Tuesday, May 6, 2008

One Reason to Celebrate

Last Friday my family and I stayed at Astoria by invitation from our friend from Singapore who organized that overnight party for our 'barkada'. We had many reasons to celebrate - one was because of her visit here as she will be returning to Singapore soon, and another one was the wedding of one of our friends the following day. But an added reason for our celebration was the news that came early Friday that my wife passed the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) last April. She wasn't expecting she would pass because actually she didn't take the exam seriously. She enrolled for review classes at PNU but was able to attend only during the first two weeks because she got sick and then was hospitalized during the course of the review. She was hesitant to take the exam but decided to because of my prodding. We even fought about it because she felt that I was pressuring her to take the exam. But eventually, she did take the exam last April 6, 2008. The exam was scheduled until 6PM but she finished the exam by 2PM and went home immediately. She recounted how she just guessed the answers for the many questions she has never encountered before. She was so sure she'd never pass the exam and even started planning for the next review. But, last Friday, a friend of hers texted her and said that she passed! She was bery happy indeed and I was so happy for her, too. We were on celebration mood since then, up until now.