Thursday, August 13, 2009

PNP MOST (Moral and Spiritual Transformation)

I finally received my PNP MOST (Philippine National Police - Moral and Spiritual Transformation shirt. A few weeks ago, I sent in my application to become one of the lecturers of this organization accredited by PNP under IAS (Internal Affairs Service). IAS is an agency of the Philippine National Police created pursuant to the provisions of Title V, Republic Act 8551 otherwise known as the “PNP Reform and Reorganization Act of 1998”. I received my ID and certificate two weeks after and today, my personalized shirt which can be used during lectures within the community and the police force.

PNP - MOST (Moral and Spiritual Transformation) embroidery

My personalized PNP MOST shirt

With an existing MOA with the IAS which envisions "to be a truly independent and impartial body, manned by God-centered and professional personnel, with the end in view of sustaining PNP professionalism by instilling police discipline, enhancing delivery of police services and dispensing justice for the people to whom the Philippine National Police is mandated to serve and protect," PNP MOST assists in "instilling police discipline" through moral and spiritual values teaching to members of the Philippine National Police.

The Internal Affairs Service patch

It is a great opportunity to become a part of this organization and together with other ministers, we hope to be able to help in the Integrated Transformation Program of the PNP. For information about PNP MOST and membership inquiries in the area of Makati City, feel free to contact me through