Sunday, June 1, 2008

Drive Thru Service: Jollibee vs McDonald's

Just this morning, on my way to Makati, I ordered breakfast at Jollibee Libis' drive thru. For the second time I experienced disappointing drive thru service. The last time, I had to wait for at least five minutes after paying for my order at the first window. You'd have to take note that it was after the payment order - that doesn't include the long line that ordered before me and the time each vehicle had to wait. Well, this morning it was worse because I decided not to order anymore but I suffered waiting in line. In short, I just experienced going through the line and got delayed in the traffic there. The reason I changed my mind was because my breakfast order wasn't available and they asked me if I was willing to wait for 10 minutes. Why else did I order drive thru? Exactly! To save time. But instead it just cost me time since I was in a hurry. I then proceeded to McDonald's inside Global City. I experienced witing in line also but as always, there was no waiting after paying for my order because in the next window, my order was already waiting for me. Is it simply because McDonald's system is better? Well, whatever the reason is it's too bad because I really prefer Jollibee's taste over McDonald's. I guess we just can't win 'em all.