Thursday, June 4, 2009

School of Tomorrow's Reading Development and Learning to Read Programs

Tomorrow, we will be bringing our son to the office of the Living Heritage Academy, a school that uses the School of Tomorrow system, in Ortigas Center, Pasig City, to take a diagnostic test. The test for my four year-old son will diagnose his readiness to read and the result will determine which program we will use in our home school for him. Justify Full

The first two basic programs in the School of Tomorrow system are the Preschool with Ace and Christi and the ABC’s of A.C.E. The first of the two programs is a reading development program. If our son is diagnosed as “ready-to-read”, then he can skip past this first program.

The materials for the Preschool costs almost P15,000 and that is exclusive of the one-time family and student registration that costs almost P15,000 (almost P12,000 only for PACES without color and are newsprint) for pastors like me and almost P21,000 for non-pastors or non-missionaries. The materials for this first program include four daily instructional manuals provided for the parents who will be the instructors in the home school program. It also includes the necessary growth charts, flash cards and pre-school. Included also are the sixty workbooks or PACES filled with animal pictures, activities and picture stories that will encourage a child to want to read.

The other program, the ABC’s with Ace and Christi is the learning to read program which guarantees that a child who is ready-to-read can read words phonetically within 12 to 15 weeks. The materials for this program costs about P10,000 (almost P7,500 only for PACES without color and are newsprint) and if our son is diagnosed as ready-to-read tomorrow then this is the program we need to start him in. The materials for the School of Tomorrow’s learning to read program include two daily instructional manuals for parents/instructors and these contain detailed, step-by-step, easy-to-follow, complete plans for each school day at home. They also come with the necessary flash cards, music CDs and growth charts.

As a parent who will be home schooling, we are very excited. God has shown Himself faithful by providing the finances we need to educate our child using this Bible-based curriculum. As my wife and I learn to instruct our child, I am confident that God will guide us and continue to provide for our son’s education as we use the School of Tomorrow system.