Dishes

The authentic cuisine offering of Super Bowl of China has widened as four new dishes will be launched tomorrow, July 1, 2009. In cooperation with Yehey, the chinese restaurant's MOA branch held a blogger's event to give bloggers advanced tasting of the new delectable dishes which are: Golden Weave Cut US Frozen Potatoes with Minced Pork, Crispy Fish Fillet with Lemon and Plum Sauce, Hot and Spicy Chicken, and Beef Fillet Chinese Style.

The launching of the four new dishes by Super Bowl of China, MOA in cooperation with Yehey

The four new dishes were prepared by Super Bowl of China's chef and was introduced together with their mascots Super Happi and Super Lucky. This promotion was also made possible by the restaurant's collaboration with the United States Potato Board (USPB) which also sent a representative to the launch.

Super Bowl of China's Four New Dishes

Monday, June 29, 2009

Searching for a 500-Peso MP3 Player

Today I am on a search for Mp3 players that cost only around P500 to P600. It was for a promise that I gave to two of our youth leaders when they were finishing their discipleship lessons. It was a reward for being the first ones to finish the ten discipleship lessons. I am considering searching for it at a local gadget and computer peripherals store. I jus hope that the items in their site are updated and are still available.

Slim Fit Slacks and a Brown Barong

Yesterday, my wife and I went shopping for a set of clothes for me. It was a blessing to have bought some clothes while there was a mall sale at Robinson's Metro East. I got a pair of formal, slim-fit slacks and a brown barong and it cost us only P900 pesos for both.

It was a good buy as each piece cost me only P450 when a barong usually costs P600 or more and formal slacks usually costs more then P500. I guess our timing was perfect and buying them at a cheaper price was really a blessing

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Jupiter Suites: a Budget Hotel in Makati City

Last week, me and my family went to Boracay Island for a four-day vacation. We availed of cheap airfare from a local airline and got ourselves a very nice place, close to the beach and the major establishments of the island and the best part is we got it at budget price.

If you are vacationing, that is a great place to stay in. For those who are looking to spend a few days in Makati City, where great malls, entertainment and where the country’s business district is located, I suggest Jupiter Suites - a budget hotel in Makati City. This establishment used to be known as Jupiter Arms Hotel, and is located at 102 Jupiter Street Bel-Air, Makati City.

Jupiter Suites - a budget hotel in Makati City

This budget hotel in Makati City is situated in the area where bars and restaurants are lined up. Jupiter Suites is just a few minutes away from the shopping malls and the central business district.

Be a Facebook fan of Jupiter Suites and you can participate in the promotions that Jupiter Suites will launch. Book now and experience high quality but affordable accommodation plus access the internet for free in the rooms – this is part of Jupiter Suites’s standard service. Check this hotel out and spread the word about it.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My MSI EX400's Hard Drive Crashed

It has been nine days since I have posted an entry and the blogging ditch I was caught in is something technical - the hard disk of my MSI EX400, Western Digital with a capacity of 160GB, crashed. I actually brought my notebook to Boracay last week and was able to use it during the first two and a half of the four days we were there. On our third day, I shut down my EX400 before hitting the beach and when I came back, it just wouldn't start up. My laptop's hard drive wasn't being detected.

I felt bad because that MSI EX400, a unit in the entertainment series of MSI notebooks, is my mobile office. I use it for my work and for my blogging. And since its hard drive crashed, my wife is just sharing her laptop to me.

I brought my notebook to the store in Gilmore, Quezon City where I purchased it and even without the receipt, I was able to avail of the warranty (they had records of purchases made). So they received the unit and checked what was wrong. It was the hard drive and it did crash. It would take about two to three weeks for the hard drive to be replaced. They said it takes that long because the supplier will be the one to make the replacement and they will send the unit to the supplier.

I am just glad that I won't have to spend at least P2,500 to have the hard disk replaced. I am sad, but am also thankful that the hard drive crashed early on, while it is still covered by the warranty. As for the files in the storage, I have learned my lesson in the past. That is why I use an external hard drive for my very important files. Although, there are still some files I won't be able to recover, I still have all of the important stuff in my external hard drive. I just hope that my MSI EX400 would be available soon.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Sandbox Has Everything Filipino Surfers Need?

No need to visit different sites to get everything: all one needs to do is register and be part of the Sandbox (http://www.mysandbox.com) website. If you are in search of information about mesothelioma, your dose of music or games, you can access this web site not just through your PC but also through your mobile phone.

With the launch of Sandbox, the latest web platform that unites social networking, online media content sharing and downloading, as well as web services, the future of digital connection for Filipinos comes with a new breakthrough interactive experience.

The event, recently held at Bureau marks the unveiling of a technology that seamlessly fuses your digital lifestyle online and on the go. With Sandbox, one can easily access anything at the touch of a fingertip, as all information from the website is readily shared between PCs and mobile phones.

By fusing social networking, mail, content uploading, and music and video downloading, you will never have to undergo the hassle of juggling through different websites for a complete digital experience. Here, you can create a profile, update your status for the world to see, upload and check on friends’ photos and videos, as well as write blogs, join forums, send and receive e-mail, and download music, games, and various content.

To mirror the digital harmony offered by Sandbox, the event celebrated the fusion of it’s different elements—downloading, gaming, watching, sharing and shopping. Unlike other content download sites, Sandbox offers an easier and faster way to get information online. You don’t even need credit cards to download: since content is delivered straight to your mobile, the cost for any requested music, game, and video is automatically charged to your prepaid load or billed above your postpaid plan. Downloading and installing is trouble-free: by filling up the purchase details on the pop-up window in the site. After clicking the download link sent to one’s mobile, the requested music, game, or movie wallpaper is installed to one’s phone in a matter of seconds.

Taking shopping to a whole new level is Digisoria, Sandbox’s unique online retail portal. Here, shoppers and sellers will discover a more streamlined way to connect to each other, as Digisoria categorizes online merchants to make searching for specific products that buyers want faster. Entrepreneurial spirits will find this a great opportunity to bring their products to their target market, as shoppers will likewise find it as a cost-efficient and hassle-free way to find the things they want on the web.

With all of these features, this newest online portal keeps Filipinos easily connected to everything and everyone, whenever and wherever. Without doubt, the best way to be linked has arrived and that is Sandbox (www.mysandbox.com).

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Saizen Offers Products from Japan at 85 Pesos

Saizen, the authorized Philippine retailer of Daiso-Sangyo Inc. Japan which is Japan’s number one ranking livingware supplier, means “best choice” in Japan is catching the eye of shoppers in the country as they offer all items at 85 pesos (PHP). This concept store offers a variety of products, many of which are available only in Japan. With Daiso-Sangyo, Inc. having over 2,500 stores all over Japan, fabulous and unique finds are guaranteed for shoppers with various lifestyles and interests.

(Credits to PinayAds.com for many of the Saizen pictures in this collage)

This afternoon, I had the opportunity of shopping at Saizen located at the 3rd level of the Robinson’s Galleria with other bloggers. This is the first Saizen store in the country which opened on April 29, 2009. Armed with P850 worth of play money, I braved the aisles of the concept store and selected my 10 great finds and below are the items I selected.

My shopping (play) money

The criteria I used as I selected the 10 items were the item’s usability my need for them. True enough, I was able to find items like a net for barbecue which we have been trying hard to find in other stores. The other items were ones that we could use at home and in our ministry in Makati. Thanks to Saizen, I was able to find some additions to my collection of magic tricks at 85 pesos (PHP) each.

My 10 great finds at Saizen

Monday, June 8, 2009

I Thank God for I am Wonderfully Made!


It feels good to have finished working out. With a pair of dumb bells and a bar bell I was able to exercise a few of the muscles in my arms, shoulders and chest today. I am glad that naturally, my body does not store up fat so much. I can easily shed off fat without using alternative weight loss products such as Phenphedrine. With just a few days of regular jogging, I easily go back to my desired weight and still feel agile. This is especially important to me even as I like engaging in different physical activities and sports. I am just thankful that my body was made this way!

Teaching at BCL, Block 1 AY 2009-2010

The BCL (Baptist College for Leadership) classes that I will be teaching kicks off tomorrow. The two subjects I am teaching this block are Personal Spiritual Development and Old Testament Survey 1. I am excited for this academic year because so far, this is the year with the most students enrolled. Most of the students were products of the summer youth camp we had last April.

I am most excited for the youth from our church (SBC Makati) who enrolled in some subjects. I hope that I would be able to impart not only the knowledge of God and His word but a burden and a compassion for people who need Christ.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Shoppping in the Philippines Online

If you have been around online for a while you may have noticed the ads all around the internet of this big company www.AyosDito.ph and how widely they are advertised. Well, I have and am impressed by their advertising capability.

This site, I believe, is based here in the Philippines and, I think, is pushing the online shopping industry to become more popular. I have a brother-in-law who did his shopping through this site and I myself have tried visiting their web site and have found many different kinds of items. They have items from men’s shoes to digital cameras.

The nice thing about shopping through this online shopping site is they have so many items available locally. But, of course, as e-commerce becomes more popular, the risk of this being abused also increases. I haven’t really checked in their web site but I hope they also have planned some security procedures against scammers to minimize the risk of people getting victimized.

So, as I look for new items like gadgets, laptops (yes, my wife and I are planning to purchase an external hard drive and eventually a laptop) and other stuff that are available locally, their web site is definitely one of the sites to go to.

School of Tomorrow's Reading Development and Learning to Read Programs

Tomorrow, we will be bringing our son to the office of the Living Heritage Academy, a school that uses the School of Tomorrow system, in Ortigas Center, Pasig City, to take a diagnostic test. The test for my four year-old son will diagnose his readiness to read and the result will determine which program we will use in our home school for him. Justify Full

The first two basic programs in the School of Tomorrow system are the Preschool with Ace and Christi and the ABC’s of A.C.E. The first of the two programs is a reading development program. If our son is diagnosed as “ready-to-read”, then he can skip past this first program.

The materials for the Preschool costs almost P15,000 and that is exclusive of the one-time family and student registration that costs almost P15,000 (almost P12,000 only for PACES without color and are newsprint) for pastors like me and almost P21,000 for non-pastors or non-missionaries. The materials for this first program include four daily instructional manuals provided for the parents who will be the instructors in the home school program. It also includes the necessary growth charts, flash cards and pre-school. Included also are the sixty workbooks or PACES filled with animal pictures, activities and picture stories that will encourage a child to want to read.

The other program, the ABC’s with Ace and Christi is the learning to read program which guarantees that a child who is ready-to-read can read words phonetically within 12 to 15 weeks. The materials for this program costs about P10,000 (almost P7,500 only for PACES without color and are newsprint) and if our son is diagnosed as ready-to-read tomorrow then this is the program we need to start him in. The materials for the School of Tomorrow’s learning to read program include two daily instructional manuals for parents/instructors and these contain detailed, step-by-step, easy-to-follow, complete plans for each school day at home. They also come with the necessary flash cards, music CDs and growth charts.

As a parent who will be home schooling, we are very excited. God has shown Himself faithful by providing the finances we need to educate our child using this Bible-based curriculum. As my wife and I learn to instruct our child, I am confident that God will guide us and continue to provide for our son’s education as we use the School of Tomorrow system.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Dodge Ball Tournament Experience at Club 650

I attended a dodge ball tournament last Saturday at Club 650 in Libis and had a great time. It was an event organized to help cancer patients and was attended by bloggers and sponsors and from different advertising companies. There were two teams of bloggers, Digital Manila and Blog Ballers. None of the bloggers' teams reached the finals but we all appreciated the time to bond with each other with this fun event.

After a whole day of competing against other dodge ball teams, I and my team mates Azrael, Cher, Rochelle, Dominique and Omar sweated out so much that I thought even the best diet pills would not top it. And today, my body still feels sore from using muscles that I haven't used for a while. Dodge ball is truly not just a recreational activity. It can be considered as a sport, eventually, as the Dodge Ball Association of the Philippines are leading in promoting and spreading this physical activity in the Philippines.

Our Back-to-School Event at JIVE


This was our theme for our youth ministry's back-to-school event: School of the Rock. And, of course, the Rock refers to no other than Jesus. We shared to the student who will be going back to school to make Him the foundation in every area of their lives. We challenged them to not be ashamed of Christ in the campus. Pictures of the event will be posted soon at the new domain of JIVE Youth Ministry's site.

Research on Acne Treatments

If you are in search of acne treatments then let me refer to you this website, AcneCuresRevealed.net. This site shares different ways to cure or get rid of acne. You may find non-traditional treatments of acne here and of course the common or the traditional treatments, too. But let me suggest that you no limit yourself to one site only when you research about acne treatments. It is best to find other sources of information, too.

We Celebrated SBC Makati's 6th Church Anniversary!


Yesterday, we celebrated the 6th Anniversary of our church, Sumulong Baptist Church - Makati and our anniversary theme was "Come to the Father". It was May 25, 2003 when we held the first service at the church and since then, we have reached out to different parts of Makati City and now have members and attenders residing in different areas of the city, namely, Barangay Pitogo, Baangay Cembo, Barangay Pinagkaisahan, Barangay Rizal, Barangay Comembo, Barangay Guadalupe Nuevo, Barangay Guadalupe Viejo and Barangay Bangkal.

This past year was a year that God showed his faithfulness through His provision for the needs of our church members who also generously give to support our ministry. The greatest miracles were, first, the reduction of our rent from P35,000 a month to P25,000 a month. We renewed our previous 5-year contract at the lower rate and locked in for at least a year. The second miracle was our church was able to raise enough funds to purchase a video projector. Even though most of our church members are part of our feeding program, the small contributions each member gave made the purchase of the projector possible.

Our youth ministry has also had more outreach opportunities this year as 5 high schools of Makati City accepted our invitation for summer camp. In our youth services, students who came to camp are now faithfully attending and are currently undergoing discipleship.

This year, one of the areas we hope to strengthen is our adult outreach and ministry. We are praying that more adults would get involved in our church ministries and that more men would be added to the church. Please continue praying for our ministry in Makati.

Working Out at Home

More than a week ago, when our aunt left for the U.S., her son gave away a pair of dumbbells to my brother-in-law who lives next to us. Each dumbbell has plates that total 15-pounds.

With this new set of weights, my brother-in-law and I have decided to share our equipment (mine is a bar and two 10-pound plates). Our equipment is similar to the ones you see in home gyms. We are hoping that we would be able to add on to these equipment and maybe purchase or fabricate a bench that we can use so we can start working out at home without having to pay so much.

I Need to Start Working on My Other Domains

This morning, I purchased two more domains for a blog that I intend to continue running in Wordpress from blogspot. I intend to keep the blogspot and just post the new entries at the dot com.

The other domain is for another project that I am planning to make. But, as I checked the my accounts section in my domain registrar, I just realized that I have at least 6 domains that I haven't used yet.

I need to stop this habit of buying new domains until I make sure that I have maximized what I have already purchased. So, in the next few weeks, watch out for more blogs, blogosphere!