Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Wishlist

It’s the Christmas season and wishlists have been going around the internet and social networks. I decided to make a wishlist from . They are products that are available in the Philippines.

My wishlist and why I want each:

1. Chocolate Concord Petite by Epicurio – I like this because I want to try out another chocolate cake – I am fond of choclate cakes and I want to explore other new variations

2. Auro of Patchouli After Shave from Caswell-Massey – because I haven’t tried using an after shave

3. Men’s Grooming Set by Chelsea – because I think I should start learning how to trimmy son’s hair, a good bonding moment for us both

4. Mandarin Oriental Pralines (Box of 48) – this is not for me, I’ll be giving it to my wife

5. A Turbo Broiler from Imarflex – also for my wife because she has been wanting to cook chicken using this

6. Electronic Safe with Key from American Heritage – so we can have a place to keep important documents

7. A Boracay Blast Vacation (Twin Room) by The Panoly Resort Hotel – because we miss Bora

8. Thai Massage from the Spa – because the past weeks have been stressful and this is a great way to destress

9. An AIPTEK Pocket HD – it’s something I could use in our ministry

10. A Zion Hidalgo 150cc – just dreaming to have this even though I know a lot of people would advise against it.

Screen shot of's brands page

So if you do not want to get stuck in traffic but want to do some shopping for Christmas, you can do this online through You can choose from local brands and products, (screen shot above) all available through