Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Spening Monday Afternoons at Marikina Sports Park

It has been two weeks in a row that me and my son (and my wife, of course) have been taking time to go out and exercise at the Marikina Sports Park. Jed's grandmother bought him a soccer ball while we were in Palawan less than a month ago. Since then, I have wanted to take my son to the nearest football field available to play with him and his new toy and somehow try to introduce to him this very popular sport.

Exercise is a great family activity - a great time to bond

We have achieved some minor success in teaching him because he is learning to not only kick the ball (with his left foot) but to also trap the ball with his foot. It took only one session and he learned not to hold the ball with his hands when we're playing soccer upon simple instructions. He also started imitating me as I trap the ball every time he kicked the soccer ball back to me. I thought maybe I could become a successful soccer coach (lol).

My son and I enjoy playing soccer together at the Marikina Sports Park

Aside from playing football, we were also to spend some time jogging and if this becomes very regular, then I would not need to resort to using diet pills. Too bad that we weren't able to go yesterday because after a scheduled Breaking Point program at Makati City, I thought we would still be able to go to Marikina Sports Park in the afternoon but I was too tired and took a nap with my son instead. But, aside from being able to teach my son soccer, what I enjoy the most is seeing him enjoy himself as we play together.

Playing football at Marikina Sports park



Mauie said...

Wow! Jed is so lucky to have an athlete for a dad. We have to try visiting Marikina Sports Park one of these days. Sayang lang ang soccer paraphernalia ni Ralph. I bet we need to buy new shoes na.

Jeff Aspacio said...

Thanks for the visit Mauie. Actually I just really like sports, and I hope to be able to transfer what I know to my son.

It would be fun to bump into each other at MSP. Jed loves to play with other kids. How old is Ralph?

zorlone said...

I was looking at those diet pills and I couldn't find the generic names on that site. Maybe because those were more of supplements than regulated drugs? Or I might have been too lazy to actually check them out from other sources.

Anyway, like what you mentioned, the natural way is still the best. Proper diet and exercise. Good thing you have a passion for soccer dude. A good influence on the kid. hehehe.

My sport is a bit different from yours, since I hang out at a court, i.e., the badminton court.