Saturday, August 17, 2013

Coffee Your Way

Let’s face it – you probably know exactly how you want your coffee each morning but more often than not it’s a game of chance – some days it will be too weak, other days too strong, too bitter or even stale. It would be nice to be able to have something simple you could really count on to get each and every day off to the right start; an on demand coffee maker with my K-Cup® reusable coffee filter is one sure way to get it right. 

Simple economy 

On demand brewing systems, also known as single serve coffee makers, brew one cup of coffee at a time and they brew it directly into a cup, mug, glass or travel mug. You don’t drink coffee by the pot so why should you brew it by the pot, especially when more often than not you end up tossing out leftover coffee that is stale or scorched. That’s a waste of time, energy and money because coffee isn’t cheap. The price range varies from $9.99 up to $39.99 at

When you use an on demand coffee maker you brew only what you need and it costs just pennies a cup, plus there’s no need to clean a coffee pot or worry about remembering to unplug the coffee maker so you don’t burn the house down. 

The coffee comes in individually sealed single portion coffee pods which are pre-measured and ready to use; this means the coffee is always fresh since it remains unopened until the point of brewing. If you like to craft custom blends or do a special mix of decaffeinated and regular coffee then a reusable pod or K-Cup® coffee filter is the way to go because you can customize every cup or even use it to create your own house special blend.