Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Downy Antibac Helps Ward Off Mosquitoes

In the Downy Antibac event organized by Proctor and Gamble Philippines in cooperation with Philippine Association of Entomologists (PAE), Yehey and CaPRI, bloggers listened to the new discovery that the fabric conditioner helps ward off mosquitoes. The event was held in a house in North Greenhills.

Downy Antibac is not intended to replace mosquito repellents

Local and international studies have shown that mosquitoes are drawn to the smell of sweat and since Downy Antibac contains a unique fragrance system and an antibacterial ingredient that fight the smell of sweat by preventing the growth of malodor causing germs and bacteria, the fabric conditioner's natural effect is it makes clothes less attractive to mosquitoes.

Pictures of the Downy Antibac bloggers event
In the bloggers event, study results were shown including the third party research studies conducted in other countries, namely, Thailand, Japan and China. The tests showed that Antibac Downy lessens mosquito landing incidents by at least 33% and up to 55%. But makers of the first fabric conditioner in the Philippines are not saying that their product, the Downy Anti-bacteria, is a replacement for mosquito repellents.

Whoever thought that a fabric conditioner could do that? Well, actually, the Proctor & Gamble Philippines just stumbled upon this discovery through interviews conducted with their product's users. One user claimed that they have observed less mosquito encounters when they wear clothes washed with Downy Antibac fabric conditioner, thus came the multi-use product.



J. said...

here's my post naman :-)

Anonymous said...

I used downy antibac inside our room, I placed the open sachet in one corner of our bedroom and I placed a little amount of downy with water in a spray bottle and use it as sprayer and I am satisfied coz no more mosquitoes in our room.