Saturday, December 5, 2009

I Thank God and the People Who Gave New Bibles for High School Students

More than a week ago, I experienced another exciting day when 21 of the high school students that I have ministered to in the last three months professed faith in Christ. With the 30 minutes given to me a week to try to introduce the Bible and its relevance to students who are part of the feeding program of Gen. Pio del Pilar National High School (GPDNHS), it really is quite difficult to imagine that the word of god will be received seriously by the teenagers.

Students from the morning session who are part of the high school feeding program

Other students from the morning session

Students from the afternoon session who are part of the high school feeding program

As our church and our partners help support the feeding program of GPDNHS, we were given permission by the school to conduct a weekly Bible study every Friday with students in the morning session (about 21 teenagers) and afternoon session (about 15 teenagers). In the past three months, I have been trying to build rapport with those included in the high school's feeding program and share how important and practical God and His word is in the life of teenagers.

Last Friday, I shared God's plan of salvation in the Bible study and 12 students in the morning session and 9 in the afternoon session professed to have received Christ as their personal Savior and Lord. I was so amazed at the sincere response of the teenagers and felt burdened to provide some Bibles for each of them to help them grow in their new relationship with Christ.

We needed 21 Bibles and what was pledged was more than enough - 45 Bibles

Praise God because He touched the hearts of people to provide Bibles for the 21 teenagers who professed faith in Christ. Because of that, I was able to distribute their new Bibles last Thursday and they used it in our Bible study.

With new Bibles in hand, students listen to their schoolmate during a Bible study

We are praying that the other students who have not made professions of faith yet will do so in the next few weeks. Thank God and the people that were touched to give because the new believers will have new Bibles waiting for them.



Reena said...

wow, congrats! :0 how do they professed?

ME said...

God bless you brother..