Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sisig Ave.: The Best Sisig for Me

I wonder how much the franchise is for Sisig Ave. At least three out of the four days that I spend in our Masinag, Antipolo office, I buy my lunch from this sisig chain which has two branches in that area - both along Sumulong Highway. The one is on the right if you are going towards Marikina City and coming from Masinag intersection (right beside BDO) while the other branch is on the right side going the opposite direction, very close to the intersection.

Sisig Ave. menu

What I like about the sisig from Sisig Ave. is it's very affordable and tasty and I am actually very interested in getting a franchise of it. What I usually order is the sisig Solo which costs only (PHP) P45 (sisig with rice). They also have the sisig Double which is sisig that is good for two persons (without rice) for (PHP) P70. This is what I usually order when I take it home. What I haven't tried is sisig Grande - good for four persons, also without rice and costs only (PHP) P125.

I have learned that the owner of this sisig chain is from Marikina CIty and they have five branches - two in Masinag, Antipolo City, one along E. Santos, Concepcion Uno and in Bayan, Marikina City, and the last one at Robinson's Mall in Junction, Cainta, Rizal. Sisig Ave. branches do not have much seating and I think because they are targeting customers who want their product for take-out.

Ingredients of Sisig Ave.'s sisig

When I first bought sisig from this chain, I liked the simple way they prepare each order. The amount of meat in a serving is fixed and so are the other ingredients - onions, liver (powdered), calamansi, green chili and egg sauce. After these ingredients have are placed in a microwavable container, it is heated using the microwave and then mixed thoroughly. The ingredients are well proportioned per serving so the taste is well preserved for each order. A plus is some extra crispy skin on the sisig itself and can be requested for free if there is still skin available (at least in my experience).

My usual request from Sisig Ave., additional crispy skin

Here are some contact information on Sisig Ave. in case you might be interested to try it and have it delivered. I'm just not sure if your area is covered by their delivery. For franchise, delivery, etc. contact Sisig Ave. at 6302303 / 09205168570 , E Santos, Marikina City.



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