Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My MSI EX400's Hard Drive Crashed

It has been nine days since I have posted an entry and the blogging ditch I was caught in is something technical - the hard disk of my MSI EX400, Western Digital with a capacity of 160GB, crashed. I actually brought my notebook to Boracay last week and was able to use it during the first two and a half of the four days we were there. On our third day, I shut down my EX400 before hitting the beach and when I came back, it just wouldn't start up. My laptop's hard drive wasn't being detected.

I felt bad because that MSI EX400, a unit in the entertainment series of MSI notebooks, is my mobile office. I use it for my work and for my blogging. And since its hard drive crashed, my wife is just sharing her laptop to me.

I brought my notebook to the store in Gilmore, Quezon City where I purchased it and even without the receipt, I was able to avail of the warranty (they had records of purchases made). So they received the unit and checked what was wrong. It was the hard drive and it did crash. It would take about two to three weeks for the hard drive to be replaced. They said it takes that long because the supplier will be the one to make the replacement and they will send the unit to the supplier.

I am just glad that I won't have to spend at least P2,500 to have the hard disk replaced. I am sad, but am also thankful that the hard drive crashed early on, while it is still covered by the warranty. As for the files in the storage, I have learned my lesson in the past. That is why I use an external hard drive for my very important files. Although, there are still some files I won't be able to recover, I still have all of the important stuff in my external hard drive. I just hope that my MSI EX400 would be available soon.



gilbz said...

hi how much did you get your EX 400? i want to buy a laptop like yours. Can you also tell me where you bought your laptop. Thanks!

Jeff Aspacio said...

Hello gilbz, I got my MSI EX 400 at PC Corner in Gilmore, Quezon City. I got it for around P35,000 but its cost was around P40,000. I think the prices have already gone down.