Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sleep Comfort Mattress

The Sleep Comfort Mattress

Yahoo! We finally got a replacement for our bed which was given to us by my mother as a gift on our wedding. We had to replace it because one of the legs of the frame broke and for the past months I have been using the weights that I lift (the bar with the plates on it) to support one side of the frame. It's a good thing the plate has the same height as one of the legs of the bed frame.

Well, just a few hours ago, the mattress we bought yesterday was delivered, and the bed box which I bought this afternoon also got delivered. And the bed we replaced just got sold for a thousand pesos and was picked up a few minutes before the delivery of the bed box was made.

Tonight we'll be sleeping comfortably on our Uratex Sleep Comfort Mattress. Above are the picture and the specs of the kind of bed we got. We got the 8" x 60" x 75" which is the queen size.