Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Super Bowl of China and their New Dishes

The authentic cuisine offering of Super Bowl of China has widened as four new dishes will be launched tomorrow, July 1, 2009. In cooperation with Yehey, the chinese restaurant's MOA branch held a blogger's event to give bloggers advanced tasting of the new delectable dishes which are: Golden Weave Cut US Frozen Potatoes with Minced Pork, Crispy Fish Fillet with Lemon and Plum Sauce, Hot and Spicy Chicken, and Beef Fillet Chinese Style.

The launching of the four new dishes by Super Bowl of China, MOA in cooperation with Yehey

The four new dishes were prepared by Super Bowl of China's chef and was introduced together with their mascots Super Happi and Super Lucky. This promotion was also made possible by the restaurant's collaboration with the United States Potato Board (USPB) which also sent a representative to the launch.

Super Bowl of China's Four New Dishes



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