Monday, June 1, 2009

Dodge Ball Tournament Experience at Club 650

I attended a dodge ball tournament last Saturday at Club 650 in Libis and had a great time. It was an event organized to help cancer patients and was attended by bloggers and sponsors and from different advertising companies. There were two teams of bloggers, Digital Manila and Blog Ballers. None of the bloggers' teams reached the finals but we all appreciated the time to bond with each other with this fun event.

After a whole day of competing against other dodge ball teams, I and my team mates Azrael, Cher, Rochelle, Dominique and Omar sweated out so much that I thought even the best diet pills would not top it. And today, my body still feels sore from using muscles that I haven't used for a while. Dodge ball is truly not just a recreational activity. It can be considered as a sport, eventually, as the Dodge Ball Association of the Philippines are leading in promoting and spreading this physical activity in the Philippines.