Monday, August 31, 2009

Prayer: What it Is Not

It is interesting to note that even as Jesus' disciples saw Him preach the greatest sermon, heal the sick and even raise up the dead, when they were given a chance to make a request to Jesus, they did not request for preaching skills, or the power to heal the sick or raise the dead. In Luke 11, Jesus' disciples asked Him to teach them to pray.

But, what is prayer, really? From what I have seen in the religious culture in our country the Philippines, among believers and what I see in the Word of God, let me share what prayer is not.

Prayer is not a magic wand. Many people who profess to believe in God use prayer superstitiously. It is used like a lucky charm when they are in need of something from God.

Prayer is not a fire extinguisher - for emergency use only. Of course, prayer is the best option and should be the first - not the last option. It surely is necessary during dire situations but prayer should not just be used during emergencies.

Prayer is not a tug-of-war with God. We do not have to beg, bribe or plead with God to answer our prayers. All we need to do is ask.

Prayer is more than just a religious duty. It is more than repeated, vain words, strictly scheduled times with God. If you pray and treat prayer like any or all of these four things then we may be missing the whole point of prayer. It is an act of cooperating with God, saying our requests to God, dedicating ourselves to God and most of all, communicating with God - like a child communicates with his father or a friend communicating with another friend.

Why don't you try this? During a time within the day when you are at your best, relax and focus on the presence of God. Then start talking to Him. You can even write a journal or a private blog of your communication with God. I assure you that it will revolutionize your prayer life. Go ahead, try it!

Is There Something You Know You Need to Do But Haven't Done Yet?

I haven't been able to update my blog on my personal experience on making money online ( lately even though I know I need to. That is a natural problem of every human being, I suppose – knowing you ought to do something but not being able to do it. That is just one of the things I know I should do but haven't.

Another thing I have not done is setting up blogs for some domains I have purchased last year. There are at least four or five more blogs that I need to set up and I am thankful that I was able to purchase hosting that can take on an unlimited number of domains. But with a very busy schedule I still have not began working on them.

I am also thinking about venturing into other money making endeavors in the internet and I will need to invest on stuff like a netbook, additional internet connection, a new set of domains, and even web hosting. But this will be a few months from now. Right now I just need to take small steps that will lead me to complete the other pending tasks and hopefully get them done soon.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sisig Ave.: The Best Sisig for Me

I wonder how much the franchise is for Sisig Ave. At least three out of the four days that I spend in our Masinag, Antipolo office, I buy my lunch from this sisig chain which has two branches in that area - both along Sumulong Highway. The one is on the right if you are going towards Marikina City and coming from Masinag intersection (right beside BDO) while the other branch is on the right side going the opposite direction, very close to the intersection.

Sisig Ave. menu

What I like about the sisig from Sisig Ave. is it's very affordable and tasty and I am actually very interested in getting a franchise of it. What I usually order is the sisig Solo which costs only (PHP) P45 (sisig with rice). They also have the sisig Double which is sisig that is good for two persons (without rice) for (PHP) P70. This is what I usually order when I take it home. What I haven't tried is sisig Grande - good for four persons, also without rice and costs only (PHP) P125.

I have learned that the owner of this sisig chain is from Marikina CIty and they have five branches - two in Masinag, Antipolo City, one along E. Santos, Concepcion Uno and in Bayan, Marikina City, and the last one at Robinson's Mall in Junction, Cainta, Rizal. Sisig Ave. branches do not have much seating and I think because they are targeting customers who want their product for take-out.

Ingredients of Sisig Ave.'s sisig

When I first bought sisig from this chain, I liked the simple way they prepare each order. The amount of meat in a serving is fixed and so are the other ingredients - onions, liver (powdered), calamansi, green chili and egg sauce. After these ingredients have are placed in a microwavable container, it is heated using the microwave and then mixed thoroughly. The ingredients are well proportioned per serving so the taste is well preserved for each order. A plus is some extra crispy skin on the sisig itself and can be requested for free if there is still skin available (at least in my experience).

My usual request from Sisig Ave., additional crispy skin

Here are some contact information on Sisig Ave. in case you might be interested to try it and have it delivered. I'm just not sure if your area is covered by their delivery. For franchise, delivery, etc. contact Sisig Ave. at 6302303 / 09205168570 , E Santos, Marikina City.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Canon IXUS 110 IS Review, Specifications and Personal Impression

Yesterday I met with a friend to return a Canon IXUS 110 IS digital camera that was lent to my wife for her to review. This Canon digital camera shoots a maximum of 12.1 megapixels and that's large for the small size of its body. The PureColor LCD II screen is quite large at 2.8 inches with a 16:9 aspect ration so pictures taken can be seen clearly.

Available colors for the Canon IXUS 110 IS

The Canon Digital IXUS 110 IS was lent for seven days to us and it came with an sd card, a rechargeable lithium ion battery and a battery charger. One great thing about its specifications is its wide-angle zoom lens that has a focal range of 28-112mm and 4x optical zoom. This premium point-and-shoot digital camera is very attractive and easy to carry around. Its great for macro shots as you can move the lens as close to the subject and still get a very clear and crisp shot.

The Canon IXUS 110 IS has a 2.8" PureColor LCD II

For a point-and-shoot digital camera, this one is able to shoot HD videos at 1280x720 pixels at 30 frames per second (fps). It has 18 pre-set modes which delivers good results and has a Digic 4 processor. When I used the Canon IXUS 110 IS to take pictures in the 2009 Honda Challenge Cup last week I was generally satisfied with its performance. It is perfect for fast paced events when you can't afford to make adjustments in your camera.

The only two exceptions for my satisfaction are that 1)its battery life is not that long. It would not last until evening if you started using it continuously from early morning, 2) and with continuous use, you can feel its body slightly heating up or starting to feel warm. But, the first exception can be remedied if you had an extra battery while the second one does not at all affect the quality of the pictures you take. The Canon Digital IXUS 110 IS is available in the Philippines for a suggested retail price of (PHP) P23,950.00.

Monday, August 24, 2009

No Dogs in our Family

I love dogs! Too bad I don’t have one right now. When I was still single I we owned three pet dogs and Mozad was my favorite. He was not a dog from a known breed, in fact when he was brought to the vet, he was classified as an “Askal” or “asong kalye” although he didn’t look like one. He was hairy and had a white and light brown color to his hair. He wasn’t the kind that is usually trained to use dog ramps but for me he was intelligent enough.

Right now I could not pet a dog even if I wanted to for two reasons: first, it’s financially not feasible for our family, meaning it’s not part of our priority and second, my wife is afraid of dogs. But if I could own one I would want a Siberian Husky, an Alaskan Malamute, a Retriever or a cross between a Labrador and a Retriever. Oh, and if somebody gave me one as a gift for my birthday, I would gladly accept it (hehe).

"Drive Every Drop": Honda Challenge Cup - Part 2

This is a follow up post to the "Drive Every Drop" event or the 2009 Honda Challenge Cup where I shared the purpose of the eco-drive and my experience n the first leg of the event which is the city driving. I will be sharing about the highway driving, which is the second leg of the eco-drive which was organized by Honda Cars Philippines, Inc., where vehicles in six-categories (Honda City 1.3 A/T, Honda City 1.5 A/T, Honda Jazz 1.3 A/T, Honda Civic 1.8 A/T, Honda CR-V 2.0 MT and Honda Accord 3.5 A/T and where twelve teams composed of a representative from media (print, radio, TV and online media) and a member from Honda Club Philippines (

Upon our team's arrival at Petron NLEX (Marilao) for the Honda Challenge Cup 2009: "Drive Every Drop", the fuel tank of our Honda City 1.3 A/T was refilled to full, the fuel tank cover was sealed, aircon settings, the hood and compartment were checked and resealed. Participants parked their respective cars in the basement parking of the Petron facility and proceeded to Teriyaki Boy for lunch. We were asked to select between Teriyaki Chicken and Tempura for lunch.

Arriving at Petron NLEX after the first leg of the Honda Challenge Cup 2009

Officially at 1:56 PM our team in car number 2 left for the second leg. This leg is the highway driving part where the suggested speed is from 60-100 kilometers per hour and a time limit of 2 hours to reach the destination. From Petron NLEX (Marilao) we drove the length of the North Luzon Expressway and exited at the Angeles exit, took a U-turn at the rotonda a few meters away from the toll gate and re-entered NLEX. The destination for the second leg of the Honda Challenge Cup was at Petron NLEX (Balagtas). We encountered heavy rains and some traffic in NLEX as repairs on both sides of the Candaba Viaduct were being made.

The secon leg of Drive Every Drop - 2009 Honda Challenge Cup - Highway Driving

Me and my teammate, Julius Valdoz from Honda Club Philippines, who drove the car in the second leg, arrived at Petron NLEX (Balagtas) after 1 hour and 59 minutes. According to our 1.3 A/T Honda City's odometer, we traveled a total of 111.9 kilometers. Our car was again refueled to full and we according to the ful-tank-full-tanks system, we used up 5.12 liters of Petron XCS in the highway driving leg. That was a fuel economy statistic of 21.86 kilometers per liter using the Honda City 1.3 A/T. In this leg of the eco-drive, our team placed second in our category and 4th among the twelve teams.

After getting the results, we then proceeded to the venue of the awarding of the eco-drive contest - Friday's at Bonifacio High Street. I drove from Petron NLEX (Balagtas) to Balintawak EDSA and my partner, Julius, drove from there to Global City. At Friday's we were treated with dinner and bottomless drinks and a few giveaways where I got a black Honda shirt.

Awarding ceremonies at Friday's for the Honda Challenge Cup "Drive Every Drop" 2009

In the awarding ceremony, Hiroshi Shimizu, President and General Manager of Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. and Assistant Secretary Mario Marasigan from the Depatment of Energy's Renewable Energy Bureau spoke about the importance of fuel efficiency and how each organization is a partner in helping Filipinos adapt to the rising fuel prices. Each participant of the 2009 Honda Challenge Cup known as "Drive Every Drop" were awarded a certificate of participation and winners in each car category were awarded - P5,000 worth of SODEXHO gift certificates and Petron fuel cards and a Fortune plant (trophy) were given to the Champion in each category while P1,000 worth of Petron fuel cards were given to the runners up.

Our team won in our category (Honda City 1.3 A/T) and placed second in the over all. The winners among the 12 teams over all were Paul Santos of and Carlo Reyes from Honda Club Philippines who turned out to be a neighbor. Their team's fuel efficiency statistic was 20.62 kilometers per liter using a Honda City 1.5 A/T and our team which was the second had 21.86 kilometers per liter on a Honda City 1.3 A/T. The third placer was the team of Paulo Subido and Only Malabanan who had a statistic of 18.46 kilometers per liter on a Honda City 1.5 A/T.

This experience with Honda and eco-driving has been truly great and is something that I would look forward to doing again. Thanks to Ms. Janette Toral of and Sheryl of Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. for letting me be a part of "Drive Every Drop": the Honda Challenge Cup 2009.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Preparation for Full-time Ministry

Teaching in a Bible college this past few blocks has made me very busy but has been very fulfilling. After our last summer youth camp there were a handful of youth who decided to enroll in Baptist College for Leadership (BCL), a ministry of our mother church and has accreditation from Liberty Baptist University (LBU).

Right now, that is the only accreditation BCL has but getting the CHED accreditation is one of the institution’s future plans. Students who are enrolled at the moment are well aware of this situation. They are like earning an accredited online degree but they are doing the regular and traditional schooling. What’s most important is that those who have expressed some desire to serve God as pastors or missionaries will be able to prepare and will be able to learn what they need to learn as they serve in their own local churches.

Honda Challenge Cup 2009: "Drive Every Drop" - Part 1

Yesterday, one parking lot in Bonifacio High Street was filled with Honda cars as "Drive Every Drop", the Honda Challenge Cup 2009 kicked off at Pancake House organized by Honda Cars Philippines, Inc.. Twenty-four participants, twelve from the media (print, TV, radio and online media) and twelve members of Honda Club Philippines ( registered before having breakfast and a member from media was teamed up with a member of Honda Club Philippines to make twelve teams under six categories - Honda City 1.3 A/T (where me and my team mate Julius Valdoz joined), Honda City 1.5 A/T, Honda Jazz 1.3 A/T, Honda Civic 1.8 A/T, Honda CR-V 2.0 MT and Honda Accord 3.5 A/T.

Honda cars reach EURO-4 level of the European Emission Standards

The purpose of the Honda Challenge Cup 2009 "Drive Every Drop" event was to showcase the cars of Honda which have all reached EURO-4 level of the European Emission Standards even as Philippine regulations require vehicles to reach at least EURO-2 level. The new cars of Honda are all above-average when it comes to their emission - meaning, they are clean and do not contribute to pollution.

So, after the registration and the breakfast, we, the participants headed to the parking lot to find the car assigned to our team. We were randomly assigned to drive a Honda City 1.3 A/T. We had with us an event manual and a road book. Before leaving the parking lot, representatives from the Automobile Association of the Philippines set our odometer to zero (0) and we drove off to Petron C5 (Diego Silang). The Honda Cup Challenge 2009 "Drive Every Drop" is an eco-run to see which team in each category and over-all is the most fuel-efficient team.

The eco-run is composed of two legs, the first of which was the city driving leg which started at Petron C5 (Diego Silang) and ended at Petron NLEX (Marilao). In the city run, we were tasked to drive a Honda car from the starting point, through the busy streets or the Makati central business district along Ayala Avenue, right to Sen. Gil Puyat Ave. (Buendia) going to EDSA to NLEX. The speed limit provided for city driving was from 30-60 kilometers per hour and we must get to the destination within two (2) hours or we will be penalized an additional half (1/2) liter of gasoline for every 5 minutes in excess.

"Drive Every Drop" Honda Challenge Cup 2009 - City Driving Leg

In the Drive Every Drop eco-run, they used the full-tank-full-tank system so representatives from the Department of Energy's (DOE) Renewable Energy Bureau supervised the filling of each Honda car as they were given a full tank of Petron XCS each, the odometer readings set to zero (0). The airconditioning of each vehicle was turned on and selected settings were fixed and sealed together with the hood and compartment of each vehicle.

I drove our Honda City 1.3 A/T for the city driving leg and got to our destination in one hour and forty-five (1:45) minutes for a distance of 38.8 kilometers (based on the odometer reading) and consumed 2.31 liters of gasoline which for a fuel consumption of 16.8 kilometers per liter under normal city driving conditions. Experiencing doing an eco-run for the first time, I was so excited and was surprised that I was the most fuel efficient driver among twelve participants with the next team having a fuel consumption of 16.47 kilometers per liter for their Honda City 1.5 A/T. I'll be posting the second leg and final results of the Drive Every Drop event or the Honda Challenge Cup 2009 Part 2 in another entry, the second part.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A & W Rootbeer and/or Dr. Pepper: I Like 'em Chilled!

My two favorite drinks to chill in the refrigerator are A & W rootbeer and Dr. Pepper. These two are rarely found in supermarkets nowadays so it really makes me so happy when we go to a grocery that has either or both of these.

I usually crave for a cold can of A & W or Dr. Pepper when I feel tired and very thirsty, but still, nothing beats a cup of cold water. It would be nice to have one of those refrigerator water filters so that I can directly get filtered cold water from the fridge. And then acold can of Dr Pepper or A & W rootbeer (lol).

Lyrics of "Kailan Pa Man" by Arnel de Pano: Papuri Seven

"Kailan Pa Man" from Papuri Seven (7), asong by Arnel de Pano, was one of my favorites because of its lyrics and its music, back in the early 90's, just a few years after I made a decision to follow Christ. Back then, our church was still in its progress stage in terms of the methods used to reach out to people.

With the voice of Arnel de Pano singing the words of one of the Papuri Seven songs ("Kailan Pa Man"), I was encouraged and was also challenged to constantly be sensitive to God's work in my life. This song communicates a believer's recognition of God's faithful work in his own life. I just want to share this Tagalog Contemporary Christian song and its lyrics.

Kailan Pa Man
(by Arnel de Pano)

Kailan pa man, Ikaw ang aasahan
Kailan pa man, Ikaw ang siyang lakas
Ang tanging tanggulan ano man ang dumaan
Apoy na siyang ilaw sa landas

Panatag Ka sa puso kong lumbay
Liwanag Ka sa kawalang kulay
Tanging hangin sa dagat ng buhay
Katapatan Mo sa'ki'y wala nang papantay

Nariyan Ka bagamat nagkukulang ako
Nariyan Ka sa sangandaang kinapapatiran ko
Kailan man, O, Diyos, pag-ibig Mo
Kaluluwa'y ligtas dahil sa'Yo
Kailan man, buhay man Iyong inilaan
Nang ako'y maligtas sa'king kapahamakan
Dakila Ka, O, Diyos, kailan pa man

I hope these lyrics encourage Filipino believers to recognize God's love that endures forever. For a copy of the music of "Kailan Pa Man" by Arnel de Pano you can check out Papuri Seven in FEBC.

Digital Delivers! The 3rd Internet and Mobile Marketing Summit 2009 Organized by IMMAP

On August 25 and 26, 2009, the Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP) will hold Digital Delivers! The 3rd Internet and Mobile Marketing Summit 2009 at the SMX Convention Center, SM Mall of Asia. As a man who handles a church, I try to use and learn as many methods to market the truth or at least try to get more exposure by learning all possible methods to get "the Word" out. This Internet and Mobile marketing summit is one of those out-of-the-box methods to deliver the message to a more targeted audience.

As a pastor who blogs on the side and practices SEO writing techniques that I'm still trying to learn, Digital Delivers! The 3rd Internet and Mobile Marketing Summit 2009 at organized by IMMAP is something that can help our church. I have used a few of the SEO writing techniques I have learned to market our church in the internet and strongly agree with what I read in the event fact sheet of Digital Delivers!, "Digital marketing is measurable, results-driven marketing." I have personally seen the results in our church as there have been people who have visited our church because they found our church through search engines.

Our church in Google's search results

In my SEO writing, I have targeted certain search keywords, particularly "baptist church in makati" and "baptist church makati" and have succeeded in getting our church to the number one spot in Google's search results. Other key word combinations such as "church in makati" and "church makati" have put us in the top 10 and more general search key phrases like "makati church" or "churches in makati", in the top 20. Because of this, attending Digital Delivers! The 3rd Internet and Mobile Marketing Summit 2009 is something that our organization will greatly benefit and learn from.

Even as most of the probable participants of this summit are business people, I am hoping to become part of it even though our organization's focus is not on financial gain but much of our business is people and that is what makes us similar to other business organizations - it's just that our product is the Gospel of Christ. I hope that sponsors like Boomerang Awards at will help in getting representatives from organizations like ours to "Digital Delivers! The 3rd Internet and Mobile Marketing Summit 2009."

Spening Monday Afternoons at Marikina Sports Park

It has been two weeks in a row that me and my son (and my wife, of course) have been taking time to go out and exercise at the Marikina Sports Park. Jed's grandmother bought him a soccer ball while we were in Palawan less than a month ago. Since then, I have wanted to take my son to the nearest football field available to play with him and his new toy and somehow try to introduce to him this very popular sport.

Exercise is a great family activity - a great time to bond

We have achieved some minor success in teaching him because he is learning to not only kick the ball (with his left foot) but to also trap the ball with his foot. It took only one session and he learned not to hold the ball with his hands when we're playing soccer upon simple instructions. He also started imitating me as I trap the ball every time he kicked the soccer ball back to me. I thought maybe I could become a successful soccer coach (lol).

My son and I enjoy playing soccer together at the Marikina Sports Park

Aside from playing football, we were also to spend some time jogging and if this becomes very regular, then I would not need to resort to using diet pills. Too bad that we weren't able to go yesterday because after a scheduled Breaking Point program at Makati City, I thought we would still be able to go to Marikina Sports Park in the afternoon but I was too tired and took a nap with my son instead. But, aside from being able to teach my son soccer, what I enjoy the most is seeing him enjoy himself as we play together.

Playing football at Marikina Sports park

Thursday, August 13, 2009

PNP MOST (Moral and Spiritual Transformation)

I finally received my PNP MOST (Philippine National Police - Moral and Spiritual Transformation shirt. A few weeks ago, I sent in my application to become one of the lecturers of this organization accredited by PNP under IAS (Internal Affairs Service). IAS is an agency of the Philippine National Police created pursuant to the provisions of Title V, Republic Act 8551 otherwise known as the “PNP Reform and Reorganization Act of 1998”. I received my ID and certificate two weeks after and today, my personalized shirt which can be used during lectures within the community and the police force.

PNP - MOST (Moral and Spiritual Transformation) embroidery

My personalized PNP MOST shirt

With an existing MOA with the IAS which envisions "to be a truly independent and impartial body, manned by God-centered and professional personnel, with the end in view of sustaining PNP professionalism by instilling police discipline, enhancing delivery of police services and dispensing justice for the people to whom the Philippine National Police is mandated to serve and protect," PNP MOST assists in "instilling police discipline" through moral and spiritual values teaching to members of the Philippine National Police.

The Internal Affairs Service patch

It is a great opportunity to become a part of this organization and together with other ministers, we hope to be able to help in the Integrated Transformation Program of the PNP. For information about PNP MOST and membership inquiries in the area of Makati City, feel free to contact me through

Saturday, August 8, 2009

On Service and Singleness

Last night, our friend from Singapore shared to many of our youth some principles on emotional purity, a topic she encountered in a young professional’s retreat entitled “Maximizing Singleness”. She mentioned about the importance of serving God and preparing one’s self for his/her partner by learning skills that can be helpful for starting a family. Skills like cooking, fixing Grohe faucets, leading (for men) and submitting (for women), providing for financial needs, etc.

A passage she referred to was,

1 Corinthians 7:32-35 “I would like you to be free from concern. An unmarried man is concerned about the Lord's affairs — how he can please the Lord. 33 But a married man is concerned about the affairs of this world — how he can please his wife— 34 and his interests are divided. An unmarried woman or virgin is concerned about the Lord's affairs: Her aim is to be devoted to the Lord in both body and spirit. But a married woman is concerned about the affairs of this world — how she can please her husband. 35 I am saying this for your own good, not to restrict you, but that you may live in a right way in undivided devotion to the Lord.”

I find the Bible very practical when it comes to service and singleness. Although in most Christian churches, they recommend full-time ministers to be married and raising family, which also has wisdom, but most active workers or volunteers in the church are the single youth and that is an undeniable fact which supports the fact that single young people/ professionals can do so much during their single years.

SEO Writing Techniques I Applied are Bearing Fruit

This past few weeks, I have been trying to apply the things I have read on SEO writing. Applying just a few simple things has helped increase my blog's search engine traffic. The simple SEO steps I applied do not actually put my posts in the number one spot but it does help my entries get searched and sometimes get into the top ten search engine results.

Actual search engine keywords that have brought people to my blog this past week

Above are the actual keywords searched which brought visitors to my blog form July 31 to August 7, 2009 because of simple SEO writing techniques I applied. For now, the results are not necessarily monetary. But they have surely increased the traffic of my blog, Reading emails I receive about search engine optimization is bearing fruit.

But, reading about them is different from applying them. I am grateful that I tried the techniques on writing SEO and they are generating additional organic visits to some pages of my blog. I am not a guru on search engine optimization, but what I have experienced is real and has helped me market my blog, thanks to SEO writing, you are my SEO Hero.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Video of Lea Salonga Singing "Bayan Ko" at President Corazon Aquino's Funeral

Among the singers and songs sang in the funeral of President Corazon Aquino, Lea Salonga’s rendition of “Bayan Ko” was the one I found most moving. I am pretty sure digital camcorders were recording when she sang this very appropriate song.

Lea Salonga’s choice of “Bayan Ko” was appropriate because “Tita” Cory was a person who chose in her own life to fight for the country’s democracy and she answered the people’s call in the 80’s to lead in strengthening democracy in the Philippines.

As we Filipinos pay our respects to the Aquino family, we also give her the honor she is due and other artists who sang in Tita Cory’s funeral honor her through the songs they rendered. But, again, great job for Lea Salonga for her dramatic interpretation of “Bayan Ko”.

Downy Antibac Helps Ward Off Mosquitoes

In the Downy Antibac event organized by Proctor and Gamble Philippines in cooperation with Philippine Association of Entomologists (PAE), Yehey and CaPRI, bloggers listened to the new discovery that the fabric conditioner helps ward off mosquitoes. The event was held in a house in North Greenhills.

Downy Antibac is not intended to replace mosquito repellents

Local and international studies have shown that mosquitoes are drawn to the smell of sweat and since Downy Antibac contains a unique fragrance system and an antibacterial ingredient that fight the smell of sweat by preventing the growth of malodor causing germs and bacteria, the fabric conditioner's natural effect is it makes clothes less attractive to mosquitoes.

Pictures of the Downy Antibac bloggers event
In the bloggers event, study results were shown including the third party research studies conducted in other countries, namely, Thailand, Japan and China. The tests showed that Antibac Downy lessens mosquito landing incidents by at least 33% and up to 55%. But makers of the first fabric conditioner in the Philippines are not saying that their product, the Downy Anti-bacteria, is a replacement for mosquito repellents.

Whoever thought that a fabric conditioner could do that? Well, actually, the Proctor & Gamble Philippines just stumbled upon this discovery through interviews conducted with their product's users. One user claimed that they have observed less mosquito encounters when they wear clothes washed with Downy Antibac fabric conditioner, thus came the multi-use product.