Monday, June 9, 2008

Adverts of SocialSpark

As our readers must have noticed, I do have sponsored posts in this blog every now and then. I have tried other pay for blogging platforms and there are just companies that can be disappointing to say the least. If their available opportunities are once every week or month, they would only be of casino and pharmacy advertisements. I often pass these kind of opportunities up. I honestly don’t know very many people who grab these kind of opps and I can not blame them.

I am glad to have signed up to This is the most recent platform that I have joined. And I could say that most, if not all opportunities, I can relate to. Which includes, Dockers, Chevy, movies and even TV series.

Given the fact that I am a sporty type of person, I would love to be able to find more advertisers that would give opportunities that have to do with soccer like Diadora, Nike, Adidas and even energy drinks. Being able to write about stuffs we love encourages us bloggers to write better and really have a great time doing it.

What more can I say? Bloggers all around the world wide web are all waiting for vast opportunities to write about. And we are glad even as SocialSpark is relatively a newborn platform, it does give out opportunities more than we have ever expected. I hope to see more opportunities to come up in the future.

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