Friday, May 30, 2008

A Source of Information for Body Builders

Have you ever heard of Naked Nutrition Network? Well it is not some sort of an unwholesome method of nutrition – it is just a unique name. This is a web site founded by Mike Roussell who is a consultant, an author, a writer and at the same time, a researcher. This nutritional coach received his bachelor of science in biochemistry graduating magna cum laude with high honors from Hobart and William Smith Colleges located in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York. From there, he attended the University of Vermont Medical School before finally deciding to pursue his passion of studying nutrition. At present, the founder of this network is pursuing his doctorate in nutrition at Pennsylvania State University where he is studying the effects of diet and fatty acids on cardiovascular disease and up-and-coming cardiovascular disease risk factors.

So you can see that by just basing on this web site’s founder’s credentials this site contains credible and a variety of information about weight loss, health and Fat Loss Nutrition.

Mr. Roussell’s nutritional coaching is in demand for people from a wide variety of backgrounds. People ranging from collegiate athletes to business professionals to fitness enthusiasts. He is a regular contributor to publications such as Testosterone Nation and Mike can be heard from every two weeks as he is the host and founder of the world wide web’s primary Fitness and Nutrition Podcast, Naked Nutrition Radio, which is part of the Naked Nutrition Network.

An interesting article I read that he wrote is about muscle building foods. He got it from MSN courtesy of Best Life Magazine. He lists the following muscle building foods: 1) Quinoa, 2) Grass-fed beef, 3) Fat Free Ricotta, 4) Tofu, 5) Lentils, 6) Eggs, 7)Greek Yogurt, 8, Quorn, 9) Chocolate milk and 10) Wild Salmon.

My favorites from among the list are tofu and eggs. Tofu is a great protein alternative that can be added to a body builder’s diet if one wants to break the chicken, beef, fish cycle. Eggs, of course, are considered as classical muscle food. Chocolate milk does sound good, too. Of course this is benefits body builders if used as a post work out drink. The added sugar and the natural protein blend helps.

I would like to encourage those wanting to increase weight (more specifically building muscles) to visit this site which I would say is an authority when it comes to this topic.

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