Saturday, August 8, 2009

SEO Writing Techniques I Applied are Bearing Fruit

This past few weeks, I have been trying to apply the things I have read on SEO writing. Applying just a few simple things has helped increase my blog's search engine traffic. The simple SEO steps I applied do not actually put my posts in the number one spot but it does help my entries get searched and sometimes get into the top ten search engine results.

Actual search engine keywords that have brought people to my blog this past week

Above are the actual keywords searched which brought visitors to my blog form July 31 to August 7, 2009 because of simple SEO writing techniques I applied. For now, the results are not necessarily monetary. But they have surely increased the traffic of my blog, Reading emails I receive about search engine optimization is bearing fruit.

But, reading about them is different from applying them. I am grateful that I tried the techniques on writing SEO and they are generating additional organic visits to some pages of my blog. I am not a guru on search engine optimization, but what I have experienced is real and has helped me market my blog, thanks to SEO writing, you are my SEO Hero.



Cheftonio said...

wow! congrats! more power to your blog! :)

Jeff Aspacio said...

@Chef Tonio: Thanks bro!